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The suspension system separates the wheels axle assembly from the body isolating the vehicle structure from shocks and vibrations providing you with comfortable driving. Broadly speaking, this system consists of a spring and damper (including spring shackles, wheels, axles, and stabilizer). The energy of road shock results in spring vibrations, which are restricted to a proper level by the damper, also known as a shock absorber. If any part of your suspension system is worn or damaged, it's critically important to replace it as soon as possible before it leads to more serious damage of the whole system.

It's a well-known fact that any system is as effective as its weakest part. This is the reason why you should pay attention to all suspension parts including its miscellaneous parts such as king pins, body bushings, links, seals, etc. and never wait too long to replace worn or damaged ones. If you are looking for Volvo suspension replacement parts, look through our wide selection of high quality products manufactured especially for your four-wheel friend, which means a precise fit. Whether you are looking for ball joints, strut mounts, control arm bushings, or sway bars to restore your Volvo to proper operation, we have you covered.

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Very often we don't even realize what a crucial role a car's suspension plays in providing a safe and comfortable ride. The system maximizes the friction between the road surface and your vehicle's tires, ensuring steering stability along with responsive handling.
Shock absorbers, also known simply as “shocks” (which is what we will call them for the rest of this article), are the suspension components which stop your car or truck from bouncing up and down after hitting a bump. They are a major contributor to your ride comfort and safety.
The very first thing to know about timely suspension system diagnosis is that the stability and steering control of your vehicle and, what is more important, your safety on the road depends on how often you make it. Automotive suspension belongs to one of those car systems that are constantly exposed to high loads and thus are prone to wear and tear. Most...
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2005 Volvo S40
| Posted by | (Reno, NV)

For our 2004.5 Volvo S40i, she spent most of her time on the East Coast. After 118,000 miles, the corrosion was terrible and the wheel bearings needed replacement. I decided to replace both Lower control arms. It just doesn't make sense to replace the one rod-bearing (rubber was torn) or one bushing - MOOG makes it a deal to replace the whole assembly! Sure it might be a bit stiff to push down to get that rod bearing back into the wheel mount, but it is sooo worth it to add this new assembly. Thank you, MOOG!

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