ACDelco® - GM Original Equipment™ Automatic Transmission Oil Pump Slide Pivot Pin

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1994 Buick Le Sabre
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Product Details

Buick Le Sabre 1994, GM Original Equipment™ Automatic Transmission Oil Pump Slide Pivot Pin by ACDelco®. Grooved. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by ACDelco features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is manufactured to meet or exceed stringent industry standards.


  • Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performance
  • Right for your vehicle and lifestyle
  • Made from high-quality materials for ultimate durability
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed strict quality requirements

ACDelco is here with excellent products that are available at a competitive price. The company does its utmost to provide the best possible solutions for your needs. All products by ACDelco are made with expert care and created by professionals to meet all your requirements. The company does not accept compromises when it is going about quality, so you can be sure that all products have only first-rate quality. With many years of manufacturing experience, ACDelco is the name you can trust.

ACDelco®, a brand of GM Customer Care and Aftersales, is a global automotive manufacturer of premium replacement parts for almost all vehicle systems as well as off-road, industrial, and marine equipment. With more than hundred years of manufacturing experience, the company offers an extensive line of brake pads and rotors, belts and hoses, shocks and struts, alternators and starters, thermostats and caps, fuel pumps, and many more trustworthy and top-quality products.

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Warranty Information

This limited warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of ACDelco products and services from a member of the ACDelco Service Center Program. This limited warranty is made by the Independent Repair Facility ("Facility") who is so named on the original repair invoice and performed the service/repairs on your vehicle using ACDelco automotive parts. This warranty may be honored by other Facilities participating in this program, or other authorized non-participating facilities anywhere in the United States.

The Independent Repair Facility warrants that the above repairs and services performed at their location will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 24 months or 24,000 miles of use, whichever comes first, measured from the date of the first repair and the odometer reading shown on the original repair invoice. The warranty term depends on the product. This warranty is conditioned on the vehicle being subjected only to normal, non-commercial use, and receiving reasonable and necessary maintenance during the warranty period. Warranty repair costs shall in no case exceed the costs of the original repair or service.

What Is not Covered by This Warranty

You must pay for any non-warranty service you order to be performed at the same time as any warranty service. This warranty will not apply to your repaired vehicle if it has been damaged by abnormal use, misuse, neglect, accident, alteration or "tampering with" (by other than the Facility or Facility employees). The Facilities employees and/or agents do not have authority to modify the terms of this warranty, nor to make any promises in addition to those contained within this warranty. This warranty does not in any way include incidental or consequential damages (additional expenses which you may incur as the result of faulty repair or service). Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damage, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

This warranty does not cover repair(s) or service(s) except as listed in the section, "What is Covered by this Warranty," even though the Facility may offer other services. Specifically excluded are any battery, engine, transmission, clutch, or differential repairs, associated gaskets and seals, or assembly replacement of the same. Also excluded are auto body, paint, molding, glass repairs, tires, and used parts. Commercial vehicles are excluded.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act:
Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)) Learn More

