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CS4 TOURING Tires by Cooper®. Season: All Season. Type: Performance. The CS4 Touring is Cooper’s premium luxury touring tire designed for drivers who want optimum ride comfort, sporty handling, all-season traction in a touring tire. The CS4 products have attractive styling, warranty and performance that will appeal to any tire buyer. Size coverage accommodates a wide range of vehicles from sport models and sedans to SUVs and CUVs.

Cooper Tires


  • Innovative 4/5-Rib all-season tread design makes for excellent stability, traction and tread wear.
  • Tapered circumferential sipes reduce wet stop distances and provide extra grip in rain and snow.
  • Coupled silica tread compound allows for superior wet traction without sacrificing tread wear.
  • Variable density nylon technology for improved ride quality and balanced even tread wear.
  • Open shoulder design for all-season traction, improved wet cornering performance and excellent handling in snow.

Forget about those unnecessary expenses from the budget associated with switching between summer and winter tires. All-season tires are an ultimate traction solution for any car or truck owner as they give them freedom from the money-spending cycle, providing a reliable, year-round service. The tires are designed to work perfectly in any weather conditions: during low temperatures in the wet or snow and high temperatures in the dry. Such superb performance is assured thanks to a tough, abrasion-resistant construction of the tires and their unique tread design. What you get is superb cornering and steering response, enhanced traction, and quiet ride. Stop throwing your money and time away and go with the All-Season Tires that are offered on our website at more than reasonable prices.

At Cooper, understand that the four tires on your vehicle are what keep you connected to the road, playing a crucial role in how your vehicle handles, and keeping you safe on your travels. As an American company since 1914, Cooper focus is on making quality tires that will perform well and last for thousands of miles. As a leading global competitor in the tire industry, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, together with its affiliates, subsidiaries and joint ventures has manufacturing facilities on three continents, and products that meet and exceed the demands of the world's most dynamic markets. The Cooper family of companies has millions of Cooper produced tires on vehicles around the world, making its products an important difference to the quality of people's everyday lives.


CS4 TOURING 185/60R14 82H
CS4 TOURING 185/65R14 85T
CS4 TOURING 185/65R14 85H
CS4 TOURING 185/70R14 87T
CS4 TOURING 195/60R14 85H
CS4 TOURING 195/70R14 91T
CS4 TOURING 185/60R15 84T
CS4 TOURING 185/65R15 87T
CS4 TOURING 185/65R15 87H
CS4 TOURING 195/55R15 84V
CS4 TOURING 195/60R15 87T
CS4 TOURING 195/60R15 87H
CS4 TOURING 195/65R15 91T
CS4 TOURING 195/65R15 91H
CS4 TOURING 205/60R15 91T
CS4 TOURING 205/60R15 91H
CS4 TOURING 205/65R15 94T
CS4 TOURING 205/65R15 94H
CS4 TOURING 205/65R15 94V
CS4 TOURING 205/70R15 96T
CS4 TOURING 215/60R15 94T
CS4 TOURING 215/60R15 94H
CS4 TOURING 215/65R15 96T
CS4 TOURING 215/65R15 96H
CS4 TOURING 215/70R15 97T
CS4 TOURING 225/60R15 96H
CS4 TOURING 205/50R16 87H
CS4 TOURING 205/55R16 91T
CS4 TOURING 205/55R16 91H
CS4 TOURING 205/60R16 92T
CS4 TOURING 205/60R16 92H
CS4 TOURING 205/60R16 92V
CS4 TOURING 205/80R16 104T
CS4 TOURING 215/55R16 92H
CS4 TOURING 215/60R16 95T
CS4 TOURING 215/60R16 95H
CS4 TOURING 215/60R16 95V
CS4 TOURING 215/65R16 97T
CS4 TOURING 225/50R16 92V
CS4 TOURING 225/55R16 95H
CS4 TOURING 225/55R16 95V
CS4 TOURING 225/60R16 97T
CS4 TOURING 225/60R16 97H
CS4 TOURING 225/60R16 97V
CS4 TOURING 225/65R16 99T
CS4 TOURING 225/70R16 102T
CS4 TOURING 235/60R16 99T
CS4 TOURING 235/60R16 99V
CS4 TOURING 235/65R16 102T
CS4 TOURING 215/50R17 91V
CS4 TOURING 215/50R17 95V
CS4 TOURING 215/55R17 94V
CS4 TOURING 215/60R17 96T
CS4 TOURING 215/65R17 98T
CS4 TOURING 225/50R17 94V
CS4 TOURING 225/55R17 97T
CS4 TOURING 225/55R17 97V
CS4 TOURING 225/60R17 98T
CS4 TOURING 225/65R17 101T
CS4 TOURING 235/50R17 96V
CS4 TOURING 235/55R17 98T
CS4 TOURING 235/55R17 98V
CS4 TOURING 235/60R17 101T
CS4 TOURING 235/65R17 104T
CS4 TOURING 235/65R17 104H
CS4 TOURING 225/55R18 97T
CS4 TOURING 225/60R18 99H
CS4 TOURING 225/60R18 99V
CS4 TOURING 235/55R18 99V
CS4 TOURING 235/65R18 106T
CS4 TOURING 245/45R18 96V
CS4 TOURING P255/65R18 108H
CS4 TOURING 235/55R19 104H
CS4 TOURING P255/60R19 108H



