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Shopping Guide - Seat Covers

Our shopping guide answers every seat cover question you have: material, colors, style, fitment, and more. We even explain installation. Have a pet? We include a discussion of covers for pets too.

Seat cover design and construction have progressed a great deal in recent decades. Not so long ago, the phrase "automotive seat cover" brought to mind loose-fitting covers which slid over an entire seat like a leaf bag. This type of cover was virtually the only choice available, so shortcomings were taken in stride.

Fortunately, computer-aided design and production methods have resulted in modern seat covers that can be custom-tailored to fit any individual car or truck - stretching like a spandex glove over every contour. And thanks to modern materials, today's covers will stay form-fittingly snug over each fold and crease - even under heavy use. Passengers won't notice they are add-ons, and you may forget they're not original equipment yourself.

Why Should I Consider Seat Covers?

Keeping OEM Seats Pristine Boosts Vehicle Resale Value

Using your car the way life dictates translates to a lot of wear on your seats. Scratches, rips, grime buildup, stains, sun damage, and spills plague even the cleanliest of automotive enthusiasts. Seat covers serve as a protective shield against these perils.

Protection is important because, while it's possible to clean dirt and grime off the surface of unprotected seats, it's not always possible to reverse other types of damage. Unless expensive upholstery repairs are performed, scratches and rips are there to stay. And after a heavy spill, you may not get everything out of the pores of the seat - which can result in lingering bacteria odors that make any car's interior an unpleasant place to spend time in. If you have leather seats, nothing fades, dries out, and discolors them like the sun's ultraviolet rays do.

Because many modern vehicles can travel a higher number of miles and continue to run and feel like new, many buyers looking at today's typical used car have come to expect perfection, and are willing to pay for ones that look the part inside and out. Seat covers are probably the easiest and most effective way to keep your vehicle's interior looking new as long as you own it, which puts more money in your pocket when it's time to sell.

Seat covers are a smart investment, to be sure.

Seat Covers Add Handsome Style and Looks

If you haven't looked at the new seat covers we're offering on our website yet, you're in for a pleasant surprise. We say this because we're confident the first thing you'll notice is the impressive level of fit and finish they exude. Upon realizing the quality level is high, it may be hard to turn away from the handsome styling and looks.

A closer look through vivid two-tone colors, solid hues, and artful print patterns will prove more satisfying than you expected. It's at this point, many of our buyers tell us, that a smart money purchase becomes an entirely satisfying emotional one as well. Imagining the seat cover of your choice in your own your car or truck becomes enjoyable, and thinking about how your passengers will react might actually put a smile on your face.

But seat covers are more than a smart investment and a pretty face that will age well. They can make you more comfortable.

Seat Covers In Multiple Choices

Seat Covers and Seat Cushions Can Add Comfort

It's true, seat covers can literally make sitting in your seat more comfortable. For example, if you've got leather or vinyl factory seats that reach blistering temperatures after being in the hot sun, a soft-touch cloth cover will stay much cooler. And in wintertime, covers such as plush velour or sheepskin ones will provide excellent insulation to keep you warm.

In our "Seat Cushions" subsection, we've also got partial seat covers that increase body comfort behind the wheel. Thanks to flexible straps, they secure snugly in place over any seat. And, they can be placed over any full seat cover of your choice. As such, these are known as seat cushions.

These seat cushions can really make a difference when it comes to muscle tension and pain that build up in lower back and legs after lengthy stints behind the wheel. For example, we've got a selection of seat cushions with extra lumbar support bump-out pieces mounted in a low back area position. These provide extra bolstering for the inward curve of the lumbar spine, filling the gap between you and the seat back. Once the lumbar curve is supported, downward forces are spread out evenly and pain is dissipated. So if you've got a pre-existing back condition and the factory seats in your vehicle are only adding to your discomfort, we urge you to consider seat cushions in addition to any covers.

We also have seat cushions with a beaded mesh surface. These beads provide a textured surface that continuously and gently massages back and leg muscles to remove fatigue and soreness during long stints behind the wheel. And because there's space in between the beads, air can circulate beneath you to remove unwanted body heat.

Should you prefer an extra thick, all-around layer of padding, we've also got deeply comforting thermal foam pads.

