Centric® - Rear Brake Hose

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1953 Checker Taxicab
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Product Details

Checker Taxicab 1953, Rear Brake Hose by Centric®. Manufactured under the highest quality standards to meet or exceed OE quality, form, and function, this hose will provide reliable and long-lasting service life. It's designed to be a direct replacement of the original hose for easy and worry-free installation.


  • Made of high quality materials
  • Matches original equipment parts in quality, configuration and fitment
  • Carefully tested to ensure a precise fit, high quality and excellent performance

Flexible rubber connections are essential parts of the braking system because the front wheels move up and down and pivot during steering and the rear axle moves up and down as the springs deflect. Because of the amount of fluid running through the brake hoses and the pressure involved, they need to be very strong parts with strong connections to all the components they feed. Centric hoses are manufactured to OE specs and with the same materials, so you get proper fit with no leaks, no routing problems, and optimal performance.

Centric Parts® is North America’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket brake, suspension, steering, and more components for passenger vehicles, medium duty trucks, fleet vehicles, high performance vehicles and race cars. The company was founded in Southern California in 2000 and has enjoyed solid growth every year since. Originally focused on replacement parts for everyday use, Centric Parts has aggressively expanded into OE, armored vehicle, racing and performance markets. With an unparalleled level of research and development in North America, Centric continually innovates new products and offers significant improvements, earning multiple patents and numerous other industry honors along the way.

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Warranty Information

Limited Product Warranty

Centric Parts warrants to the original purchaser of this product that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase or for 3,000 miles of use of the product. If a defect in workmanship or materials is found in a product that has been PROPERLY INSTALLED, USED and MAINTAINED in the type of vehicle prescribed, and such product has been returned to a seller authorized to sell Centric Parts products within such warranty period, the product will be exchanged by Centric Parts free of charge.

This warranty is void and Centric Parts is not responsible for any costs of repair or replacement of any products or any damages caused by a product which has been subjected to misuse, abuse, improper application, improper installation, accident or normal wear, or for any product which has been repaired or altered by persons not expressly authorized or certified in writing by Centric Parts to do so. This warranty does not extend or apply to any product the identifying symbol of which has been removed, defaced, or changed. Any components manufactured by any supplier other than Centric Parts which are sold here with are covered only by the warranty made by the manufacturer of such components. In no event shall such a warranty be more extensive in any manner than the limited Centric Parts product warranty above.

Centric Parts will not be liable for any errors, defects or omissions in the design of any products old here under, irrespective of whether such errors, defects, or omissions in design result from acts or omissions of Centric Parts seller or purchaser or of some other third party. This warranty does not cover, and Centric Parts will not pay for, or provide, any labor or materials which may be necessary to remove a product or install a replacement product. This warranties limited to the exchange of the product only, when returned with the original purchase receipt in accordance with Centric Parts' terms and conditions of sale. No person is authorized by Centric Parts to modify or add to this warranty.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act:
Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)) Learn More

