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Here's A 'Tip': Exhaust Tips Are An Easy Way To Dress Up Your Tailpipe

Could you tell a “slash cut” exhaust tip from one that’s “rolled”, or “double walled”? We clarify various styles as well as measurements that are important when ordering.

Performance exhaust systems give you improvements in power output, sound levels, and appearance - all in one package. But let's face it: not everyone has the spare change to buy and bolt up one of these kits. So you soldier on with what you have. And that may be a tired-looking exhaust system that is still functional. You've spent all day washing and waxing the vehicle's paint and chrome to perfection, but no degree of elbow grease will make that tailpipe look better.

We have a solution that is simple, cost-effective, and easy to install: we offer a variety of stylish exhaust tips that will put a dressy finishing touch on the rear of any car or truck. Most exhaust tips are designed to slide on easily over your existing tailpipe, then secure in place with clamps provided in the kit. (Note that some tips are recommended to be welded into place.)

New / Old Exhaust Tips

In choosing an exhaust tip, there are many factors to consider. Here, we'll look at various sizes, styles, and finishes you can choose from. As you look through the exhaust tips section of our website, you'll notice that each product will feature one main lead picture. Because these lead pictures are not fully indicative of all the exhaust tip variations you'll find within that product page, we urge you to peek in further and see variations that exist.

Universal Fit vs. Vehicle Specific Fit

Universal Fit Exhaust Tip

Vehicle specific exhaust tips are designed to match the exact dimensions of original, factory exhaust outlet pipes installed on a particular make and model. For such products, our system will show the words "Vehicle Specific" on the product page, and you will be prompted to enter year, make, and model information.

These will bolt right up without modifications, and you won't need to worry about ordering the wrong size. "Universal Fit" means that the exhaust tips are not designed for any specific vehicle. What you will need to pay attention to are the choices of inlet diameters, outlet diameters, and overall lengths.

Under the FITMENT heading, you’ll see check boxes that will automatically narrow your search to Universal Fit or Vehicle Specific exhaust tips.

Important Dimensions To Consider

To ensure your exhaust tips fit with precision, it’s essential to take some existing measurements of your vehicle’s OEM exhaust pipe. Once you know the measurements below, you can use the check boxes along the left side of the screen to narrow your search by specific measurements for tip inlet diameter, tip outlet diameter, tip length, and more.

Important Exhaust Tip Dimensions To Consider

Inlet Diameter

The inlet diameter of the new exhaust tip you purchase must match the outer diameter (OD) of your existing tailpipe end for a proper fit. When selecting an exhaust tip, click on Product Options, which will open a drop-down box for you to make a selection.

Inlet Diameter Of Exhaust Tip

Outlet Diameter

The outlet diameter is the size of the opening at the end of the exhaust tip. If this is a round shape, you will see one number. If the pipe is oval or rectangular, then you will see the diameter given in two measurements. Again, there may be a choice in a drop-down box within the Product Options field.

Exhaust tips with larger outlet diameters are popular; however, remember that depending on your exhaust and bumper design, a tip significantly larger than factory may interfere with the vehicle's bumper. Often, bumper covers already have cutout areas for factory exhaust pipes that will give you extra leeway. To be sure, measure bumper clearance before ordering.


You'll want just the right amount of length to ensure your new exhaust tips can be seen clearly without sticking out so far they become an impediment. Length is measured from the beginning of a tip's inlet pipe to the very end of the outlet area, at the top. So, a tip with an angle-cut exhaust opening will be measured along its longer surface, which will be at the top.

Single-Tip Or Dual-Tip

Elf Ear Exhaust Tips
This set of Stainless Works Elf Ear Exhaust Tip is an example of a single-tip pipe.
Uro Parts SS Oval Exhaust Tips
This set of Uro Parts Stainless Steel Oval Exhaust Tips is an example of a dual-tip style setup.

Exhaust tips that fit on a single exhaust pipe with one outlet are known as single-tip style pipes, while tips that take one exhaust pipe and split it into two openings are known as dual-tip style pipes. Even though many of the exhaust tips we sell feature single-tip designs only, it’s important to note that many “single-tip” products are also available in dual-tip form once you enter the Product Options screen.

Custom Exhaust Tips Designed For High Performance Models
The Agency Power Dual Exhaust Tip (left, for Ferrari 458) and the Corsa Pro Series Stainless Steel Tip (right, for late model Corvettes) offer unique tip configurations to match the original layout of high-performance models.

Shapes Of Exhaust Tips

Basic Round / Oval / Rectangular Exhaust Tips
Shown from left to right: A basic round tip, oval tip, and rectangular exhaust tip.

Exhaust tips are often described by the shape of pipe(s) at their outlets. Thus, you'll find many round, oval, rectangular, and even square shapes to choose from. While these are the basic shapes of the openings, there are other descriptive terms you'll find that can apply to any of them. For example, a "slash cut" or "angle cut" exhaust tip means that the opening is cut at an angle that varies from top to bottom, regardless of the shape. A "rolled" exhaust tip is one where the metal has been wrapped around and folded back onto itself in order to present a smoothly-rounded outer edge.

Rolled Exhaust Tip With Metal Edge
A "rolled" exhaust tip has its metal edge wrapped around and folded back onto itself to present a smoothly-rounded outer edge. The exhaust tip shown on the left is not rolled, while the one on the right is.
Slash Cut Exhaust Tips
Shown here are examples of "slash cut" or "angle cut" exhaust tips.

A "double-walled" exhaust tip has both a larger outer hull and a smaller inner hull - both of which are visible. They may be joined at the outside edge, or they may not be visibly connected. Tips are described as "turn down" or "aussie cut" when the pipes curve downward so that the exhaust openings face the ground. And finally, "exhaust stack" tips are designed to be added on to exhaust system pipes that point straight upward. Exhaust stacks are custom setups typically found on pickup trucks.

