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    If you are the owner of the great Volvo S80 and want to give its well equipped, spacious cabin a new look with some custom Volvo S80 seat covers, then at CARiD, we have just the range for you and your trusty Volvo. With Volvo S80 seat covers from really great brands including CalTrend, LeatherCraft and many others, you are sure to find that our selection includes a design you love for your Volvo, and with our low prices we are certain you'll be astounded with the value you get when you buy your Volvo seat covers with CARiD!

    You can use these Volvo S80 seat covers to give your car a sport inspired, fun look with bright, two tone covers, or add a touch of extra elegance to your Volvo's original interior with seat covers in a luxury material like suede or leather. If fashion is less of a concern to you than protecting your Volvo's original seats, we also stock some hard wearing, resilient Volvo S80 seat covers from companies like Seat Armour, who have designed them to protect your original seats from all kinds of dirt and wear and tear – even from your dogs' claws and teeth. Browse the great Volvo S80 range we have in stock and buy yours today!

    Seat covers are a perfect add-on that will improve both protection and appearance of you vehicle. We offered an exquisite collection of color and material options, so that you can find a set of seat covers that will suit your preferences and needs. A variety of novelty patterns and innovative features makes the choice more diverse and challenging. As you see, installation of seat covers is a no-brainer. Check over 1 seat cover reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the accessory that will brighten up the interior of your vehicle.

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    Because many modern vehicles can travel a higher number of miles and continue to run and feel like new, many buyers looking at today’s typical three-year old car have come to expect perfection, and are willing to pay for ones that look the part inside and out. Seat covers are probably the easiest and most effective way to keep your vehicle’s interior looking new as long as you own it, which puts more money in your pocket when it’s time to sell.

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    2004 Volvo S80
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    "Fit exactly as stated and easy to install. Only glitch was the low end plastic clip broke when attempting to tighten the bottom cover under the seat. You need to pull the strap quite tight to ensure a snug seat bottom, but the clip can't support the tension. Ended up tying the strap. Only one of four broke."