Alloy USA® is a division of Ultra Axle LLC, an affiliate company of Omix-Ada, Inc. of Suwanee, Georgia. The company manufactures heavy-duty axle shafts, axle disconnect kits, manual locking hub conversion kits, heavy-duty U-joints, wheel adapters, yoke conversion kits and other driveline components for racing and off-road use. Alloy USA parts, along with ring and pinions from fellow Ultra Axle subsidiary Precision Gear, have been used in drag racers, off-road vehicles, and street cars for nearly a decade. Now that both companies are part of the Omix-Ada family, they have the resources to provide the products, service and support that you demand.
The engineers at Alloy USA develop, test, race, and trail ride each product until it is perfected. Then and only then is it fit to install on your vehicle. Alloy USA combines the mechanics of engineering with the art of manufacturing to produce the finest drivetrain solutions. For example, to produce the finest heavy-duty axle shafts, Alloy USA starts with high tensile strength 4340 Chromoly. Then they're heat treated, tempered and induction hardened to produce axles that are up to 40% stronger than stock. The latest splining technology is used to form splines that are stronger than traditional cut splines. Then each axle shaft is precision CNC machined and magnaflux inspected for cracks before receiving the Alloy USA logo and a black anodized or natural finish.
Alloy USA puts extensive time and energy into developing each drivetrain product because they know that horsepower is useless unless you can get it to the ground. A lot of ponies under the hood coupled with monster tires are a recipe for finding the weak link in your drivetrain. No matter whether it's an axle shaft, U-joint, yoke or ring and pinion, Alloy USA and Precision Gear have the parts you need to upgrade your drivetrain. These parts will give you the capability and confidence you need to successfully handle any driving conditions and make it home.