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      # 313736320
      Subaru WRX 2011, SnowPack Ski and Snowboard Rack by Thule®. The Pull Top is Thule's top of the line ski and snowboard carrier. The combination of easy, fast installation with Thule's exclusive Speed-Link™ mounting system and...
      Low profile for improved aerodynamicsSmart vertical spring system adjusts to accommodate all thicknesses of skis and reduces the carrier height when unloaded
      $219.95 - $249.95
    • (1 review)
      # 137870594
      Subaru WRX 2011, PowderHound Roof Ski and Snowboard Racks by Yakima®. Save your money for lift tickets. These affordable carriers are available in models that will carry up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards, or up to 6 pairs of...
      Soft Rubber PaddingUniversal Mounting Hardware
      $103.95 - $129.60
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      # 313735840
      Subaru WRX 2011, Hull-a-Port PRO Kayak Carrier by Thule®. The Hull-a-Port delivers easy kayak loading and unloading, and safe, secure transport, with the versatility of enabling you to mount other Thule accessories on your roof...
      Folds down when not used for increased overhead clearance and improved fuel economyWide mouth J-profile offers easier loading and unloading
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      # 137869629
      Subaru WRX 2011, BigStack Kayak Carrier by Yakima®. Looking for a way to carry multiple whitewater kayaks on your roof rack? With its ultra slim profile, the BigStack takes up the least amount of roof rack space, enabling you to...
      Folds DownAnchorHead™
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      # 468305774
      Subaru WRX 2011, DeckHand Kayak Carrier by Yakima®. Impressively simple and easy to load, the DeckHand’s felt-padded saddles conform to your kayak’s hull for a super-secure, full-contact carry that’s easy on your boat. Sold...
      Includes one set of mounts– combine with HandRoll or an additional DeckHand to complete the setFelt-padding provides easy loading and excellent boat protection
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      # 137869735
      Subaru WRX 2011, EvenKeel Kayak Rack by Yakima®. If you've been searching for the best value in kayak transport, look no further because it's right here. For one low price you get everything you need to carry one kayak on your roof...
      Comes with 4 Saddles Per PackageHullFlex™ Design
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      # 468482425
      Subaru WRX 2011, HandRoll Kayak Carrier by Yakima®. Designed to help you easily get any type of kayak up on your roof, the HandRoll’s rubber rollers provide load assist with grip, stability, and protection. The bases pivot to...
      Sold in pairs – combine with HandRoll or an additional DeckHand to complete the setLarge rubber rollers provide a built-in load assist to help guide your boat into place
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      # 468411566
      Subaru WRX 2011, JayHook Kayak Carrier by Yakima®. Simple, sturdy and reliable – the new JayHook is a fresh take on a Yakima classic. Designed to carry all types of kayaks, these side-loading J cradles are tough enough for years...
      Carries any type of kayak while taking minimal space on your roof rackJ-shaped cradle is secure, stable, and easy to load
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      # 137870169
      Subaru WRX 2011, JayLow Kayak Rack by Yakima®. There may be divas on your road trip, but this boat carrier is very low maintenance. With multiple settings, the JayLow allows you to carry one boat in J-Cradle position, two boats in...
      Folds FlatIntegrated Cam Lever
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      # 137860961
      Subaru WRX 2011, SUPDawg Paddleboard Carrier by Yakima®. A stand up paddleboard mount which can hold up to two SUP Boards up to 36" wide. The SUP Dawg is fully assembled out-of-the-box, features integrated rollers for easy loading...
      Integrated RollersIntegrated Strap
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      # 137861048
      Subaru WRX 2011, SUPPup Paddleboard Carrier by Yakima®. Say hello to the SUPPup. A faithful companion with soft padding to hug your board, self adjusting slider for varying board widths, and straps that stow for travel.
      Soft PaddingSlider
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      # 137861144
      Subaru WRX 2011, SweetRoll Kayak Rack by Yakima®. There may be divas on your road trip, but this boat carrier is very low maintenance. With multiple settings, the JayLow allows you to carry one boat in J-Cradle position, two boats...
      Smooth Molded PadSpring-Loaded Base
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      # 72293908
      Subaru WRX 2011, Adjustable Canoe Holder by Rhino-Rack®. The Rhino Canoe Holder is designed so that you can secure your load in position so it doesn’t slide in transit possibly damaging other items you have mounted to your roof...
