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    If you are looking to instantly transform the performance of your car without paying a mint we avail to you the AEM Direct-Fit Fuel/Ignition Controller. These Volvo XC90 fuel delivery parts are designed to meet the most stringent OE specifications of exceptional quality and perfect fitment. They are designed perfectly to fit right in with your cars make and year of manufacturer. To achieve these features they give you the ability to retard your fuel injection timing and thus boost fuel flow beyond factory limits. They deliver variable valve timing, control based on RPMs and the loads. You will also enjoy high or low injector tuning and up to 5 channels of retard timing. They also feature 21 x 17 maps with a completely configurable load and RPM breakpoints. They also allow you to remap and clamp the mass air flow sensors. For a stress free installation a wiring harness is included along with all other necessary tools. They are also backed by an AEM 1 year warranty.

    The Delphi/Fuel Pump Strainer is another product featured prominently on our site. These Volvo XC90 fuel delivery parts are developed using the latest technologies to meet OE specifications of perfect fitment and exceptional functionality. They feature an impressive filtration of 31 microns. They weigh 0.07lbs with a fuel rate of 40gal/hr. For enhanced fuel flow they feature a wide 3/8 inch tube inlet and a corresponding ½ inch threaded outlet. You will also get a pump and 2 gaskets that further enhance the value of these products. The installation is easy and hassle free with the inclusion of all the necessary tools and a detailed set of instructions. They are also backed with a 1 year warranty that covers a wide range damages and defects from materials and workmanship.

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    Volvo XC90 was available in the following models:
    Base • T6 • 2.5T • T6 Premier • V8 • V8 Ocean Race • V8 Premier • 3.2 • V8 Sport • 3.2 Sport • 3.2 R-Design • V8 R-Design • R-Design • Luxury • T6 R-Design