Happy Driver Pleased With Comfortable Seats

Seat Covers Give Worn-Looking Seats A New Look

Maybe your vehicle is older and the seats are torn and tattered. Or maybe you've given the exterior a fresh paint job, and now the original seats simply don't measure up any more. When you need to give your interior a whole new look and feel, seat covers from CARiD provide the biggest bang for your buck. Depending on the covers you choose, passengers may not realize they're aftermarket. And it definitely won't seem like you're hiding anything underneath.

Worn-Looking Seats

Seat Covers Can Provide Additional Temporary Protection When It's Needed

We have towel seat covers, available with custom logos, which can be slipped on quickly and easily for temporary shielding from dirt and wetness after a game or day at the beach (more detail further down). We've even got waterproof polyester seat covers for full water fun protection!

Waterproof Seat Covers

Seat Covers Prevent Damage from Pet Claws

In our "Pet Seat Covers" subsection, we've got heavy-duty seat covers designed to help prevent damage that pets can inflict on seat cushions, seat backs, and interior door sides. Browsing through our Pet Seat Covers section, you'll find covers of polycotton, imitation suede, and polyester camouflage patterns. We've even got hammock-style covers that protect older dogs against falls.

Hammock Style Pet Seat Covers

Seat Covers Are Great For Work Trucks

Late-model pickup trucks, even those configured in basic trim for work duty, come with a pretty hefty price tag. If you're spending your whole day inside of it, letting the seat get trashed just doesn't make sense. And if the truck you use for work is also an everyday family vehicle, we know the interior is probably nicely trimmed out. For the protection that work trucks require, we've got seat covers made from cordura and Carhartt fabrics that can stand up to abuse from an entire crew, then machine wash clean for date night.

Seat Covers Tailored For Work Trucks

How Well Do Seat Covers Fit?

Because modern seat covers do such a great job protecting your seats from hazards, it's easy to picture how they will fit the needs of your life. But how will they actually fit the seats of your car?

Custom-Fit vs. Universal-Fit Covers

We'll begin answering this question by discussing the two basic types of seat covers: custom-fit and universal-fit.

Like a tailored suit, custom-fit seat covers are cut to fit the exact seat dimensions, contours, and shapes of a specific make and model vehicle. Combined with modern materials, custom-fit covers stay form-fittingly snug over each fold and crease, even under heavy use. If a vehicle has stylishly shaped seats, a tight and even fit from the seat covers actually complements the basic seat structure - especially covers with bright colors, toned accents or textured patterns.

If custom-fit covers are akin to a tailored suit, universal-fit ones resemble off-the-rack clothing varieties. These aren't created with any specific vehicle seats in mind because they're designed to accommodate a number of different cars or trucks. This is possible because they're made in general sizes and shapes for bucket seats and bench seats. Most universal-fit covers feature elastic hemming around all bottom edges to keep them properly secured in place. In short, universal-fit seat covers need not be sloppy-looking and loose-fitting. Instead, they can appear quite fashionable. And they can be removed and installed more quickly and easily than custom-fit ones (more on that further below).

Custom-Fit Seat Covers
Custom-Fit Seat Covers
Universal-Fit Seat Covers
Universal-Fit Seat Covers

What About Headrests, Arm Rests, and Switchgear?

On custom-fitting seat covers, location of any OE (original equipment) headrests, armrests, split bench seat edges, power seat switches, under-seat storage drawers, and center consoles are taken into account to create covers that stay tight over all surfaces without hindering the function of any of these items. Custom-fitted car seats will also have cutouts where functionality dictates. Since universal-fit covers are designed to fit a range of vehicles, cutouts and indentations may not mirror the exact locations of switchgear, armrests, and other items. However, universal-fit covers do take into account popular locations for functional necessities, and often make an effort not to obscure these items.

In the Product Options field for various seat covers, you may be prompted to fill in details about headrests (are they removable?), seat types (are they bench or bucket?), armrests (are they part of a center console or the seat?), side airbags (are they integrated into the seat?), and more. This ensures that, while different configurations may exist for your vehicle, the seat covers you receive will be a good fit.

Headrest Cover With Logo
Headrest Cover
Center Console Cover
Center Console Cover
Armrest Cover
Armrest Cover

Headrest Covers Are Also Sold Separately

Cover pieces for headrests are typically included with custom-fit seat covers. However, we offer them individually should you wish to vary colors or designs from your original seat cover. In our "Headrest Covers" section, you'll find a variety of materials and colors to choose from - some of which are available with various logos for U.S. military branches and sports teams at the collegiate and professional level.

