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      # sp33916
      T-5 World Class 5-Speed Manual Transmission by Tremec®. Introduced in the early 1980's, the T-5 has become a highly evolved, extremely compact and versatile 5-speed. In its rich history, the T-5 has been installed as original equipment...
      Our most compact transmission300 lb-ft. of torque capacity
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      # sp29176
      Street Rodder™ Transmission by TCI®. The economical TCI® Street Rodder™ is ideal for vehicles that are powered by engines producing 350 to 450 horsepower, depending on the application. This makes it perfect for a mild daily driver...
      Perfect for daily drivers and mild street rodsValve Body Improver Kit creates a more firm, yet not too harsh shift in the vehicle and remains fully automatic
      $949.39 - $1,826.64
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      # sp85833
      Xtreme Race Twin Disc Clutch Kit by ACT®. Includes: Flywheel. This race, twin disc kit offers twice the number of disc surfaces for better wear, heat capacity and long life compared to single disc kits. These kits use a proprietary...
      Moderate to heavy pedal effort, quick shifts, aggressive engagement, OE to moderate gear rattleDisc surfaces doubled for better wear, heat capacity and longer life, further extended by ACT's exclusive diaphragm design
      $991.00 - $1,367.00
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      # sp19184
      Powergrip HD Clutch Kit by RAM Clutches®. POWERGRIP HD is a true "strip/street" competition clutch system that can handle the rigors of weekend racing and spirited street driving. This system has the same components as standard...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
      $409.00 - $780.98
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      # sp85829
      Street Clutch Disc by ACT®. This product is a performance street disc and the most popular disc purchased. It features premium organic materials with high copper content for better heat transfer. Performance street discs allow for...
      Smooth engagement, quick shifts, increased gear rattlePremium organic friction materials for heat tolerance, faster recovery from overheating and less wear of mating surfaces, rigid design may increase spline wear
      $69.00 - $261.00
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      # sp29043
      900 Series HD Clutch Disc by RAM Clutches®. RAM 900 Series discs are the high tech alternative for all performance applications. Using a sintered iron friction material borrowed from high horsepower Pro Stock and Pro Modified clutches,...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
      $303.28 - $308.70
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      # sp12041
      DFX Series Clutch Pressure Plate by Centerforce®. The Centerforce DFX® Clutch Series is the competition-proven clutch package for select import and domestic applications. The DFX series is engineered for competition standards of...
      Added DurabilityLight Pedal Effort
      $206.11 - $530.76
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      # sp29166
      Racing Filter and Pan Gasket Kit by TCI®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by TCI features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is manufactured to meet...
      High quality at an affordable priceExpertly made from premium materials
      $23.42 - $76.78
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      # sp29181
      Super StreetFighter Torque Converter by TCI®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by TCI features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is manufactured to...
      2,000+ RPM stall speed over stockHigher RPM launches and lower ETs
      $488.31 - $1,055.98
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      # sp97402
      Bellhousing by Quick Time®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Quick Time features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is manufactured to meet or...
      Patent pending on 16 points of Bellhousing Design and ProcessWorks with 130/153/157 tooth flywheel
      $537.95 - $1,132.95
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      # sp2484
      HoleShot™ Performance Torque Converter by B&M®. A higher than stock stall speed as delivered by the Holeshot converter will provide several advantages and benefits in vehicles with modified engines. It is an excellent all-around...
      New steel alloy pump drive tubeNeedle thrust bearing when factory equipped
      $274.02 - $711.04
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      # sp21964
      Aluminum Flywheel by SPEC®. SPEC billet flywheels are manufactured and developed for specific driving environments and recommended based on how each car reacts to changes in rotating mass. SPEC flywheels are NOT a one-fits-all...
      Engineered to enhance your vehicle's performanceMade to stringent quality standards
      $138.45 - $971.10
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      # sp18981
      Machined Flexplate by TCI®, 1 Piece. Flexplate made from Steel. TCI offers stock replacement heavy-duty flexplates for all popular styles of Chrysler applications. Also offered are special counter balanced flexplates which allow you to...
      Constructed from a high tensile strength materialResists elongation and cracking
      $220.68 - $368.58
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      # sp18764
      Flexplate by Hays®. Hays heavy-duty Flexplates for high performance and competition engines are constructed of a thicker than stock steel plate, enabling them to withstand the stress of today’s high-torque engines. While factory stock...
      Designed to withstand up to 1,500 lbs. ft of torqueOne-piece billet steel design with specialized ring gear heat treatment and thicker than stock centerplate
      $69.95 - $399.95
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      # sp5696
      Rapid-Cool™ Transmission Oil Cooler Kit by Hayden®. This premium transmission oil cooler features a unique plate and fin design, which is 33% more efficient than a comparable tube and fin design. Thanks to its patented internal...
      Compatible with OEM cooler systemsUnique plate and fin design
      $37.71 - $69.37
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      # sp98405
      Clutch Housing by Tremec®. Includes ball stud. This product is made from high-grade materials to meet the strictest standards of high quality. Designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, this Tremec product ensures superior...
