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      # 257278849
      Honda Element Standard Transmission 2005, 725 Series Twin Disc Clutch Kit by Clutch Masters®. Push Type Clutch. Disc Outer Diameter: 7.25". Disc Center Style: Solid. Pressure Plate Style: Heavy Duty. The 725 series is a smaller diameter...
      Components can be purchased separately for economical repairPositive release for ease of high RPM staging and shifting
      $1,440.00 - $2,115.00
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      # mpn2451620
      Honda Element 2005, K2B™ DBW Throttle Body Adapter by Skunk2®. Skunk2’s all-new K2B Throttle Body Adapter now offers H-series enthusiasts even more flexibility. Thanks to Skunk2’s 6061-T6 billet aluminum adapter, any B/H-series...
      Adapt any K-series intake manifold onto any H22A cylinder headAlso compatible with Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifolds
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      # mpn4498087291
      Honda Element 2005, Racing Spark Plug by Brisk®. With Resistor. Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs are the best solution for high performance and racing engines. Silver Spark Plugs provide many unique and beneficial characteristics, Silver...
      Silver is the best conductor of thermal heat & electricitySuperior ignition ability increases engine power
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      # 1038300168
      Pro Touring™ Remote Power Steering Reservoir by PSC Motorsports®. Quantity: 1 per Pack. If you are looking to upgrade the steering system of your vehicle to make the most out of your vehicle’s performance, go with this high-grade...
      OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturersThe finest quality at a great price
      $203.55 - $254.44
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      # 503467248
      Differential Pinion Support by Strange®. Dominate the track or hit the trails with condidence by fine tuning your vehicle for neck-breaking speed and performance with this premium differential that delivers the ultimate in high strength...
      Perfect for drag racing or high-performance racing applicationsDesigned and manufactured using innovative technologies
      $146.67 - $346.04
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      # 985303315
      Universal Lithium Ion Battery with Charger by LithiumPros®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by LithiumPros features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle,...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
      $525.49 - $1,475.41
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      # 204780182
      Replacement Helmet Shield for Bandits/Diamond Back Helmets by Simpson®. Safety comes before speed so, if vision's impaired, you risk the race. Choose from several finishes to replace your worn or damaged helmet shield (all are...
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
      $49.95 - $69.95
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      # mpn4511866967
      Honda Element 2005, Exhaust Header Gasket by Remflex®. Remflex's unique flexible graphite material has been proven for more than 30 years in industrial applications, where temperatures routinely exceed 2,000 degrees. Whether you have an...
      Designed to crush 50%.This allows them to fill gaps in the flange surface up to 1/16"3,000 degrees F - far exceeding that of any vehicle's exhaust system temperature
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      # 1233231103
      Honda Element YH2 Body Code 2005, W3 Circuit Racing Brake Pads by Winmax®. These specially formulated pads still minimalize brake dust and noise emissions while providing the best brake control. The W3 is the ideal choice for those who...
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      # mpn4478920995
      Honda Element 2005, Front and Rear Lowering Coil Springs with 1.5" Front and Rear Drop Height by Megan Racing®. Quantity: 4 per Pack. Megan Racing Performance Lowering Springs are constructed of SAE 9254 Cold Wounded Steel, one of the...
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      # 377193588
      Honda Element 2005, HPR™ Round Red Air Filter by Spectre Performance®. Spectre’s High Performance Replacement Air Filters are engineered to outperform ordinary paper filters by providing increased air flow for improved performance....
      High performance and high air flow filterFilter media is non-woven synthetic and pre-dyed
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      # mpn4478773091
      Universal Performax™ Electronic Signal Processor by ISSPRO®. ISSPRO has been associated with instrumentation for heavy duty diesels since 1969. New PERFORMAX line was created especially for the diesel performance customer.
      Stepper motor gauges with LED lightingHeavy duty Electronic Signal Processor (ESP)
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      # mpn4498446116
      Honda Element 2005, A-Series™ Main Bearing Set by Clevite®. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality replacement that offers supreme levels of quality, performance and reliability. Designed...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
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      # mpn195389738
      36" Chrome Stainless Steel Flexible Radiator Hose Kit by Mishimoto®. Finish: Chrome. Includes: 36" Stainless Steel Hose (1 3/4" O.D.), 2 x Color Matched End Caps, 2 x Rubber Reducers (1 1/4" I.D.), 2 x Rubber Reducers (1 1/2" I.D.), 4 x...
      Direct OEM fitManufactured from 100% high-grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibers
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      # 257278861
      Honda Element Standard Transmission 2005, FX250 Clutch Kit by Clutch Masters®. Disc Center Style: Sprung. Disc Type: Organic/Fiber Tough. Pressure Plate Style: Heavy Duty. The FX250 System uses the Power Plus I Pressure Plate and a...
      110% Increased holding capacityFor the street enthusiast or weekend racer
      $589.50 - $1,098.00
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      # 325202613
      Honda Element 2005, Throttle Body Gasket by Blox Racing®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your needs and...