      Quick release over centre cam for a quick and easy adjustmentAllows the profile to be minimised to 130mm
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      # 10028178
      Subaru WRX 2011, Base Unit Kayak and Canoe Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. This rear loading watercraft carrier is designed to bear the load of bigger, heavier boats. It features heavy-duty glass reinforced nylon cradles that can be...
      Automatically AdjustUniversal Fitment
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      # 10028177
      Subaru WRX 2011, Fixed J-Style Kayak Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. The fixed J-style carrier transports your kayak on its side to minimize width and take up less space on the cross bars, allowing other cargo or carriers to be installed...
      Space Saving DesignRubber Tube Padding
    • (3 reviews)
      # 72293945
      Subaru WRX 2011, Folding J-Style Kayak Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. The folding J-style carrier transports your kayak on its side to minimize width and take up less space on the cross bars, allowing other cargo or carriers to be...
      Space Saving DesignFolds Flat
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      # 34931396
      Subaru WRX 2011, Nautic Kayak Lifter by Rhino-Rack®. The Nautic Kayak Lifter is a complete system for easily loading and unloading sit on top kayaks. It is the only one in the market that has an 80kg load capacity, does not require...
      CapacityHeight Adjustable
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      # 10028179
      Subaru WRX 2011, Nautic Rear Loading Kayak Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. The Kayak and Canoe Carrier is the perfect solution for carrying your Kayak or canoe. The Carrier features flexible soft rubber pads that are specifically designed...
      Flexible soft rubber pads designed to fit the contours of your water sport itemIncludes camloc tie down straps
      $127.40 - $135.95
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      # 72293989
      Subaru WRX 2011, Nautic Side Loading SUP Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. Experience the very latest in SUP carrying technology with Rhino-Rack’s Nautic SUP Carrier. The Nautic is locally built by engineers with paddle boarding experience...
      Universal fitment – fits most popular brand of roof rack crossbarsFront and rear pads engineered to fit a variety of hull shapes
      $127.40 - $135.95
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      # 34931428
      Subaru WRX 2011, Side Boat Loader by Rhino-Rack®. The Rhino Rack Side Boat Loader is a revolutionary product designed to take the hard back breaking work out of lifting your small boat on and off your vehicle's roof. The side boat...
      Loads from passenger or driver side of vehicleUses a hand drill for effortless loading
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      # 34931468
      Subaru WRX 2011, T-Load Hitch Mount Kayak and Canoe Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. The new Rhino-Rack T-Load Hitch Mount is the perfect solution for loading and securing kayaks onto your roof rack.
      Single person useAdjustable height and tilt position: Minimum height 950mm; Maximum height 1540mm
    • (2 reviews)
      # 91186879
      Subaru WRX Wagon 2011, J-Stacker Kayak Carrier by SportRack®. The J-Stacker takes only minutes to install, and its design makes kayak loading a breeze – just lift the boat and place it in, so you can be on your way to fun out on...
      Padded arms to protect the kayakQuick on and off hardware for easy installation and removal
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      # 313734900
      Subaru WRX 2011, Circuit Roof Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. If you're in the market for a fork mount roof bike rack that's easy to load, delivers safe and secure transport, and has aerodynamic good looks, your search is over. The...
      AeroHeadTool-Free Universal Mounting
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      # 313734932
      Subaru WRX 2011, Paceline Roof Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. The Thule Paceline roof bike rack is designed to safely and securely transport your bike on your vehicle's roof. It fits most bikes with disc brakes and you can install it...
      Auto-ClampTool-Free Universal Mounting
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      # 313734898
      Subaru WRX 2011, Prologue Roof Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. Transport your bicycle quickly, safely and economically with the Prologue Roof Bike Rack. The Prologue is an affordable fork mounted carrier that can carry road, hybrid and...
      Oversized LeverRatcheting Wheel Strap
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      # 323718323
      Subaru WRX 2011, Proride Roof Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. Upright bike carrier for the quickest, most convenient mounting - for bikes up to 44 lbs. The Proride rack fits Thule square bars, round bars and AeroBlade load bars.
      Automatically positions your bike when you secure it, thanks to the uniquely designed frame holder and wheel trayQuick and easy bike securing – the torque limiter dial controls the force going into the bike frame with a clear sign of correct mounting
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      # 313735102
      Subaru WRX 2011, Sidearm Roof Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. Many of today's expensive high-tech bikes feature frames made from exotic materials like carbon fiber, which can be easily damaged if mishandled. The Sidearm bike rack holds...