Universal-Fit Covers Offer Easy Installation and Removal

Easy To Install Universal-Fit Seat Covers

Custom-fit seat covers typically take longer to install because separate sections for each seat back and seat bottom must be fitted, rather than sliding on a one-piece universal-fit cover quickly. While custom-fit covers can be installed without too much effort, the time it takes to do so can be a disadvantage for those who have a frequent need to remove and install them. For example, you may have a classic car with a nicely restored interior worth protecting with a seat cover that slides on for the drive to a car show, then removes easily when you get there to show things off during judging.

Or maybe you're in sales and have a premium luxury car with fine original leather seats you'd prefer to leave exposed for making a positive impression on clients during the work week - then throw covers on during the weekends when children hop in wearing dirty sports jerseys and carrying ice cream cones. And if you have a job where you go to work clean in the morning and return home dirty at night, a seat cover that's easy to throw on for the trip home ensures the cover and not the seat catches the grime. Then, taking it off for the next morning's commute to work ensures fresh clothing stays clean without touching the dirt left on the seat cover from the night before.

How Do I Know What Size & Shape Seats I Have?

Can I Get A Driver's Seat Cover Only?

All seat covers are sold in sets for 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-row seats, and each row of covers can be purchased separately. Individual covers for driver- and passenger-side seats are not commonly offered - however, you may find some universal-fit covers which are sold individually as well as in pairs.

Individual Driver Seat Covers

Our System Will Help You With The Selection Process

Once you enter vehicle year, make, and model in our Product Options field, our system will know if your vehicle is a 2-seater, has a back seat, or is available with third-row seats. If more than one type of seating configuration was available from the factory, drop boxes will prompt you to specify which layout exists for each row of seats in your vehicle. The available covers for first, second, and third rows will be displayed beneath the drop boxes.

Seat Covers Product Options Table

How Do I Know What Seat Types Are In My Vehicle?

When ordering your seat covers, drop down boxes under Product Options may ask you to specify the types, or shapes, of the seats in each row of your vehicle. Keep in mind that it's very typical for each row to have seating in different shapes.

A "bucket seat" is a general term for front seats with a sculpted-out shape intended to accommodate a single person. Each bucket seat has its own tracks for moving fore-aft, and its own separate set of controls for adjusting seat cushion and seat back angles. On most passenger cars built within the last several decades, dual front bucket seats separated by a center console in between are the norm. Because driver- and passenger-side seats are identical, these seats will be described in our selection boxes as "50/50 bucket seats."

"Captain's chairs" are independent seats typically found in 2nd or 3rd row setups of vans and SUVs. Space around them is unobstructed by any consoles, and these seats may even swivel.

"Bench seats" span the full width of a vehicle and are uninterrupted by any type of console in the middle. These are generally, but not always, intended to seat 3 people. A front-row one-piece bench seat that moves as a single unit is known as a "solid bench". Most coupes and sedans feature a solid bench seat design in the rear. Older classics may also feature this type of design in the front.

Most newer trucks equipped with front bench seats usually contain "split bench seats" which feature 2 or 3 separate sections capable of sliding fore-aft independently of one another. 2nd row seats in SUVs and vans usually feature similar setups. Split bench seats can also be described in multiple ways. For example, "60/40" split bench configurations will have one section for 2 passengers that takes up approximately 60% of the width, with another section that takes up the remaining 40%. Others may feature a "40/20/40" split bench configuration with a 20% center section that's independent from the other two side sections. And as it sounds, a "50/50" split bench seat is split right down the middle.

Our system may also ask if any headrests and armrests attached to the seats are removable or non-removable. More specifically, headrests may also be categorized as "removable", "adjustable non-removable", and simple "non-removable" (no adjustment). Swivel armrests attached to the seats may be described as "removable".

If you have any kind of bench seat with a storage console that folds down from the seat back, covers designed to accommodate it may be described as "with folding console". You may also need to know whether any folding consoles are equipped with built-in cupholders.

Regardless of seat type, it's important to know whether seat belts for it are anchored to the seat or not. You'll also need to know whether the seats you're about to cover are equipped with seat-mounted side airbags (more details about that are further below).