      Proven to give your vehicle the performance it deservesEngineered to offer exceptional quality for the price
      $261.62 - $272.64
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      # sp96118
      Bellhousing by Lakewood®. When you need to get reliable components to bring your vehicle's suspension or chassis back to life, there's no better place to get them than right here. Whether you need bell housings, drag shocks, flywheels,...
      An S.F.I.approvedsafetybellhousingis requiredforvehicles running11.49secondsorquicker in quarter milecompetitionDirect fitengineeringensureseasyinstallation forpopularpassenger cars
      $477.95 - $742.95
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      # sp2501
      Competition Pro Ratchet™ Automatic Shifter Kit by B&M®. His is the ultimate race shifter. If you’re looking for a stout shifter – designed, developed, and refined by the company that invented race shifters – the Pro Ratchet is...
      Single hand operated reverse lockout feature meets NHRA and IRHA requirementsQuick and easy to operate
      $294.23 - $360.78
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      # sp2502
      Performance Sport Automatic Shifter by B&M®. Includes a lighted gear indicator, black plastic T-handle, neutral safety switch, and flat aluminum stick. The Sport Shifter may be a low-cost alternative to B&M's top-of-the-line MegaShifter...
      Straightforward installationBase can be trimmed to custom fit any floor
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      # sp112047
      Drag Race Transbrake Automatic Transmission Assembly by TCI®. Designed for the serious full-tree bracket racer, TCI® Transbrake Transmissions deliver the quickest and most consistent reaction times in the business. These transmissions...
      Full manual valve bodies with full race clutches & bands allow for quicker shift timing and the ability to run higher line pressures than with an automatic shift transmissionHigher line pressure makes it more difficult for clutches to slip under high loads
      $1,619.72 - $4,240.76
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      # sp107942
      Street Rodder™ Transmission Package by TCI®. TCI® offers the perfect solution for street cruisers who want excellent street performance and long lasting durability. Using the highest quality TCI® manufactured components, each Street...
      Special clutches and bands boost durabilityIncreased thrust & torque capacity with less slippage
      $1,253.67 - $2,138.25
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      # sp29179
      StreetFighter® Transmission by TCI®. TCI® StreetFighter® Transmissions are designed to withstand the rigors of street machines ranging anywhere from 400 to 675 horsepower with a non-supercharged system using pump gasoline, depending...
      Ideal for pump gas vehicles producing up to 750 horsepower with a non-supercharged systemMost units allow manually shifting or, by placing it in the drive position, fully automatic shifting
      $1,127.43 - $2,941.05
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      # sp107944
      StreetFighter® Transmission Package by TCI®. Transmissions are designed to withstand the rigors of street machines ranging anywhere from 400 to 775 horsepower with a non-supercharged system using pump gasoline, depending on...
      Special clutches and bands increase durability; new sprags/roller clutches increase holding capacityImproved lubrication system increases fluid amount sent to planetaries and internals
      $1,413.09 - $3,402.42
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      # sp18966
      Super StreetFighter™ Transmission by TCI®. TCI® Super StreetFighter™ Transmissions bridge the gap between the StreetFighter® series and full competition transmissions. They are intended for normally aspirated vehicles powered by...
      Extreme performance clutches and nitrided steel plates for enhanced performanceExtra-wide powerbands, where available, provide greater torque capacity, and more positive shifts & band apply
      $1,259.76 - $3,355.95
    • (1 review)
      # sp107945
      Super StreetFighter™ Transmission Package by TCI®. The TCI® Super StreetFighter™ Transmission Packages fill the gap between the StreetFighter® series and the full competition transmission packages. Intended for normally aspirated...
      Designed for normally aspirated vehicles that produce between 725-1025+ horsepowerOffers both manual and automatic shifting options
      $1,927.69 - $3,457.45
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      # sp119072
      Street and Strip Automatic Transmission Assembly by B&M®. It is a complete ready-to-run unit for high performance street and mild strip use. The transmission provides firm shifts and features a standard shift pattern.
      Rebuilt front pumpAll new B&M high performance friction plates
      $1,175.93 - $2,395.97
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      # sp120936
      Street/Strip Automatic Transmission Assembly by Transmission Specialties®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
      $1,405.44 - $2,278.01
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      # sp115930
      Performance Automatic Transmission Assembly by J.W. Performance®. The big brother of the Ford C4, the Ford C6 is a great transmission for racing, 4 x 4, street use and towing. The C6 is available for Small Block, and Big Block (385...
      Built using the most technologically advanced equipmentMade from highly durable materials to last for a long time
      $1,216.35 - $2,902.50
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      # sp21970
      Stage 1 Clutch Kit by SPEC®. Features an integrally molded carbon kevlar-based, high performance organic lining that offers smooth engagement and excellent life. This lining has an integrally bonded steel backing for strength under high...
      High clamp pressure plateSteel-backed and multi-compound woven organic material
      $204.30 - $1,394.10
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp21975
      Stage 2 Clutch Kit by SPEC®. Features pure Kevlar disc with steel backing. This lining features excellent drivability like the stage 1, but offers slightly longer life and higher torque capacity. The hub is double sprung with spring...
      High quality at an affordable priceExpertly made from premium materials
      $224.10 - $1,457.10

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