Double Wall Exhaust Tip
Shown here are examples of "double wall" exhaust tips. The tip on the left has an integrated outside edge, while the tip on the right does not.
Turn Down Exhaust Tip
An exhaust tip is described as "turn down" when the pipe curves downward so that its exhaust opening faces the ground, not straight out. These are sometimes called "aussie cut" tips.

Check boxes under the TIP SHAPE and CUT TYPE headings will allow you to browse easily through exhaust tips with the shapes and designs you prefer.

Exhaust Stack
Exhaust stacks are custom exhaust pipes that point straight upward. Consequentially, "exhaust stack" tips are designed to be fitted on such pipes.



It’s been said that black is the new chrome, and we offer black exhaust tips to complement the look of any high gloss or matte finish black wheels or other trim. Black finish may not be available for every make and model, but odds are good you’ll find what you’re looking for with the products we’ve got.

Should you prefer a gloss black finish, we’ve got the Corsa Pro-Series Tip, the RBP Heat Treated Round Bolt-On Exhaust Tip Adapter, Ansa Silverline Stacks, the Go Rhino Stainless Steel Black Exhaust Tip, and the Flo-Pro Stainless Steel Round Angle Cut Exhaust Tip. Note that for most of these, you choose the black finish within Product Options.

When it comes to lower-gloss black finishes, we’ve got a good selection of tip styles with black ceramic finishes by Gibson such as the Black Ceramic Round Rolled Edge Slash Cut Tip, S.S. Rectangular Angle Cut Tip, and the S.S. Round Double Wall Exhaust Tip. Prefer a set of oval-shaped exhaust tips? We’ve got the Banks Stainless Steel Round Straight Cut Tip (black finish is within Product Options).

Go Rhino Black Dual Exhaust Tip
Most exhaust tips that are available in black are also available in polished stainless steel. Shown here is the Go Rhino Dual Exhaust Tip, which offers a choice of black or chrome finish.
MBRP Stainless Steel Black Round Angle Cut Tip
The MBRP Stainless Steel Black Round Angle Cut Tip.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Works S.S. Boxxter Exhaust Tips
The Stainless Works S.S. Boxxter Exhaust Tips are one of several polished stainless steel tip sets that feature a narrow, rectangular shape.
Hot Rod Style Centered Outlet Tips
The Stainless Works S.S. Hot Rod Style Centered Outlet Tips deliberately offer a less polished surface finish – in the style of “classic” hot rodding.

When properly buffed, polished stainless steel tips can take on a dazzling finish that approaches the mirror-like characteristics of chrome. To name a few, we’ve got the Vibrant Performance S.S. Oval Angle Cut Single Wall Polished Exhaust Tips, Stainless Works S.S. Clamp-On Polished Exhaust Tips, Stainless Works S.S. Factory Style Exhaust Tips, Ansa Silverline S.S. Camaro Rectangular Weld-On Exhaust Tip, URO Parts Stainless Steel Oval Exhaust Tips (late-model BMW & Mercedes only), and the Flowmaster S.S. Polished Angle Cut Dual Tips.


Go Rhino Dual Exhaust Tips
The Go Rhino Dual Exhaust Tips with chrome finish.

If you appreciate the bright luster of chrome, you’ll really love several exhaust tip choices that offer the corrosion resistance of stainless steel construction with the beauty of chrome plating on the outside. We offer the Go Rhino Dual Exhaust Tips (also available in black) and the Walker Round Spout are available in chrome (final finish selection is in Product Options).

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber exhaust tips are an extremely unique finish choice. If you've already invested in a carbon fiber trunk spoiler or body panels, these exhaust tips complete the look and create a presence for your vehicle that you won't see coming and going.

Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tip
Exhaust Tip Wrapped In Carbon Fiber

We’ve got aFe's Exhaust Tip for select Porsche models, Fabspeed Deluxe Dual Style Tips (Porsche and Ferrari models), and Akrapovic carbon fiber Exhaust Tips for various makes. For other vehicles, there’s the universal-fit MBRP Clamp-On Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tip that’s available in a choice of inlet tip diameters that can be clamped down to a smaller size.

Titanium / “Blue Burnt” Look

A look of blue “burnt” metal is a trademark of titanium exhausts that have reached high temperatures. However, the burnt look can be achieved on stainless steel by heating the metal until it turns red. When the steel cools down again, a blue color appears.

Blue Burnt Titanium Exhaust Tip

As a metal, titanium offers the benefits of low weight, very high strength, and the ability to retain its integrity when heated to extreme temperatures. When it comes to exhaust tips, we’ve got titanium alloy ones that are blended with stainless steel. Because it’s a rare metal in nature, real titanium components are costly to produce.

When it comes to real titanium alloy exhaust tips, we’ve got the Agency Power Titanium Steel Round Blued Exhaust Tips for select Ferraris, Porsche Turbos, and Porsche 911 GT3s. We’ve also got the universal-fit DC Sports Titanium Bolt-On Burnt Exhaust Tip with a tip designed to clamp to a size that fits any 1.75” to 2.5” pipes. Selecting the Neo Titanium check box under the TIP FINISH heading will also display other stainless steel exhaust tips (without titanium) that have been heat treated to create the desirable burnt blue finish.

Exhaust Tips Gallery

Not only are exhaust tips affordable, there are enough choices in the way of finish, shape, and length to keep you pouring through options for quite a while. Once you've boosted the style of your vehicle with add-on exhaust tips, you'll wonder why you waited so long to do so. The new tips will seem so right on your vehicle, they'll give everyone the impression of new-found high style and performance!

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