Will Seat Covers Prevent Seat Mounted Air Bags From Working?

Custom-fit covers are designed with the interior layout of specific makes and models in mind - and they're especially engineered not to hinder any safety features such as side airbags that deploy from within the side bolsters of the seats themselves. We do not recommend installing universal-fit seat covers on such vehicles, because they can potentially impede airbag deployment.

Note: A quick check of your vehicle's owner manual will confirm if your seats are fitted with side-mounted airbags.

Such seats designed to protect an occupant's torso may be equipped with a large plastic cover plate along the outer edge of the seat back. Beneath that plate is the airbag, which dislodges the cover as it inflates. Custom-fit seat covers for such vehicles will feature a specially-shaped hole in the cover to accommodate airbag inflation without interference.

On other seat designs, the airbag may be positioned to deploy from directly behind the seams of the OEM seat upholstery, which are fabricated to come apart in milliseconds. Custom-fit seat covers also feature seams in critical areas with a lower break point. After repeated testing by seat cover manufacturers, this modified stitching has been shown to survive rigors of daily use completely, yet create no delay when it comes to airbag inflation time.

Seat Covers For Seats Fitted With Side Mounted Airbags

What Materials Are Available?

Whether you want to protect your vehicle seats from liquid spills, add luxury, increase comfort, provide washable utility, or add western and outdoor flair, we've got seat covers made from a variety of materials that are comfortable, stylish, and durable.

Terrycloth Towel Seat Covers

Whether you're a car buff who appreciates maximum cleanliness or you need to drive your vehicle while wearing dirty clothes, universal-fit terrycloth covers slide on easily. Like a towel, they drape on top of seat surfaces and wrap over edge areas to absorb dirt and sweat. But unlike a normal sheet towel, properly sized headrest cutouts keep these covers in place so they don't fall down behind your back or bunch up uncomfortably. You'll find these covers in our "Towel Seat Covers" subsection.

Being relatively inexpensive, it makes great sense to purchase a few of them - ensuring a clean one is always at the ready. Because they're cotton, they'll also provide effective insulation from burning hot seats in summer - an invaluable plus on trips to the beach or the pool. But the best part is how easy they are to pull off and machine wash for the next time they're needed in a pinch. In fact, there's no reason they can't be used over other seat covers.

Terrycloth Towel Seat Covers

Cloth Seat Covers

When making a selection among the multitudes of cloth seat covers in our virtual inventory, we start by allowing you to choose your desired levels of water resistance, softness, and durability (all rated low/medium/high). You can also decide if you want UV protection or not (more important for convertibles or vehicles which are outside year-round).

In the "Cloth Seat Covers" subsection of our website, you'll find washable seat covers that completely surround seat backs and bottoms. For starters, custom-fit polycotton covers look good while keeping you cool thanks to the highly absorbent, breathable nature of cotton. Polyester mixed into the weave ensures they remain durable without wearing or pilling over time. Plus, cotton's washable nature ensures spills can be removed with a success rate similar to clothing.

Another washable option for those that need heavier-duty seat covers is Carhartt material. If you're unfamiliar with Carhartt, it's named after a Detroit company that originally made durable and long-lasting overalls for railroad workers in the 1800s. Also described as "duck" material, heavy-duty threads which resist water and abrasion, along with reinforcement rivets, became trademark features of the company's products. Today, Carhartt clothing is commonly found on construction sites, farms, and ranches. In our Cloth Seat Covers subsection, you'll find seat covers made of this material - and they'll say so in the product title. They also feature overlapped double- and triple-stitched seams purpose-built for standing up to dogs, kids, construction work, and more. The material has a water-repellant finish to handle spills, and can be machine washed and dried without worry.

Cloth Seat Covers

Neoprene & NeoSupreme Seat Covers

Neoprene is a thick, durable rubber-based material found in top-of-the-line wetsuits used by scuba divers and surfers. It's waterproof, hard to puncture, and is probably the most form-fitting type of seat cover material on the market. The highest blend neoprene is often described as "CR" grade, designating chloroprene rubber construction. In our "Cloth Seat Covers" subsection, you'll find seat covers made of real and imitation neoprene.