This warranty applies to the original purchaser of a replacement Cooper passenger or light truck tire and is not transferable. Eligible tires must be purchased new and used on the vehicle which they were originally installed. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. Additionally, they must be the size, load index, and speed rating equivalent or greater than that specified by the vehicle manufacturer. This warranty applies to the 48 contiguous continental United States and the District of Columbia. For warranty exclusions see “WHAT ISN’T COVERED”.


If your replacement Cooper branded radial tire becomes unserviceable as a result of an eligible adjustable condition during the first 2/32" of tread wear, it will be replaced with an equivalent new Cooper tire, FREE OF CHARGE, including mounting and balancing. When the tread is worn more than 2/32", a replacement charge will be required in order to obtain a replacement tire. You must present proof of purchase and be the original owner when requesting a replacement for your tire. The replacement charge will be determined by multiplying the dealer's current selling price by the percentage of original tread depth worn from the tire. You must pay for mounting, balancing, and any other additional charges, such as taxes or the acceptance of a higher priced replacement tire.


The following No-Charge Warranty covers eligible adjustable conditions only, and should not be confused with the prorated Tread Wear Protection covered in the next section. If your replacement Cooper CS4 Touring, Discoverer CTS, Discoverer H/T, or Zeon (all models) radial tire becomes unserviceable as a result of an eligible adjustable condition during its usable tread life, it will be replaced with an equivalent new Cooper tire FREE OF CHARGE, including mounting and balancing. You must present your warranty booklet, proof of purchase, and be the original owner when requesting a replacement for your tire.


The following 45-Day Road Test Warranty covers eligible adjustable conditions only. If you are not satisfied with your replacement Cooper Zeon RS3-A, Zeon RS3-S, Zeon XSTA, Zeon ZPT, CS4 Touring, Discoverer CTS, or GFE, radial tire for any reason, other than the conditions that are listed in the “What Isn’t Covered” section, you may return them to your original dealer within 45 days of purchase for a FREE OF CHARGE Cooper brand replacement only, including mounting and balancing. You must present your warranty booklet, proof of purchase, and be the original owner when requesting a replacement or refund.


The following Tread Wear Warranty is a prorated warranty (there is no free replacement period) based on mileage received, and is separate from the Standard Coverage and Extra Coverage Warranties just covered. No manufacturer or dealer can guarantee you a certain number of miles from a given tire. Driving habits, driving conditions, tire and vehicle maintenance all play a part in the tread life of a tire and all differ with each purchaser. The following replacement Cooper radial tires only are warranted against tread wear out prior to the applicable indicated mileage

The Tread Wear warranty is available provided that you:

  • Are the original owner.
  • Rotate your tires in accordance with prescribed rotation patterns at least every 8,000 miles and it must be recorded.
  • Present the tire for adjustment.
  • Present your warranty booklet when requesting an adjustment and your original purchase receipt, date of purchase, vehicle type, model, odometer reading and rotation record are properly recorded.

