1978 Ford Ranchero Spark Plugs

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    • NGK® - Iridium IX™ Spark Plug
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      # 100108686
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Iridium IX™ Spark Plug by NGK®. Designed for performance enthusiasts who want extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and superior anti-fouling, these spark plugs are a great option for modified engines...
      Designed for outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency, and durabilityEnsure a consistently stable spark
    • Denso® - Iridium Power™ Spark Plug
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      # mpn4075458083
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Iridium Power™ Spark Plug by Denso®. Iridium Ultimate Endurance and Power - Performance Upgrade with World's Smallest Center Electrode (0.4mm Iridium and 0.7mm Platinum Twin-Tip Technology) & Tapered Tip Patented...
      0.4 mm iridium center electrode, the slimmest in the industryPatented self-cleaning insulator/electrode design
    • NGK® - G-Power™ Platinum Spark Plug
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      # 100108683
      Ford Ranchero 1978, G-Power™ Platinum Spark Plug by NGK®. Platinum spark plugs by NGK are designed to improve fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and provide quicker starts while remaining durable under high heat. With 0.6 mm platinum...
      Designed for faster starts and quicker accelerationBetter fuel economy and lower emissions compared to a traditional plug
    • Motorcraft® - Platinum Spark Plug
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      # mpn1404092
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Platinum Spark Plug by Motorcraft®. Is your vehicle hard to start? Does it miss under load and idle rough? Is your gas mileage not what it used to be? Your ignition system may need repair, but before you waste your...
      Direct OEM replacementRecommended by Ford Motor Company
    • NGK® - V-Power™ Nickel Spark Plug
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      # 100108689
      Ford Ranchero 1978, V-Power™ Nickel Spark Plug by NGK®. NGK spark plugs offer higher performance compared to standard plugs. NGK spark plugs feature a V-groove center electrode and concave ground electrode that lowers ignition voltage...
      Lower ignition system voltage requirementsGreater ignitability and performance over conventional spark plugs
    • Denso® - Iridium TT™ Spark Plug
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      # mpn4075457826
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Iridium TT™ Spark Plug by Denso®. Ultimate Endurance and Power. 0.4mm Iridium and 0.7mm Platinum Twin-Tip Technology. Is your vehicle hard to start? Does it miss under load and idle rough? Is your gas mileage not...
      Designed to replace your factory spark plugsManufactured to stringent quality standards
    • Denso® - Original U-Groove Nickel Spark Plug
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      # 337990249
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Original U-Groove Nickel Spark Plug by Denso®. OE Recommended Resistor Plug with Patented U-Groove Design. Denso's patented U-Groove spark plug enables complete combustion by allowing the spark to fill the gap...
      100 percent pre-fired to ensure reliable operationCopper core center electrode for superior thermal conductivity
      $1.31 - $1.60
    • Denso® - Platinum TT™ Spark Plug
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      # mpn4075457568
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Platinum TT™ Spark Plug by Denso®. Platinum TT - Twin-Tip Technology Design with Platinum Center Electrode and Titanium Enhanced Ground Strap. The Platinum TT™ concept originated from Denso's latest original...
      1.1 mm platinum center electrodeTitanium-enhanced alloy ground electrode
    • Champion® - Copper Plus Spark Plug
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      # mpn4486063104
      Ford Ranchero 6.6L 1978, Copper Plus Spark Plug by Champion®. As the leaders in precious metal technologies as well as F.I.S.S resistor technology and MLR™ technology. Champion spark plugs provide provides excellent lifetime and...
      Copper Plus - Dependable Performance.Copper core center electrode allows for accurate control of heat range for longer life
    • Champion® - Copper Spark Plug
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      # mpn2341105
      Ford Ranchero 5.0L / 5.8L 1978, Copper Spark Plug by Champion®. Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OE standards and specifications, this spark plug by Champion ensure fast engine start-up and smooth acceleration. The product is...
      Copper Plus - Dependable Performance.Copper core center electrode allows for accurate control of heat range for longer life
    • Champion® - Double Platinum Spark Plug
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      # mpn2341129
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Double Platinum Spark Plug by Champion®. With platinum fine wire welded onto the nickel alloy center electrode and a platinum pad welded to the ground electrode, these products provide long-lasting service life and...
      Double Platinum Power - Premium Spark Plug. More Powerful Performance.Platinum center and ground electrode for greater wear resistance
    • Champion® - Platinum Power™ Spark Plug
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      # mpn2341108
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Platinum Power™ Spark Plug by Champion®. With a platinum tip welded to a nickel alloy center electrode, these spark plugs provide superior wear characteristics. Combining a thin-wire center electrode with a...
