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You will find the Duralast/Fuel Pump Harness Connector on our digital shelves. These Volvo XC70 fuel delivery parts use pigtails to provide a solid electrical connection to the sensors and actuators. They eliminate the occurrence of intermittent or complete loss of electrical connection and oxidation of the terminals. They weigh 0,052lbs and a socket terminal configuration. You will also get a harness kit with male terminal for a stress free installation. The installation is made very simple with the provision of a detailed set of instructions. They are also backed with a 3 months warranty from Wells Vehicle Electronics, the makers of Duralast products; which cover a wide range of possible damages and defects in materials.

Also featured on our digital shelves are the AEM Direct-Fit Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators. These Volvo XC70 fuel delivery parts will instantly quench your cars thirst by supplying it with sufficient fuel for consistent peak performance. They are very powerful and support engines up to 1000hp. They also feature an adjustable pressure range of up to 20 psi for maximum pump capacity. They mount directly to your factory fit fuel rail for a perfect fit. They also come with interchangeable discharge ports that match the regulator output of any fuel pump for optimum performance. For exceptional precision and long lasting durability they are CNC machined from quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum. They are also extensively tested in many different applications to ensure that they accommodate your factory fit fuel hose for maximum efficiency just like the OE parts. Each regulator base is also tapped to accept the high flow -6AN or 9/16” x 18 fittings. They also include all the necessary simple tools that make for a very simple and quick installation along with all the necessary instructions. They are also comprehensively covered with a 1 year warranty that covers all types of damages.

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