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In our collection of super quality Volvo S80 fuel delivery parts you will find the Edelbrock Performer RPM Street Fuel Pumps - Carbureted Engines. These fuel pumps ensure a constant flow of power building clean fuel reaches your engine at the right time and in the right amount. They are designed for use in engines rated up to 600hp. To enhance their performance they are processed to feature a three stage polished surface for enhanced performance and long lasting durability. They use a very exclusive valve design that further enhances their qualities as well as a wide 3/8inch inlet and outlet for enhanced flow. They also feature a lower housing clockable that allows you to install the inlet and outlet very quickly. Since they are preset at 6psi the optimum performance fuel pressure for most engines, they don’t require the use of a fuel regulator further saving you some extra costs. They can only be used for gasoline engines only. They also fit most popular modern carbureted engines. For a stress free installation all the required tools are provided along with all the instructions. They are further backed by a limited 1 year warranty from Edelbrock.

Also featured on our digital shelves is the Spectra Premium/Fuel Tank Filler Neck. These Volvo S80 fuel deliver parts are used to prevent any expensive leaks in your fuel lines. They weigh only 2.8lbs and come in a package measuring 1.13 by 29.5. They constructed using heavy duty steel for exceptional resilience and long lasting durability. They are also dual coated for enhanced rust and corrosion protection thus increasing their lifetime and making them more efficient. To ensure a perfect fit just like with the OE parts they are 100% tested in each individual application. When they are working optimally your engine light stays off and the emissions from your car are always safe. They are backed with a 1 year warranty from Spectra.

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