      SecureHookRatcheting Wheel Strap
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      # 313734964
      Subaru WRX 2011, Sprint Roof Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. The Thule Sprint bike carrier unites functionality and patented safety technologies, making it the most complete fork mount carrier for superior protection of your bike. It...
      Tool-Free InstallationSonicHead™ Design
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      # 313735038
      Subaru WRX 2011, Tandem Carrier Pivoting Roof Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. This tandem and recumbent bike carrier loads faster and easier than any other carrier on the market. The unique design makes it so easy even one person can...
      Innovative pivoting fork mount design enables easy one person loading and unloadingSecure stainless steel skewer holds fork in place for safe transport
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      # 313734996
      Subaru WRX 2011, ThruRide Roof Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. Thule's thru-axle fork mount carrier fits the complete range of thru-axle diameters without needing adapters and has universal roof rack system compatibility.
      One-handed throw-hood design fits 12mm to 20 mm thru-axles and 9mm quick release hubs (with included adapter).Expanding wide-jaw clamp accommodates a bike's thru-axle with no loose parts for easier bike loading.
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      # 468333923
      Subaru WRX Naked Roof Sedan 2011, ForkChop Roof Mount Bike Rack by Yakima®. The unique ForkChop is a highly versatile fork mount bike carrier. It transports virtually any bike, including both quick release and thru-axles, and does...
      Securely carries a variety of bike styles with no frame contactInterchangeable inserts work with most axle configurations including quick release (9 mm) and thru-axles (12 x 100 mm, 15 x 100 mm, 15 x 110 mm, 15 x 135/142/150mm)
    • (0 reviews)
      # 137869835
      Subaru WRX 2011, ForkLift Roof Mount Bike Rack by Yakima®. In the past if you wanted the stability of a fork bike mount rack, but your vehicle had factory crossbars, you were out of luck…but no more. The ForkLift is Yakima's fork...
      Lockable SkewerEasy-To-Adjust Wheel Tray
    • (1 review)
      # 137869902
      Subaru WRX 2011, FrontLoader Roof Mount Bike Rack by Yakima®. This versatile carrier may be the easiest to install and load bike rack yet devised. The simple to operate built-in clamps attach to round, square, factory, and aero...
      Wheel Hoops Can Be LoweredAdjustable Rear Wheel Tray
    • (0 reviews)
      # 468439462
      Subaru WRX 2011, HighRoad Roof Mount Bike Rack by Yakima®. Secure, sleek, and simple to use, the HighRoad is Yakima’s newest premium upright bike mount. The adjustment-free hoop, with its TorqueRight™ tightening knob, loads a...
      New wheel hoop fits 26" to 29" wheels and tires from 23mm to 3.25" with no adjustment neededNew integrated TorqueRight™ knob quickly and easily secures the bike with precision
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      # 468281691
      Subaru WRX 2011, HighSpeed Roof Mount Bike Rack by Yakima®. Our new premium fork mount, the low-profile HighSpeed, is streamlined, strong, and versatile. It easily transports mountain, road, and fat-tire bikes and fits both quick...
      Securely carries a variety of bikes including road, mountain and up to 5" fat-tire bikesFits Yakima round, square, factory, or aerodynamic bars
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      # 137860259
      Subaru WRX 2011, RaptorAero Roof Mount Bike Rack by Yakima®. If you're looking for an economical, simple to mount and load upright bike rack, your search is over. The Raptor Roof Bike Rack mounts easily to round, square, factory,...
      Carries Your Complete BikeSecured to The Rack With Jaw
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      # 137860560
      Subaru WRX 2011, SideWinder Roof Mount Bike Rack by Yakima®. Now you can get the stability of a fork bike mount rack for a tandem bike with the SideWinder Roof Bike Rack. The SideWinder will hold a tandem more securely than a...
      Swing-Out SkewerLockable Skewer
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      # 10028109
      Subaru WRX 2011, Discovery Roof Mount Bike Rack by Rhino-Rack®. This bike carrier delivers the unbeatable combination of safe, secure transport and ease of use. Just place the wheels in the molded base, which will keep the bike...
