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What Special Tools Are Available For Fuel System Work?

Fuel system work requires special tools for precision and safety. This article discusses tools for the common types of fuel system repair and maintenance jobs.

Maintenance and repair work on fuel systems must be done with precision, no matter what part of it you're working on. Tools specifically designed for use on fuel systems are often required to access components located in hard-to-reach areas.

Volatility of combustible fuel leaves little room for error, and professional technicians say working on a fuel system without correct tools is akin to using a hammer when you really need a screwdriver. Fittings can unknowingly become broken, warped, or even left slightly loose when the wrong tools are used. In this article, we'll look at items from our selection that make tapping into your vehicle's fuel system safe and easy.

Fuel Line Disconnect Wrenches

Fuel Line Disconnecting

We'll start with disconnecting fuel lines, because this is a necessary step for many repairs. Most vehicles feature quick-release style couplings at points throughout the entire fuel system. Unhooking these couplings isn't difficult if you've got properly designed disconnect wrenches. These wrenches feature a slotted opening so the wrench can fit over the fuel line. A flange on one end of the tool is pushed into the fitting to trigger a release inside the end of the coupling piece.

Complete GearWrench 12-piece Line Disconnect Kit
GearWrench 12-piece Line Disconnect Kit.

We've got fuel line disconnect wrench kits that include a variety of popular dimensions. For best value, we've got Lisle plastic 3-piece and 6-piece sets. If you prefer aluminum construction, take a look at the V8 Tools 6-piece Disconnect set or the GearWrench 12-piece Line Disconnect Kit. In many cases, wrenches in these kits can also be used to disconnect vehicle air conditioning, heating, and other fluid lines.

Colorful Lisle 6-piece Angled Disconnect Tool Set
Lisle 6-piece Angled Disconnect Tool Set.

We've also got disconnect wrenches for select applications. For GM 5.3-liter Flex Fuel vehicles, there's the Lisle fuel filter wrench specific to this system. And for full-size GM trucks equipped with Duramax diesel engines, we offer the Merchant Automotive wrench specially shaped for water-in-fuel sensors equipped on those fuel systems.

Fuel Tank Lock Ring Tools

Lisle Fuel Lock Ring Tool
Lisle Fuel Lock Ring Tool.

When you need to access a fuel tank from above to replace a sending unit / pump or filter, we've got tools that make loosening the lock ring on top of the tank easy. Choose the Lisle adjustable Fuel Lock Ring Tool, or a non-adjustable one from OEM Tools designed for assorted Ford, Chrysler, and Chevy models.

OEM Tools Fuel Line Disconnect Set
OEM Tools Fuel Line Disconnect Set.

For disconnecting fuel lines at the top of the tank, the OEM Tools Fuel Line Disconnect Set includes 2 tools designed for unique fittings on 1992-on GM midsize cars as well as 1988-on Ford pickups.

Carburetor Adjustment Tools

Carburetor idle-mixture screws need periodic adjustment, but they're not always easy to reach. We've got specially-designed tools which are essentially flexible shafts capable of bending and rotating at the same time. This allows you to worm them around obstacles and into tight nooks where they can do their work.

Carburetor adjustment tools from GearWrench, Lisle, and Thexton include multiple bits designed for carburetors found on various vehicles.

GearWrench Carburetor Adjusting Tool.
Thexton GM Carburetor Adjusting Tool.

Fuel System Cleaning

To keep engine performance and fuel economy maximized, cleaning the fuel system directly at the fuel injector rails is most effective in maintaining optimal fuel spray patterns. That equates to better mileage and power.

To accomplish this, we offer the OTC Fuel Injection Cleaner Canister - a stainless steel hydraulic cylinder that can be pressurized up to 30,000 psi. It blasts fuel injector cleaner (not included) through a quick-response ball valve lever that's easy to control. When the cleaner is flushed through an engine's injectors, carbon deposits on intake valves and ports are blasted off and burned away.

OTC Fuel Injection Cleaner Canister
OTC Fuel Injection Cleaner Canister.

Keeping exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves cleaned out is another important part of fuel system maintenance. The SUR&R EGR Port Cleaning Kit makes easy work of this by providing the user with a sharp pick and flexible steel bits fabricated to be turned with a drill (or by hand) inside curved orifices of a typical EGR valve.

SUR&R EGR Port Cleaning Kit
SUR&R EGR Port Cleaning Kit.

Fuel System Pressure Testers

Actron Fuel Pressure Tester Kit
Actron Fuel Pressure Tester Kit.

When you know there's a pressure problem in the fuel system somewhere, we've got kits with gauges, fuel line attachments, hoses, and more to help you find it. For best value, we've got gauges from Actron, S&G Tool Aid, and OTC that provide straightforward pressure readings at whatever point in the system they're connected to.

SUR&R Deluxe Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Kit
SUR&R Deluxe Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Kit.

Fuel system test kits from Mityvac, OTC, and SUR&R include more pieces for measuring fuel pressure and flow rate. These kits make it possible to diagnose faulty fuel pumps, pressure regulators, fuel lines, check valves, and more. Shut-off valves that may be included can even restrict fuel flow to measure maximum pressure your vehicle's pump can produce.

Once you have the right tools for fuel system work, you'll get repairs done quickly and easily the first time. Best of all, you'll work safely and without inflicting damage to your vehicle. Always remember: take your time, read up on the procedure, and have the correct tools at your disposal!

Mityvac Fuel System Tester
Mityvac Fuel System Tester.
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