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    The latest Edelbrock High Flow Fuel Filters are featured prominently on our site. These Volvo XC60 fuel delivery parts are designed to clean the fuel before it gets to your engine for an optimum performance and superior engine protection. They are designed for high volume fuel systems; given their exceptional qualities and perfect fitment. For a more enhanced efficiency and long lasting durability, they are machined from premium quality billet aluminum for a blend of strength and style. They measure 3 inches in length and ¼ inch in diameter. They are also equipped with a high performance disc filter element that catches all the engine killing crud. They are also quickly and easily replaceable especially once they get clogged for continued peak performance. They come with complete plumbing solutions that make the installation very easy and straight forward. They are further backed by a 1 year comprehensive warranty from Edelbrock.

    You will also find the Duralast/Radiator Fan Motor Connector, a super quality product within the elite collection of Volvo XC60 fuel delivery parts. These items use pigtails to connect to actuators. They also prevent intermittent or complete loss of electrical connection as well as the oxidation of the terminals for enhanced performance. They weigh 0.068 lbs and are 8.25 inches long. They are also constructed from top quality tin and feature a female terminal configuration. They also feature 4-18 and 2-12 wire gauges that are extensively tested in each individual situation for a perfect fit and maximum durability. You will also get 6 wiring kits that make installation simple and stress free. To further simplify the installation a set of simple instruction along with all the necessary tools are provided. They are also backed by a 1 year comprehensive warranty from Wells Vehicle Electronics, the makers of Duralast products.

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    Volvo XC60 was available in the following models:
    3.2 • Base • Basic • T6 • T6 R-Design • 3.2 R-Design • Addition • Evolution • Addition Plus • Inspiration • Kinetic • Momentum RD • T5