Vehicle Fitment

Buick Century
2003 Buick Century
2002 Buick Century
2001 Buick Century
2000 Buick Century
1999 Buick Century
1998 Buick Century
1997 Buick Century
1996 Buick Century
  • 4-Speed
1995 Buick Century
  • 4-Speed
1994 Buick Century
  • 4-Speed
1993 Buick Century
  • 4-Speed 2nd Design Models
Buick Le Sabre
2003 Buick Le Sabre
2002 Buick Le Sabre
2001 Buick Le Sabre
2000 Buick Le Sabre
1999 Buick Le Sabre
1998 Buick Le Sabre
1997 Buick Le Sabre
1996 Buick Le Sabre
1995 Buick Le Sabre
1994 Buick Le Sabre
1993 Buick Le Sabre
  • 2nd Design Models
Buick Park Avenue
2003 Buick Park Avenue
2002 Buick Park Avenue
2001 Buick Park Avenue
2000 Buick Park Avenue
1999 Buick Park Avenue
1998 Buick Park Avenue
1997 Buick Park Avenue
1996 Buick Park Avenue
1995 Buick Park Avenue
1994 Buick Park Avenue
1993 Buick Park Avenue
  • 2nd Design Models
Buick Regal
2003 Buick Regal
  • GS
2002 Buick Regal
2001 Buick Regal
2000 Buick Regal
  • GS / LS
1999 Buick Regal
1998 Buick Regal
1997 Buick Regal
1996 Buick Regal
1995 Buick Regal
1994 Buick Regal
1993 Buick Regal
  • 2nd Design Models
Buick Rendezvous
2003 Buick Rendezvous
  • FWD With 3.29 Ratio Axle
2002 Buick Rendezvous
  • With 3.29 Ratio Axle
Buick Riviera
1999 Buick Riviera
1998 Buick Riviera
1997 Buick Riviera
1996 Buick Riviera
1995 Buick Riviera
1993 Buick Riviera
  • 2nd Design Models
Buick Skylark
1998 Buick Skylark
1997 Buick Skylark
1996 Buick Skylark
1995 Buick Skylark
  • 4-Speed
1994 Buick Skylark
  • 4-Speed
Cadillac Commercial Chassis
1993 Cadillac Commercial Chassis
  • Base 2nd Design Models
Cadillac Deville
1995 Cadillac Deville
  • Base With 2.73 Ratio Axle
1994 Cadillac Deville
  • Base With 2.73 Ratio Axle
1993 Cadillac Deville
  • 2nd Design Models
Cadillac Eldorado
1993 Cadillac Eldorado
  • 4T60-E Transmission 2nd Design Models
Cadillac Seville
1993 Cadillac Seville
  • 4T60-E Transmission 2nd Design Models
Cadillac Sixty Special
1993 Cadillac Sixty Special
  • 2nd Design Models
Chevy Beretta
1996 Chevy Beretta
  • 4-Speed
1995 Chevy Beretta
  • 4-Speed
1994 Chevy Beretta
  • 4-Speed
Chevy Corsica
1996 Chevy Corsica
  • 4-Speed
1995 Chevy Corsica
  • 4-Speed
1994 Chevy Corsica
  • 4-Speed
Chevy Impala
2003 Chevy Impala
2002 Chevy Impala
2001 Chevy Impala
2000 Chevy Impala
Chevy Lumina
2001 Chevy Lumina
2000 Chevy Lumina
1999 Chevy Lumina
1998 Chevy Lumina
1997 Chevy Lumina
1996 Chevy Lumina APV
1995 Chevy Lumina APV
  • 4-Speed
1994 Chevy Lumina
  • Automatic Transmission
1994 Chevy Lumina APV
  • 4-Speed
1993 Chevy Lumina / Lumina APV
  • 4-Speed 2nd Design Models
Chevy Monte Carlo
2003 Chevy Monte Carlo
2002 Chevy Monte Carlo
2001 Chevy Monte Carlo
2000 Chevy Monte Carlo
1999 Chevy Monte Carlo
1998 Chevy Monte Carlo
1997 Chevy Monte Carlo
1996 Chevy Monte Carlo
1995 Chevy Monte Carlo
Chevy Venture
2003 Chevy Venture
  • LT / Plus / Value / Warner Bros.
  • LS FWD
2002 Chevy Venture
  • FWD
  • 120.0" Wheelbase AWD With 3.29 Ratio Axle
2001 Chevy Venture
2000 Chevy Venture
1999 Chevy Venture
1998 Chevy Venture
1997 Chevy Venture
Oldsmobile Achieva
1998 Oldsmobile Achieva
1997 Oldsmobile Achieva
  • 4T60-E Transmission
1996 Oldsmobile Achieva
  • Automatic Transmission
1995 Oldsmobile Achieva
  • 4-Speed
1994 Oldsmobile Achieva
  • 4-Speed
Oldsmobile Aurora
2002 Oldsmobile Aurora
  • 4T65-E Transmission
2001 Oldsmobile Aurora
  • 4T65-E Transmission
Oldsmobile Ciera
1996 Oldsmobile Ciera
  • 4-Speed
1995 Oldsmobile Ciera
  • 4-Speed
1994 Oldsmobile Ciera
  • 4-Speed
1993 Oldsmobile Ciera
  • 4-Speed 2nd Design Models
Oldsmobile Cutlass
1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser
  • 2nd Design Models
1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
  • 4T60-E Transmission 2nd Design Models
Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight
