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Agri-Cover, Inc. was established in 1981 as a grain truck cover manufacturer. Over the next 10 years, the company introduced the SRT™-2 Spool Roll Tarp and the EZ-LOC® Roll-Up Tarp. Since then they've expanded the Agri-Cover® Roll Tarp line to include the all new AutoLock™ Electric Tarp.

In 1991, Agri-Cover added to the product line with the introduction of the revolutionary Access® Roll-Up Cover. The first of its kind, this product is the #1 selling roll-up tonneau in North America. They later introduced additional roll-up truck bed covers, including the popular LiteRider®, Lorado®, Vanish® and all new TonnoSport™.

In 2000, Agri-Cover introduced the SnowSport® Utility Plow. SnowSport® Snow Plows are the most user-friendly and affordable snow plows on the market today. In 2003, it was awarded the prestigious GM Best New Product Design Award.

Agri-Cover's products have a distinct advantage separating them from the competition. Patented and innovative designs, a wide range of special features, ease of operation, and the industry-leading warranties provide years of service and confidence to the customers. The company's products are unsurpassed in quality and craftsmanship.

Agri-Cover, Inc. is located near Jamestown, ND and has been recognized with the North Dakota Business and Industrial Development award as well as with the Jamestown Business of the Year award.

Working for ACI

  • Daily stretches company-wide
  • Active Wellness Program
  • Green and recycling initiative including carpooling rewards
  • Lean Incentive program – promote new ideas and change
  • Recognition program
  • Three lunch rooms with the amenities
  • Physical fitness center
  • Company-wide lunches
  • Climate controlled, state of the art, clean facility

Green Program

Agri-Cover, Inc. started a Go Green program in 2008. Within the first year of going GREEN they cut the amount of waste going to the local landfill in half. Here’s what Agri-Cover is doing today:

Reducing Waste Output

Implemented a company-wide recycling program

  • Recycling bins were set up to be easily available in designated stations around the plant floor.
  • Includes all materials that the local recycling center can take, i.e. plastics, paper, glass, etc.
  • Changed all pop machines to Aluminum Cans instead of plastic bottles. Money earned by recycling Aluminum Cans goes into a fund for employee lunches.
  • Company supplied drink cups to all employees to reduce amount of waste created by paper and Styrofoam cups in the cafeterias.
  • Reduced Bathroom Waste by changing from paper towels to handy dryers.
  • Reduced amount of mail/magazines they receive by contacting sender and asking to be removed from their mailing list.

Supplier Partnership to Reduce Waste:

  • Agri-Cover’s purchasing department worked closely with suppliers to make changes in how the raw materials are being packaged and sent to the company.

Reduce fuel usage and automotive waste by-products

  • Conduct a monthly drawing for employees who carpool with gas gift cards.
  • Switched to synthetic oil in all company vehicles

Education and Participation Is Key

  • Established a GREEN Committee –includes senior management and employees from various departments, so there is commitment on all levels of the company.
  • Education through employee intranet site that is updated daily.
  • Flyers/internal documents educating employees.
  • Invited employees to bring their recycling from home and use Agri-Cover as their drop site. This reduces the amount of fuel being used to drop of materials at the Jamestown Recycling Center.
  • Currently Agri-Cover has a 33% participation rate from the employees.
  • Company garden that feeds employee lunches during the summer and makes use of otherwise unused company property.