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    Featured prominently on our site is the Summit Racing® Fuel Pressure Regulators SUM-G3032. These Volvo V90 fuel delivery parts feature the latest cutting edge innovations that ensure you stand out from the crowd. They are fitted with adjustable pressure from 4.5-9psi for best performance. They are designed for high fuel capacity applications and feature an inline location with a non return regulator configuration. For best fuel low they feature one 3/8NPT female threads inlet and 2 3/8, female threads NPT outlets. The inlets and outlets are further flow matched allowing you the ability to fine tune the pressure in your fuel lines for better performance. They are constructed from top grade aluminum material which is further mirror polished for a stylish yet very sturdy construction. They are also extensively test fitted to ensure that they fit in your just like the OE parts. You will also get a chromium coated mounting bracket along with other necessary installation tools for smooth process. They are backed with a 1 year warranty from Summit racing.

    The Edelbrock Single Feed Fuel Inlet and Filter Kits are also featured prominently on our site. These Volvo V90 fuel delivery parts feature the latest technologies in fuel system design to guarantee superior fuel flow for best peak performance. They feature a single feed design routes that fuel the engine very perfectly for a consistent peak performance and leak reliability. These lines are constructed from durable chrome plated diameter steel with 5/8 inches-20 banjo threaded bolt with gaskets for best performance and long lasting durability. You will also get a high performance aluminum filter that features an impressive 40micron filtration. These filters also come with a choice of numerous attachment methods further enhancing the installation. They are also backed with a one year Edelbrock warranty that covers all sorts of damages.

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