1999 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight / LSS
1998 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight / LSS / Regency
1997 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight / Regency
1997 Oldsmobile LSS
  • 4T60-E Transmission
1996 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight / LSS
1995 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight
1994 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight
1993 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight
  • 2nd Design Models
Oldsmobile Intrigue
2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue
2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue
2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue
1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue
1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue
Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
1996 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
1995 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
1994 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
1993 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
  • 2nd Design Models
Oldsmobile Silhouette
2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette
  • FWD
2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette
  • FWD
  • AWD With 3.29 Ratio Axle
2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette
2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette
1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette
1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette
1997 Oldsmobile Silhouette
1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette
1995 Oldsmobile Silhouette
  • 4-Speed
1994 Oldsmobile Silhouette
  • 4-Speed
1993 Oldsmobile Silhouette
  • 4-Speed 2nd Design Models
Pontiac Aztek
2003 Pontiac Aztek
  • Base FWD With 3.29 Ratio Axle
2002 Pontiac Aztek
  • Base With 3.29 Ratio Axle
2001 Pontiac Aztek
  • With 3.29 Ratio Axle
Pontiac Bonneville
2003 Pontiac Bonneville
2002 Pontiac Bonneville
2001 Pontiac Bonneville
2000 Pontiac Bonneville
1999 Pontiac Bonneville
  • 4T65-E Transmission
1998 Pontiac Bonneville
  • 4T65-E Transmission
1997 Pontiac Bonneville
  • 4T60-E Transmission
1996 Pontiac Bonneville
1995 Pontiac Bonneville
1994 Pontiac Bonneville
  • Automatic Transmission
1993 Pontiac Bonneville
  • 2nd Design Models
Pontiac Grand Am
1998 Pontiac Grand Am
  • Automatic Transmission
1997 Pontiac Grand Am
  • Automatic Transmission
1996 Pontiac Grand Am
  • 4T60-E Transmission
1995 Pontiac Grand Am
  • 4-Speed
1994 Pontiac Grand Am
  • 4-Speed
Pontiac Grand Prix
2003 Pontiac Grand Prix
2002 Pontiac Grand Prix
2001 Pontiac Grand Prix
  • 4T65-E Transmission / 4T65-E-HD/MN7 Transmission
2000 Pontiac Grand Prix
  • 4T65-E Transmission / 4T65-E-HD/MN7 Transmission
1999 Pontiac Grand Prix
  • 4T60-E Transmission / 4T65-E Transmission / 4T65-E-HD/MN7 Transmission
1998 Pontiac Grand Prix
  • 4T60-E Transmission / 4T65-E Transmission / 4T65-E-HD/MN7 Transmission
1997 Pontiac Grand Prix
  • 4T60-E Transmission / 4T65-E-HD/MN7 Transmission
1996 Pontiac Grand Prix
1995 Pontiac Grand Prix
1994 Pontiac Grand Prix
1993 Pontiac Grand Prix
  • 4-Speed 2nd Design Models
Pontiac Montana
2003 Pontiac Montana
  • FWD
2002 Pontiac Montana
  • Base FWD
  • Base 120.0" Wheelbase AWD With 3.29 Ratio Axle
2001 Pontiac Montana
  • Base
2000 Pontiac Montana
1999 Pontiac Montana
Pontiac Trans Sport
1998 Pontiac Trans Sport
1997 Pontiac Trans Sport
  • Automatic Transmission
1996 Pontiac Trans Sport
  • Automatic Transmission
1995 Pontiac Trans Sport
  • 4-Speed
1994 Pontiac Trans Sport
  • 4-Speed
1993 Pontiac Trans Sport
  • 4-Speed 2nd Design Models
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