      High quality at an affordable priceExpertly made from premium materials
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      # 959885794
      Honda Element 2005, Platinum Spark Plugs by Autolite®. With Resistor. Provides a center wire platinum firing tip. Benefits include: reduced gap erosion, fewer misfires, better performance and more durability. Guaranteed for 4 years.
      High nickel alloy side electrode maintains precise gapFull platinum tip assures virtually no gap erosion
      $3.05 - $5.43
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      # 944671540
      Power Steering Hose Kit by March Performance®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your needs and deliver...
      Precisely engineered for perfect fit and functionMade with a unique blend of durability and style
      $196.15 - $274.13
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      # 1029363529
      Differential Adapter Sleeve by Yukon Gear & Axle®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Yukon Gear & Axle features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it...
      Expertly crafted from premium materialsDesigned to match rigorous quality standards
      $12.01 - $43.67
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      # 985167532
      Universal Dyna-Batt by Performance Distributors®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Performance Distributors features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and...
      Expertly made to enhance the ignition system performanceWill provide you with more power, torque, and efficiency
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      # 69026275
      Mod Series Two Layer Racing Gloves by RaceQuip®. Avaliable in Colors: Black. Designed with a racer in mind, these mod gloves are the most comfortable SFI-5 rated gloves you can find on the market. Two layers of Nomex knit coupled with a...
      For a soft and supple feelFor excellent grip at the steering wheel
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      # mpn4483467650
      Honda Element 2005, Steel Vibe-Lock Header Bolt Kit by Percy's High Performance®. Material: Steel. This product is made from high-grade materials to meet the strictest standards of high quality. Designed with the utmost care and...
      Built to match your exact requirementsHigh quality you can rely on
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      # 10728667
      Honda Element 2005, Drilled and Slotted 1-Piece Brake Rotors by Chrome Brakes®. This is a set of OEM-sized replacement rotors with slots and drilled holes that provide the superior level of cooling needed for high performance street...
      $166.58 - $169.13
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      # mpn457863016
      Honda Element YH2 Body Code 4WD 2005, S-Tech Front and Rear Lowering Coil Springs with 2.5" Front and 2.4" Rear Drop Height by Tein®. Quantity: 4 per Pack. TEIN S.Tech Springs are an excellent step towards suspension tuning. They offer...
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      # 377193534
      Honda Element 2005, Panel Green Air Filter by Green Filter®. Replace your factory air cleaner filter element with a Green Filter oiled-cotton filter and never buy another filter as long as you own your vehicle. Enjoy superior flow and...
      Cleanable, reusable filter element will outlast your carTraps particles as small as 5 microns
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      # mpn4563971976
      Universal Bump Stager™ Transbrake Controller by Fast®. The FAST™ Bump Stager provides improved staging accuracy by allowing users to access the patented "transcreep"function found in FAST™ XFI™ without the added expense of...
      Improves staging accuracy; allows access to patented "transcreep" function found in FAST™ XFI™Lets drag racers carefully pulse the transbrake; enabling the vehicle to move forward slowly during staging, creating a higher degree of repeatability than racers are able to achieve manually
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      # mpn4498408462
      Honda Element 2005, P-Series™ OE Replacement Connecting Rod Bearing by Clevite®. Enjoy superior performance by getting this premium-grade Sniper product that is throughly engineered to help take the performance of your fuel system to...
      Perfect for upgrading your fuel injection systemMade with the use of the highest quality materials
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      # 74344003
      High Temperature Silicone Coolant Tube Hose by HPS® Silicone Hoses. Leg Length: 3". MaxTemperature: 350F. HPS Silicone Coupler Hose with 3 Foot Length features reinforced high temperature material, for which meet or exceed SAEJ20...
      Temperature Range:- 65 deg. F to + 350 deg. F (177 deg. C)Hose Length: 3 Feet
      $20.28 - $389.50
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      # 257278870
      Honda Element Standard Transmission 2005, FX350 Clutch Kit by Clutch Masters®. Disc Center Style: Sprung. Disc Type: Fiber Tough Lined. Pressure Plate Style: Heavy Duty. The FX350 System uses the Power Plus I Pressure Plate with Clutch...
      110% Increased holding capacityPower Plus I Pressure Plate with New Formula Button disc
      $629.10 - $1,137.60
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      # mpn2451632
      Honda Element Sport Utility 2005, Thermal Throttle Body Gasket by Skunk2®. Skunk2 Thermal Gaskets are designed as direct replacements for OEM gaskets. Skunk2's advanced high temperature thermal polymer material protects against heat...
      Direct replacements for OEM intake manifold and throttle body gasketsProtects against heat soak and reduces the incoming air temperature before it reaches the cylinder head.

    CARiD is the ultimate source for premium-quality performance parts. With our extensive collection of performance upgrades, adding onto your vehicle's performance or improving its look is safe and easy. Boost the interior of your 2005 Honda Element with a set of racing seats, raise or lower your vehicle for an aggressive look, or add a set of high-performance brake rotors for superior braking. Unlock the hidden potential of your 2005 Honda Element that has been waiting to be released!

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    Great Product, Looks Great
    Very easy to install, made my wheels look so much better.
    Posted by Timothy Cattell (Springfield, OH) / June 6, 20162005 Honda Element
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