If the tire wears to the tread wear indicators in less than the miles warranted, a pro-rated adjustment will be made according to actual mileage delivered. Your replacement cost will be determined by dividing the actual mileage delivered by the miles warranted and multiplying the result times the current selling price of an equivalent Cooper tire. You must pay for mounting and balancing and any other additional charges, such as taxes or the acceptance of a higher priced replacement tire.


When the tread becomes worn to 2/32" (1.6mm) anywhere on the tire (shown by tread wear indicators molded into the tread grooves), the tire is worn out.


Tire adjustments must be presented to your local Cooper dealer. You must present this booklet, proof of purchase and be the original owner when requesting a replacement for your tire. See “WHERE TO GO FOR WARRANTY REPLACEMENT”.


  • Tires that become unserviceable due to: Conditions resulting from road hazards, such as impact damage, cuts, snags, punctures, or vandalism; Conditions such as, but not limited to, uneven, cupping, spotty, feathering tread wear resulting from improper installation, wheel misalignment, tire/wheel assembly imbalance, use of an improper rim, improper mounting or dismounting, misapplication, or use of tire chains; Conditions resulting from consumer damage, such as improper tire and vehicle maintenance, misuse, abuse, accident, fire or chemical corrosion, underinflation, overloading, over deflection, failure to follow recommended rotation practices.
  • Ride complaints after the first 2/32" of tread wear.
  • Ride complaints on tires branded “Blemish”.
  • Use in any commercial (i.e. tires used for taxi service, delivery, etc.), racing, or off-road applications.
  • Ozone or weather checking on tires over (4) four years from date of manufacture or date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required. Without proof of purchase the manufacture date will be used to determine eligibility
  • Tires stored improperly.
  • Tires that are: Worn unevenly and/or show a difference of 2/32" (1.6mm) between the grooves; Installed on any vehicle other than the vehicle on which they were first installed; Sold or adjusted outside the 48 contiguous continental United States and the District of Columbia; Acquired as used (tires purchased used, equipped on a pre-owned vehicle, etc.); Altered in any manner (additional siping, buffing, stud pin holes, re-grooving, truing, etc.); Worn to 2/32" (1.6mm) or more than 72 months old (based on date of purchase) whichever comes first. Proof of purchase is required. Without proof of purchase the manufacture date will be used to determine eligibility.
  • . Improperly repaired or with repairs not conforming to the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association standards.

Tires branded “MALWEAR” or “NON-UNIF” (Non-Uniform), or with any other branding are not covered under the Tread Wear Protection provided herein


Many dealers sell or provide their own warranty coverage for road hazards and/or repairs. Cooper Tire does not provide this coverage. Check with your dealer to determine if Road Hazard/Repair coverage is available from them


by the Warranty then currently given by Cooper for the replacement tire.


Any tire, no matter how well constructed, may fail in service or otherwise become unserviceable due to conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer. Nothing in this Warranty is intended to be a representation by Cooper that tire failure cannot occur.


Cooper recommends that all passenger and light truck tires, including full-size spare tires, that are beyond 10 years from their date of manufacture, be replaced with new tires. Tires that are 10 or more years old should be replaced even if the tires appear to be undamaged and have not reached their tread wear limits. In some cases, a vehicle manufacturer may make a recommendation for tire replacement earlier than 10 years for their products based upon their understanding of the specific vehicle characteristics and application. If so, you should follow those vehicle manufacturer's specific recommendations for their vehicle.


Never purchase used tires! Previous usage may have damaged internal components. This damage may lead to sudden tire failure.


Some states do not allow exclusion of incidental or consequential damages. As a result, this limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.


This Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.


When making a claim, you must return the tire to be replaced to your Cooper dealer and sign the customer signature section of the Tire Claim Form. Proper vehicle and tire care is necessary to obtain the expected wear from a tire. It is your obligation to properly maintain your tires and the vehicle upon which they are mounted, including: (A) operating your tires at the inflation pressures recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, (B) keeping your tire/ wheel assemblies in balance, (C) proper wheel alignment, and (D) rotation. You must check your tire’s air pressure at least monthly and before long trips. We recommend that you have your Cooper dealer inspect your tires any time you notice irregular or uneven tread wear and rotate them, if necessary. Also, they should be inspected by your dealer any time your vehicle is brought in for service.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act:
Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)) Learn More
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