      Rubber Lined JawsFrame Holder Tube
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      # 121891736
      Subaru WRX 2011, Hybrid Roof Mount Bike Rack by Rhino-Rack®. The Hybrid Bike Carrier is versatile, sleek and designed to transport your bike with ease. Continuing the Rhino-Rack legacy of versatility this bike carrier is perfect...
      Mulitple locking system, rack to carrier, bike to rack and finally the cable to keep your bike and racks as secure as possibleErgonomically shaped handle with release trigger and locking system
    • (0 reviews)
      # 34931388
      Subaru WRX 2011, MountainTrail Roof Mount Bike Rack by Rhino-Rack®. New pre-assembled roof mounted MountainTrail bike carrier, with a stylish matt black look, combines the unique features pioneered in our other best selling Roof...
      Locking SkewerWheel Strap
    • (1 review)
      # 34931412
      Subaru WRX 2011, Road Warrior Roof Mount Bike Rack by Rhino-Rack®. Easily adjustable and versatile to fit a range of a "C" Channel crossbars. This pre-assembled bike carrier attaches directly to roof rack without the need for a...
      Fits on Either SideLocking Skewer
    • (0 reviews)
      # 15774145
      Subaru WRX 2011, Downshift Roof Mount Bike Rack by SportRack®. If you’re looking for a roof mounted bike rack that’s inexpensive and quick and easy to mount and load, and your bike has a quick-release front skewer, the Wheel...
      Holds one bike with a maximum weight of 45 lbs.Quick and easy carrier mounting and bike loading
    • (0 reviews)
      # 357951097
      Subaru WRX Wagon 2011, Upshift Plus Roof Mount Bike Rack by SportRack®. The SportRack® Escape Towing has all the features you'd expect to find in a premium priced hitch rack, at a great value. It gently cradles and protects your...
      Self-adjusting jaws automatically wrap around the downtube for precise frame holdLarge wheel trays hold your bike securely during transit
    • (1 review)
      # 15797750
      Subaru WRX Wagon 2011, Upshift Roof Mount Bike Rack by SportRack®. The Locking Roof Bike Carrier is easy to mount and easy to load, so you can be on your way to great bike riding areas. The universal mounting system enables this...
      Wheel tray holds bike securely during transitDouble wheel tray allows you to transport 2 bikes at once on your roof
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      # 4993152
      Subaru WRX 2011, Archway Trunk Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. Available in 2-bike and 3-bike options. The Archway is the versatile rack that provides secure and safe bicycle transport. The curved tubes of the Archway provide clearance...
      Locking CableFitDial
      $209.95 - $229.95
    • (0 reviews)
      # 5000138
      Subaru WRX 2011, Gateway Trunk Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. Available in 2-bike and 3-bike options. When you have a variety of bikes to carry you need a rack with versatile features. The arm design and Cinch Lever of the Gateway...
      QuickFit LeverBike Arms
      $179.95 - $199.95
    • (0 reviews)
      # 5007768
      Subaru WRX 2011, Passage Trunk Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. Available in 2-bike and 3-bike options. The Passage is the value priced trunk mount rack that's packed with features you'd expect to only find on a premium bike rack....
      FitDial™Stay-Put Cradles
      $149.95 - $169.95
    • (0 reviews)
      # 34431428
      Subaru WRX 2011, Raceway™ Platform Trunk Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. Carries up to 2 bikes. This unique bike rack features a revolutionary platform that makes bike loading super-fast and easy. Just place the bike's wheels in the...
      Mount DesignSureTight Ratcheting
    • (0 reviews)
      # 5015314
      Subaru WRX 2011, Raceway™ Trunk Mount Bike Rack by Thule®. Available in 2-bike and 3-bike options. Safe and secure vehicle attachment, fast and easy bike loading, and stable bike transport aptly describe the Raceway Trunk Bike...
      SureTight RatchetingPremium Cradles
      $349.95 - $379.95
    • (0 reviews)
      # 34950279
      Subaru WRX Sedan / Wagon 2011, Wind Fairing by Rhino-Rack®. The Rhino Wind Fairing has been desigend with two core concepts in mind - stylish and aerodynamic. Not only does its stylish design enhance the overall look of your roof...
      1 x Black Fairing4 x Bracket assemblies for Rhino AERO bars
    • (0 reviews)
      # mpn641267982
      Universal CargoPack Roof Cargo Bag by Yakima®. A bag for all types of vehicles and a variety of travelers. Durable and water-resistant construction protects gear from the elements. Adds an additional 16 cubic ft. of storage to your...
