Hastings® - Spin-On Oil Filter

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1989 Subaru L-Series
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Product Details

Hastings Premium Filters

Subaru L-Series 1989, Spin-On Oil Filter with Anti-Drainback Valve by Hastings®. 1 Piece. This filter traps contaminants from the oil minimizing the possibility of costly engine repairs. To prevent any leaks, it comes with a nitrile gasket that withstands extreme temperatures and provides a consistent seal and also includes an anti-drain back valve for enhanced protection, where applicable.



Includes: Anti-Drainback Valve
Length (in.): 4.0625"
Length (mm): 103.2
Outside Diameter (in.): 3.03125"
Outside Diameter (mm): 77.0
Thread: 3/4-16


  • Protects the engine from damaging contaminants
  • Excels in both contaminant removal efficiency and contaminant holding capacity
  • Nitrile gasket withstands extreme temperatures and provides a consistent seal to prevent leaks
  • Anti-drain back valve for enhanced protection, where applicable
  • Steel coil spring keeps its shape, maintaining a positive load pressure on the adapter seal and element
  • Heavy duty baseplate is joined to the can with a double-rolled, tuck lock seam


  • Anti-Drainback Valve

It's a well-known fact that dirty oil can cause serious damage to the engine. This oil filter is specially designed and manufactured to prevent it and minimize the possibility of costly downtime and repairs by removing damaging contaminants from the oil. Some particles adhere to the filter media as the oil flows through the filter. These particles attach themselves to the media surface without plugging the media pores, while others are trapped in the filter media by the pressure of the oil as it flows through the filter. But where some oil filters sacrifice filtration efficiency for dirt holding capacity, and vice-versa, Hastings filters excel in both areas, so you get optimal oil filtration during extended oil change intervals.

The nitrile gasket that withstands high temperatures and provides a consistent seal prevents leaks, while the anti-drain back valve keeps oil in the filter to guard against damage from dry starts, where applicable. The steel coil spring maintains its shape for a positive load pressure on the adapter seal and element to prevent unfiltered oil from reaching the engine. You will also appreciate the metal end caps that increase stability and structural strength of the filter maximizing its service life. To ensure this oil filter meets OE specifications, the manufacturer tested it according to SAE HS806 test procedures that are the industry standard for lube filtration.

Since 1944, Hastings Premium Filters has been selling premium automotive and commercial filters for passenger cars, over-the-road commercial vehicles, off-road construction, mining and logging equipment, as well as industrial, agricultural, and marine applications. In 1995, Hastings Premium Filters became part of the CLARCOR group, and that enabled the company to share in the latest technologies and new ideas in filtration with other companies of the corporation creating innovative filter solutions. Today the company designs and manufactures over 4,800 high-performance products that meet or even exceed OE requirements.

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