      Platinum Power- Premium Spark Plug. Powerful Performance.Platinum center electrode for long life
    • ACDelco® - Professional™ Rapidfire Platinum Spark Plug
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      # 708103784
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Professional™ Rapidfire Platinum Spark Plug by ACDelco®. Designed for today’s most popular autos, as well as several marine applications, ACDelco’s Rapidfire® Platinum Spark Plugs fit engines using...
      Ribless insulator that improves the plug-to-boot sealTapered center wire electrode with a platinum pad reduces the firing diameter and helps improve the firing efficiency by concentrating and directing energy needed to fire the plug with less voltage
    • Dorman® - Spark Plug Non-Foulers
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      # mpn4495966858
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Spark Plug Non-Foulers by Dorman®. The Spark Plug Non-Foulers prevent spark plug damage, repairing spark plug fouling in engines running too rich or oil issues to improve engine performance. Dorman offers a variety...
      Corrosion-resistant designNon-Foulers help protect spark plugs from damage
    • Accel® - U-Groove™ Copper Spark Plug with Resistor
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      # mpn2276836
      Ford Ranchero 6.6L 1978, U-Groove™ Copper Spark Plug by Accel®. with Resistor. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Accel features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle...
      Shorty Spark Plugs For Tubular Exhaust HeadersEliminates Dimpling Headers For Added Clearance
    • Accel® - U-Groove™ High Performance Copper Spark Plugs
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      # 803911252
      Ford Ranchero 5.0L 1978, U-Groove™ High Performance Copper Spark Plugs by Accel®. with Resistor. Accel HP Spark Plugs are made with a Copper core which is a better conductor than Platinum and Iridium. They deliver a stronger spark...
      The Copper core is a better conductor than Iridium or Platinum plugsCopper dissipates heat much better than other materials
      $3.46 - $26.89
    • Autolite® - Copper Spark Plug with Resistor
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      # mpn2046356390
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Copper Spark Plug by Autolite®. with Resistor. Modified. OE Style. These spark plugs by Autolite are specially designed and manufactured to ensure quick starts, dependable performance, and smooth acceleration. The...
      Copper-glass seal bonds insulator, terminal post center electrode together; assures full required voltage at spark gap; gas-tight seal (100% leak proof)Multi-rib insulator reduces danger of "flash-over"
    • Autolite® - Platinum Spark Plugs
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      # 959951891
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Platinum Spark Plugs by Autolite®. with Resistor. Provides a center wire platinum firing tip. Benefits include: reduced gap erosion, fewer misfires, better performance and more durability. Guaranteed for 4 years.
      High nickel alloy side electrode maintains precise gapFull platinum tip assures virtually no gap erosion
      $3.09 - $6.78
    • Bosch® - Super Plus™ Nickel Spark Plug
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      # mpn678886
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Super Plus™ Nickel Spark Plug by Bosch®. Bosch Super Plus delivers outstanding durability and reliability you want for your vehicle. Its tapered, v-profile ground electrode makes for better starting in cold weather...
      Heavy-duty yttrium-enhanced copper core center electrode for a 50% longer performance life vs. even OE plugsTapered, v-profile nickel chromium ground electrode for improved starting in cold weather and increased fuel ignitability
    • Brisk® - Premium Racing LGS Spark Plug
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      # mpn4498087288
      Ford Ranchero 6.6L 1978, Premium Racing LGS Spark Plug by Brisk®. Brisk Premium LGS spark plug has been developed after two-year cooperation with Lamborghini Morori Marini. Brisk Premium LGS spark plug utilizes extremely long...
      High-Potential Semi-Surface discharge equals more powerDischarge at the point of richest mixture in 360° perimeter
    • Nitrode® - Performance Nickel Spark Plug
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      # mpn1177915433
      Ford Ranchero 1978, Performance Nickel Spark Plug by Nitrode®. Hotter Plug, higher heat range. The Nitrode™ spark plugs are positioned to be the world's "greenest" most environmentally friendly spark plugs on the planet. Reducing fuel...
      The Nitrode™ is made with a proprietary ceramic exclusively used for this spark plugThis unique ceramic is over 10% harder than any ceramic known today
    • Pulstar® - PlasmaCore™ Inconel Electrode Pulse Nickel Spark Plugs
      (1 review)
      # 803909967
      Ford Ranchero 1978, PlasmaCore™ Inconel Electrode Pulse Nickel Spark Plugs by Pulstar®. with Resistor. Inconel-electrode Pulse Plugs. Designed specifically for most popular vehicles, PlasmaCore™ Inconel Electrode Pulse Plug...
      Increased horsepowerBetter torque
      $14.95 - $119.60

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