While seat covers labeled neoprene match the construction of wetsuit material, "NeoSupreme" ones feature polyester blended with a neoprene-like material known as neotex. NeoSupreme, which is not quite as cushiony as neoprene, offers a layer of padding underneath. Used in seat cover form, NeoSupreme fabric provides very effective protection against spills and abuse while achieving the sporty looks of neoprene. If you are a hard-core fan of the outdoors or watersports, real neoprene will stand up to a higher level of gritty abuse, albeit at a slightly higher price. NeoSupreme offers most of the advantages of neoprene, at a slightly more favorable price.

Neoprene & NeoSupreme Seat Covers

Real Leather Seat Covers

In our "Leather Seat Covers" subsection, you'll find custom-fit full leather covers as well as a selection featuring leather accents across seating surfaces and other areas - in a variety of understated solid colors. To see them, simply select the check box marked "Genuine Leather".

Real leather is its own reward, because it has a pleasant scent, feels luxurious against the skin, and adds an upscale flavor to any vehicle interior. It's also important to remember that because leather is a natural rather than man-made material, it can require some special care to help prevent cracks from hot-cold expansion and contraction if the oils in the leather dry out over time. Periodic leather treatment products can restore lost moisture and keep leather seat covers looking and feeling new.

Real Leather Seat Covers

Imitation Leather Seat Covers

Also in our "Leather Seat Covers" subsection, you'll find covers made of simulated leather if you select the "Simulated Leather" check box. In the case of seat covers, artificially-made leatherette (also known as vinyl) offers a viable alternative compared to real leather. Leatherette seat covers are less expensive, look almost the same as leather, wear better without scratching or cracking (especially if pets travel along), and are much easier to clean and maintain. Sometimes, wiping leatherette down with water is all that's needed to erase just about any ill or spill.

Imitation Leather Seat Covers

Imitation Suede Seat Covers

While authentic suede fabric is a luxurious material, it simply does not have the durability needed for use in automobiles. Instead, we offer several convincing imitation suede seat covers made from softly perforated polyester - all of which are custom fit for a wide range of cars and trucks. You'll find them in our "Cloth Seat Covers" subsection.

Imitation Suede Seat Covers

Velour Seat Covers

Velour is a fabric that's similar to velvet, with a thick soft nap that makes it luxurious to the touch. Unlike velvet, velour features knit construction which allows it to be extremely flexible and stretchy. While cotton may be used to create velour for clothing, the superior durability and ease of cleaning that polyester offers prove equally effective in automotive applications such as seat covers. In our "Cloth Seat Covers" subsection, we've got velour seat covers in solid colors as well as 2-tone patterns.

Velour Seat Covers

Sheepskin and Other Fur-Like Covers

For those who prefer the ultimate in soft-touch luxury, we've got seat covers with an outer layer of real sheepskin. This results in a super plush fleece surface that's extremely soft and comforting against the skin in any climate. We've also got covers created from a fur-like microfiber material backed with a half-inch of high-density foam. These may simply be the plushest and coziest seat covers on the market.

In our "Sheepskin Seat Covers" subsection, you'll find both vehicle-specific and universal-fit covers, so there are lots of choices.

Sheepskin and Other Fur-Like Covers

Other Desirable Seat Cover Materials We Offer

Also in our "Cloth Seat Covers" section, you'll find custom-fit seat covers crafted in tweed, saddleblanket style western theme polyester fabric designs, and waterproof polyester seat covers designed for heavy-duty commercial use and hose-down cleaning. If you need the ultimate in breathability, consider spacer mesh polyester seat covers that are purpose-built with large pores to keep you and the seat cool and dry.

Other Desirable Seat Cover Materials

What Are My Color Choices For Seat Covers?

Will Available Colors Match My Car's Interior Exactly?

While seat covers we offer come in a wide variety of colors, you may not always be able to obtain an exact match for your vehicle's interior color. However, you'll probably be able to find a likeness that's extremely close if your vehicle has a beige, light gray, dark gray, or black interior.

Generally, leather, simulated leather, simulated suede, and cloth seat covers are the best matches for conservative colors. Looking through these might yield the closest thing to a color match if you seek to match burgundy or dark blue colors. If you don't see a match, we've got lots of patterned designs that will serve as an attractive contrast.