Vehicle Fitment

Cadillac Commercial Chassis
1949 Cadillac Commercial Chassis
1948 Cadillac Commercial Chassis
1947 Cadillac Commercial Chassis
1946 Cadillac Commercial Chassis
Cadillac Series 75
1949 Cadillac Series 75
1948 Cadillac Series 75
1947 Cadillac Series 75
1946 Cadillac Series 75
1942 Cadillac Series 75
Checker A2
1950 Checker A2
1949 Checker A2
1948 Checker A2
1947 Checker A2
Checker A3
1950 Checker A3
1949 Checker A3
1948 Checker A3
1947 Checker A3
Checker A4
1952 Checker A4
1951 Checker A4
1950 Checker A4
Checker A5
1952 Checker A5
1951 Checker A5
1950 Checker A5
Checker A6
1954 Checker A6
1953 Checker A6
Checker A7
1954 Checker A7
1953 Checker A7
Checker A8
1957 Checker A8
1956 Checker A8
1955 Checker A8
Checker A8B
1957 Checker A8B
1956 Checker A8B
1955 Checker A8B
Checker Taxicab
1957 Checker Taxicab
1956 Checker Taxicab
1955 Checker Taxicab
1954 Checker Taxicab
1953 Checker Taxicab
1952 Checker Taxicab
Chevy 3C
1959 Chevy 3C
Chevy 3D
1959 Chevy 3D
Chevy 3E
1959 Chevy 3E
  • RWD
Chevy 3F
1959 Chevy 3F
  • Cab & Chassis - Medium Conventional RWD With Forward Control
  • Fits 1 Ton Pickup Models.
Chevy 3G
1959 Chevy 3G
  • RWD
Chevy AK
1941 Chevy AK
Chevy AL
1941 Chevy AL
Chevy AM
1941 Chevy AM
Chevy AN
1941 Chevy AN
Chevy BK
1946 Chevy BK
1942 Chevy BK
Chevy BL
1942 Chevy BL
Chevy BM
1942 Chevy BM
Chevy BN
1942 Chevy BN
Chevy CK
1946 Chevy CK
Chevy DP
1946 Chevy DP
Chevy DR
1946 Chevy DR
Chevy DS
1946 Chevy DS
Chevy Fleetline
1950 Chevy Fleetline
1949 Chevy Fleetline
1948 Chevy Fleetline
1947 Chevy Fleetline
1946 Chevy Fleetline
1942 Chevy Fleetline
1941 Chevy Fleetline
Chevy Fleetmaster
1948 Chevy Fleetmaster
1947 Chevy Fleetmaster
1946 Chevy Fleetmaster
1942 Chevy Fleetmaster
1941 Chevy Fleetmaster
Chevy Master Deluxe Truck
1937 Chevy Master Deluxe Truck
  • With I-Beam Front Axle
Chevy Master Truck
1938 Chevy Master Truck
  • With I-Beam Front Axle
Chevy P-Series
1970 Chevy P10 Van / P30 Van
  • Rear Leaf Spring
1969 Chevy P10 Van / P30 Van
  • Rear Leaf Spring
1968 Chevy P10 Van / P30 Van
  • Rear Leaf Spring
1967 Chevy P10 Series / P10 Van
  • Rear Leaf Spring
1966 Chevy P20 Series / P30 Series
1965 Chevy P20 Series / P30 Series
1964 Chevy P20 Series / P30 Series
1963 Chevy P20 Series / P30 Series
1962 Chevy P-Series
1961 Chevy P-Series
1960 Chevy P20 Series / P30 Series
Chevy Special Deluxe
1942 Chevy Special Deluxe
1941 Chevy Special Deluxe
1940 Chevy Special Deluxe
  • With I-Beam Front Axle
Chevy Styleline
1950 Chevy Styleline Deluxe
1949 Chevy Styleline Deluxe
Chevy Stylemaster Series
1948 Chevy Stylemaster Series
1947 Chevy Stylemaster Series
1946 Chevy Stylemaster Series
Chevy YR
1941 Chevy YR
Chevy 3100
1950 Chevy 3100
1949 Chevy 3100
Chevy 3200
1955 Chevy 3200
Chevy 3400
1955 Chevy 3400
Chevy 3500
1955 Chevy 3500
Chevy 3600
1955 Chevy 3600
1950 Chevy 3600
1949 Chevy 3600
Chevy 3700
1955 Chevy 3700
1950 Chevy 3700
1949 Chevy 3700
Chevy 3800
1955 Chevy 3800
1950 Chevy 3800
1949 Chevy 3800
Chevy 3900
1950 Chevy 3900
1949 Chevy 3900
1947 GMC EC150
1946 GMC EC150
1952 GMC FC150
1951 GMC FC150
1950 GMC FC150
1949 GMC FC150
1948 GMC FC150
1947 GMC FC150
GMC P-Series
1967 GMC P35/P3500 Van
GMC P150-22
1954 GMC P150-22
1953 GMC P150-22
1952 GMC P150-22
1951 GMC P150-22
GMC P152
1951 GMC P152
GMC P252
1951 GMC P252
GMC P253
1951 GMC P253
GMC PB-Series
1962 GMC PB-Series
1961 GMC PB-Series
1959 GMC PM150
1958 GMC PM150
1957 GMC PM150
1956 GMC PM150
1955 GMC PM150
1953 GMC PM150
GMC PM150-22
1954 GMC PM150-22
1953 GMC PM150-22
1952 GMC PM150-22
GMC PM150-24
1954 GMC PM150-24
1953 GMC PM150-24
1952 GMC PM150-24
1957 GMC PM151
1956 GMC PM151
1955 GMC PM151
1957 GMC PM152
1955 GMC PM152
1954 GMC PM152
1952 GMC PM152
GMC PM152-22
1954 GMC PM152-22
1953 GMC PM152-22
1952 GMC PM152-22
1957 GMC PM153
1955 GMC PM153
1957 GMC PM250
1956 GMC PM250
1955 GMC PM250
1957 GMC PM251
1956 GMC PM251
1955 GMC PM252
1954 GMC PM252
1953 GMC PM252
1952 GMC PM252
1955 GMC PM253
1954 GMC PM253
1953 GMC PM253
1952 GMC PM253
GMC 100
1957 GMC 100
1956 GMC 100
1955 GMC 100
GMC 150
1959 GMC 150
  • 4WD
  • Fits S Series Models.
  • RWD With GM H050 Rear Axle
  • Fits X or Y Series Models.
  • RWD With Dana 60 Rear Axle
  • Fits S or T Series Models.
1958 GMC 150
  • 4WD
  • Fits S Series Models.
  • RWD With GM H050 Rear Axle
  • Fits X or Y Series Models.
  • RWD With Dana 60 Rear Axle
  • Fits S or T Series Models.
1957 GMC 150
1956 GMC 150
1955 GMC 150
1954 GMC 150
1953 GMC 150
1952 GMC 150
1951 GMC 150
GMC 250
1959 GMC 250
  • RWD
1958 GMC 250
  • RWD
1957 GMC 250
1956 GMC 250
1955 GMC 250
1954 GMC 250
1953 GMC 250
1952 GMC 250
1951 GMC 250
Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight
1950 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight
Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
1953 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
1952 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
1951 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
1950 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
Pontiac Bonneville
1957 Pontiac Bonneville
Pontiac Catalina
1957 Pontiac Catalina
1956 Pontiac Catalina
1955 Pontiac Catalina
1954 Pontiac Catalina
1953 Pontiac Catalina
1952 Pontiac Catalina
1951 Pontiac Catalina
1950 Pontiac Catalina
Pontiac Laurentian
1957 Pontiac Laurentian
1956 Pontiac Laurentian
1955 Pontiac Laurentian
Pontiac Star Chief
1957 Pontiac Star Chief
1956 Pontiac Star Chief
1955 Pontiac Star Chief
Pontiac Super Chief
1957 Pontiac Super Chief

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 Centric® - Rear Brake Hose
Centric® - Rear Brake Hose
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Centric® 150.66000 - Rear Brake Hose
Product was packaged nicely but out of the package the hose was very cheaply made.
Posted by (La Habra, CA) / 1949 Chevy 3100
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