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Zex has been concentrating on nitrous oxide systems, their related parts, and the performance improvements they offer since 1998, and they have been becoming more and more popular. Serious engineering is behind each of their products so you can be sure you are getting high quality parts with the kinds of features you need to make driving so much more fun, and you can enjoy them for years to come.

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      $49.79from $39.83 - $1,042.67
      Nitrous System by ZEX™. This innovative nitrous system’s Active Fuel Control™ adjusts fuel delivery with changes in nitrous bottle pressure, so your engine never runs too rich or too lean while spraying. In addition, the...
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      $11.18from $8.94 - $449.93
      Valve Spring by ZEX™. Designed for high RPMS, Valve Springs are made from the top-grade materials using the most advanced technology that includes special techniques of designing, manufacturing, testing, analyzing and quality...
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      $7.09from $5.67 - $51.31
      Hyperformance™ Spark Plug by ZEX™. These plugs have an optimal heat range and ground strap designed for nitrous, turbo and supercharged engines that maximize safety and performance. Durable nickel electrodes with copper core...
      # 3185
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      $7.09from $5.67 - $51.31
      Power Tune Spark Plug by ZEX™. When you add performance modifications like high-flow air filters, headers, performance exhaust, nitrous, or superchargers, you need stronger spark to maximize the horsepower available from these...
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    Showing 1-15 of 426 Products

    Some of the parts on offer with Zex branding include spark plugs, which can provide each cylinder in your engine with more spark so that the resulting explosion of air and fuel is bigger and more powerful. This is a relatively easy way to ensure your engine is delivering the performance you desire, because the explosion is the very beginning of the movement of your wheels, so you can be sure the motion is off to the best possible start and has the best chance of giving you some more fun.

    • ZEX™ -  Nitrous Bottle
    • ZEX™ - Nitrous Solenoid
    • ZEX™ - Nitrous Management Unit
    • ZEX™ -  Nitrous Bottle
    • ZEX™ -  Safety Blow Down Kits
    • ZEX™ -  Wet Nitrous Nozzle
    • ZEX™ -  Safety Blow Down Kits
    • ZEX™ -  Dry Nitrous System
    • ZEX™ - Nitrous Solenoid
    • ZEX™ - Steel Braided Hoses
    • ZEX™ -  Nitrous Bottle
    • ZEX™ - Nitrous Management Unit

    Zex also offers gauges filled with liquid, which means you can get the information you need to make sure your engine is running at its best. This allows you to monitor what the engine is doing without having to open the hood, and because they are filled with liquid, they are better able to handle the vibrations going through your vehicle when you are driving on difficult surfaces or when you are throwing the vehicle into a corner. These gauges can help you get more from your vehicle even when you feel like you are getting the most, so they are a great option!

    Of course, what you really want from Zex is their nitrous systems, which are able to add a serious amount of power to your engine with a smaller amount of work than other options. They can add the nitrous to your engine after a relatively easy install process, and because each one is designed for a specific engine, you know they are able to help you have fun without causing damage or limiting the amount of power you get. Once you have your specifically designed nitrous system installed, you can finally have your vehicle standing out on the track.

    Zex has been in business for a number of years, so they have the experience to deliver the kind of products to make life more fun without breaking down at the worst time. Using the right materials, and the right manufacturing process to make the most of each materials, Zex can make sure your new nitrous system, gauge or spark plug is able to deliver the performance benefits you are seeking without compromising on the final product. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best and Zex is where it’s at.

    Of course, with products of this quality you might expect that you could not fit them into your budget, but this is not true when you are at CARiD. We make sure to have low prices that give you plenty of room in your budget, so you do not have to compromise on quality or budget. This way you have more left over to make your vehicle even better than you thought it was going to be when you first started looking for performance upgrades.

    ZEX Reviews
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    | Posted by | (Iselin, NJ)

    Plugs made a difference for sure. Better fuel economy and a smoother sounding engine, also a quicker response time on the throttle. I would most recommended if you like your car.

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