      Secures to vehicles with or without roof racksConstructed with watertight, sealed seams to block out moisture
    • (0 reviews)
      # mpn641267984
      Universal SoftTop Camo Roof Cargo Bag by Yakima®. An affordable and convenient solution for adding 13 cubic feet of extra space to a variety of vehicles, with or without roof racks. An affordable and convenient solution for adding...
      Weather resistant construction for 2 season travelAdjustable mounting straps secure the bag to nearly all roof types—including naked roofs
    • (0 reviews)
      # mpn641267983
      Universal DryTop Roof Cargo Bag by Yakima®. Weather resistant storage space that attaches quickly and easily to most vehicles, with or without roof racks. Adds an additional 16 cubic ft. of storage.
      Secures to vehicles with or without roof racksDurable and water-resistant construction protects gear from the elements
    • (3 reviews)
      # mpn1788059
      Universal Bullet Box™ Roof Top Luggage Carrier by Pro Series®. 72" L x 24" W x 17" H, 13 cu. ft. The Weight Carrying Capacity: 110 lbs. These cargo bags are meant to withstand the elements – wind, snow, and rain – so nothing...
      Easily attaches to roof racks or cargo carriersIntegral tiedown points
    • (0 reviews)
      # mpn4330622598
      Universal Roof Cargo Box by Car Top Cargo®. 57" L x 39" W x 19" H, 18 cu. ft. When you're traveling, you want to relax and enjoy the ride - not compete with cargo for space. Heavy, bulky items such as luggage, strollers and outdoor...
      Designed to create more room for both you and your gearProvides 18 cubic feet and up to 110 pounds of auto/vehicle storage
    • (0 reviews)
      # mpn1345286
      Universal Camp Trailer Rack System by SportRack®, Adjust from 79" to 88". Holds up to 200 lbs or 90 kg. Everything in one package; load bars, hooks, locks and every part required: ready to install. Sold as pairs.
      Great for carrying bikes, kayaks and cargo boxes on top of camp trailersHeavy duty square steel bars hold accessories securely
    • (0 reviews)
      # 332569746
      Universal APE Series Extended Removable Anchor Point Track/Direct Mount Roof Rack by Rola®. The Weight Carrying Capacity: 165 lbs. Made from extruded aluminum alloy, this aerodynamic crossbar is designed to minimize drag and wind...
      Designed to increase your vehicle’s load capacityCreates extra space to carry your gear on the roof
    • (0 reviews)
      # 332569760
      Universal Complete Direct Mounting Kit by Rola®. This aerodynamic crossbar is designed to minimize drag and wind noise.
      Designed to safely and efficiently haul your loadsMade from the highest quality materials
      $264.38 - $286.42
    • (0 reviews)
      # 332569766
      Universal Complete Track Rail System by Rola®. This aerodynamic crossbar is designed to minimize drag and wind noise.
      Expertly crafted from premium materialsDesigned to match rigorous quality standards
      $277.60 - $321.67
    • (1 review)
      # 332569791
      Universal Roof Rack System by Spec-D®. Spec-D figuratively has their finger on the pulse of the automotive aftermarket, so they can bring you the latest style and best performing parts and accessories. No matter whether you want...
      Custom style lighting parts for a unique appearance and better visibilityHigh-tech engine parts for the most power and best performance
      $72.62 - $118.01

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    Great Cargo Carrier, Great Price, A+!
    I bought this Thule cargo carrier for my Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with the factory installed roof rack and cross bars. We are a family of six with a dog, and we go on long road trips often to see family. We just didn't have the space we needed in the van. It seemed like there would be a trade off between price, quality and size, but then I came across this company. Their prices are so competitive that I was able to get this higher-quality topper for not much more than the lower quality ones. Jackpot! The checkout process was smooth, shipping was fast and very satisfactory, and the unboxing and first time installation of cargo carrier on our van was done by one person. That's how straightforward it was! I am very satisfied with our purchase from CARiD and highly recommend purchasing from this company. If you would like to see photos of how this looks on our Dodge Grand Caravan, I can snap some pictures and send them in. Thanks for a great shopping experience.
    CPosted by Christine (Topeka, KS) / May 13, 2017
    2008 Dodge Grand Caravan
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