Single-Tone Color Choices

If you prefer solid colors, we've got a lot of choices. You'll find them in our sections for "Sheepskin Covers", "Leather Seat Covers", and "Cloth Seat Covers" (this section incorporates a lot of fabrics). After entering any of these sections, click on the "Single Colors" check box along the left-hand side if it's present. This will narrow your search to covers with solid colors only. Should you prefer to, you can also select any of over 15 boxes to view just the colors you want to see.

Single-Tone Seat Covers Color Choices

Two-Tone Color Choices

If you're looking to dial up the brightness of your vehicle's interior, have a look at seat covers we've got with a variety of two-tone color patterns. As with Single Color covers, you can find two-tones by entering a specific seat cover section, then clicking on the "Two-Tone" check box. Select the "Multi-Color" check box will also display alternate patterns such as checkered two-tone ones.

For example, in our "Cloth Seat Covers" section, many feature a solid color panel in the center surrounded by black edging. Some even offer simulated carbon-fiber patterns in the colored areas. For those who prefer western flair, we've got covers with saddle blanket patterns contrasted nicely by dark or light solid stripes. Two-tone striped themes are available in sports themes for collegiate football teams as well as world cup soccer.

In our "Leather Seat Covers" section, you'll also find colored center/black edge two-tone designs. For a more discreet two-tone look, there are also covers with solid-colored seat cushion and seat back areas and contrasting colors along the sides and back only. Or, choose black seat covers with four horizontal color slashes across the seat back area.

Some camouflage patterns (see more below) are also available in 2-tone themes with black edging.

Two-Tone Seat Covers Color Choices

Camouflage Pattern Seat Covers

Another option to consider when it comes to considering color choices are seat covers with camouflage patterns. We say this because there are so many designs to consider - from patterns with muted colors to those that are a collage of vibrant ones. Regardless of which style you pick, camo patterns go nicely with virtually any interior color - either as a color match or a stylish contrast.

In our separate subsection titled "Camo Seat Covers" you'll find printed patterns of traditional military camouflage as well as artistic outdoor wooded themes - all of which come custom-fit for a wide selection of cars and trucks. Along the left edge of the screen, you'll see checkboxes under a CAMO PATTERN heading which allow you to narrow your search by preferred patterns.

Materials for camo seat covers will range from neosupreme to polycotton to cordura. Cordura is a densely-woven, high-strength nylon fabric originally created for military body armor. Designed for maximum durability, it offers exceptional resistance to tears and punctures while somewhat replicating the comfort of cotton weave.

Camouflage Pattern Seat Covers

What About Seat Covers For Pets?

If you live with a dog, you already know the joy that comes from bringing them along in your car or truck. Part best friend and part family, dogs appreciate every nuance that riding in a car brings - things we used to appreciate as children but have forgotten as adults. Watching the scenery, hanging a head out the window to enjoy a cool breeze, and observing other animals in passing are just some of what bring dogs a great amount of pleasure during the ride.

However, in their excitement, dogs simply don't realize that sensitive upholstery can damage easily - leaving scars that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to repair. And if you lack the time or funds to get such damage fixed promptly, you'll spend a lot of time wincing as your eye repeatedly falls upon the damaged areas.

In our "Pet Seat Covers" subsection, we've got heavy-duty seat covers designed to prevent damage that pets can inflict on seat cushions, seat backs, and interior door sides. Browsing through our Pet Seat Covers section, you'll find covers of polycotton, imitation suede, and polyester camouflage patterns. We've even got hammock-style covers that protect older dogs against falls.

Seat Covers For Pets

Pet Door Protectors

Door side interiors are often overlooked when it comes to pet-proofing your vehicle. But the fact is, your inside door panels are most prone to damage because dogs are constantly clawing their way up them to look out the window. We've got canine "door shields" with outer layers of smooth polyester or imitation suede. These door protectors offer quick installation and removal without tools thanks to retention tabs that slide easily between window glass and door panels.

Pet Door Protector

Bench Seats

Most pet seat covers designed for 2nd row bench seats are universal-fit. However, we do offer several custom-fit and semi-custom-fit designs tailored to fit specific vehicles.

For the ultimate in coverage, we have custom-fit covers that blanket every inch of the rear seating areas in your car or truck. Not only does it cover an entire rear bench seat, it wraps down and across the floor, then up the rear of the front seatbacks. Once vehicle specifics are entered (including whether front seats are bench or bucket, etc.), you'll see a choice of solid, paw print, or wooded forest patterns in multiple colors.

Bench Seats Seat Covers

Hammock Style Seat Protectors

If your dog is older and has trouble using their hind legs to climb stairs, chances are they will find it difficult to stay balanced on an automobile seat during braking. Worst-case, panic stops often cause injury when less agile pets fall on the floor and bump against center consoles on the way down. For senior dogs, we've got hammock-style seat covers that protect bench seats while providing full comfort, cradling your pet to prevent falls should they lean off a seat edge. All of the hammocks we offer install easily thanks to straps that slip around front and rear headrests.

Universal-fit pet seat covers are typically priced lower than custom-fitting ones. They also make excellent covers because they're designed to anchor firmly in place using adjustable straps and buckles for 2nd row headrests as well as anchor bars between seatbacks and seat cushions.

Hammock Style Seat Protectors

Bucket Seats

If your dog rides along in the front seat or a rear captain's chair, we've got universal-fitting covers designed specifically for individual bucket seats. Typically, these feature a skirt that drops down seven inches over exposed seat edges, with three elastic straps to keep everything snug against the seatback.

Bucket Seats Seat Cover

Seat Belt Straps Chafe My Skin - Are There Any Covers For Those?

Yes, there are. To provide protective cushioning from seat belt discomfort exactly where it's needed, we've got a special "Seat Belt Covers" section. There, you'll find padded covers that slide around your seatbelt strap, then secure in place thanks to Velcro attachments. Give or take an inch, these covers are approximately one foot long, and they can be slid to whatever section of the seat belt you prefer. Inner layers consist of durable materials wrapped by thick foam padding, surrounded by an outer layer of fleece, sheepskin, velour, or other soft-touch materials.

Seat Belt Covers

What About Armrests Attached To Center Consoles?

If your vehicle's armrest is not attached to the seat, the seat cover you purchase will not cover it. That's why we have a section for "Center Console Covers" that includes both custom- and universal-fit cover pieces for the padded area of your center console that serves as your armrest. These are available in materials such as terrycloth, velour, neoprene, vinyl, and more.

We've even got black polyurethane covers with a simulated tire tread pattern. Some of the covers are also available with bonus features such as vehicle manufacturer logos and elastic pockets useful for storing notepads, sunglasses and other small items.

Covers For Armrest Attached To Center Console

Can I Install Seat Covers Myself?

The answer is yes, you can. While universal-fit covers basically slide over the seats, custom-fit ones can be fitted into place without too much additional effort. Custom-fit kits include cover pieces for each separate seat back and seat bottom section - front and rear. Regardless of how wide or narrow your vehicle's seats are, the cover pieces go on in a similar fashion.

So if you have a front or rear bench seat, you'll get one wide seat bottom cushion and one wide seat back cushion if that seat doesn't have split folding sections. If the seat back sections fold down separately, you'll get multiple seat back cover pieces. And if your vehicle has a split 2nd row seat assembly which folds for 3rd row access, your kit will include multiple seat back cover pieces and multiple seat bottom pieces.

Installation of custom-fit seat covers can be boiled down to the following steps: Detach headrests and install any fitted cover pieces around them. Slide the seat back cover piece over the seat, and line up any perforations that may exist for headrest attachment bars. Seats with headrests that are not detachable may have separate cover pieces which use elastic straps around their bottom area to maintain snugness.

From the front, tuck the bottom part of the seat cover as far as possible into the gap between seat back and seat bottom cushions. From the rear of the seat, pull that bottom flap through. Custom-fit covers will usually have another flap that folds down and attaches to the section you just pulled through. Attach the two flaps using the supplied Velcro or snaps. If your seat cover sections are equipped with zippers, pull them shut to increase snugness. Before making the attachment, work the seat cover downward to make it as snug as possible.

Lay the seat bottom cover piece on the seat, and tuck the tail end of it through the gap between the two cushions. If this piece has clips at the tail end, make sure they make it through to the other side as well. Note that on most vehicles, the seat bottom does not need to be removed. However, if the seat folds, you may find that folding it part-way up will facilitate this part of the installation.

When chosen to match your specific needs and preferences, seat covers are an effective solution for the enthusiast who values the condition of their vehicle's interior. And if you know someone else who fits that description, seat covers also make a great gift. We'd love to hear from you with any product questions - we're open seven days a week to help you make the most informed purchase possible.

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