Volvo S60 Fuel System Parts

    About Volvo S60 Replacement Fuel System Parts

    We offer the GP Sorensen/Fuel Pressure Regulator in our collection of top quality Volvo S60 fuel delivery parts collection. These parts are precision engineered for a perfect fit and long lasting durability just like the OE parts installed by the manufacturer. They feature a robust steel construction that eliminates the occurrence of any leaks while at the same time guaranteeing the optimum performance of your engine. They weigh 0.22lbs and feature a return regulator configurations. The pressure in not adjustable and is rated at 43 psi making them ideal for high pressure applications. They are only compatible with gasoline engines. They feature an angled inlet and a bolt on outlet that is very easy to install and guarantees optimal fuel flow for maximum performance. You will also get a caution sheet along with all the installation tools that you might need for a hassle free installation. They are further backed by a 1 year warranty from GP Sorenson in case of nay damages.

    You will also find the BBK Fuel Pump Kits. These Volvo S60 fuel delivery parts are designed to instantly turbo-charge the performance of your car. They are extensively test fitted in each situation to ensure perfect fitment for enhanced performance. You will get them in a range of delivery levels from 110 to 255lph. These ratings make them ideal for a wide range of applications even the most demanding. They are particularly ideal for gas hungry engines such as the supercharged, turbocharged or nitrous fed engines. You will also get an installation kit that includes all the mounting hardware, a brand new gasket and a detailed set of installation instructions. They are also backed by a 1 year warranty from the BBK, in case of any damages and defects in materials and workmanship.

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    Volvo S60 was available in the following models:
    2.0T • 2.4T • Base • T5 • AWD • 2.4 • 2.5T • 2.5T AWD • R • T5 Sport • T5 Inspiration • T5 Kinetic • Addition • Inspiration • Kinetic • T6 • Evolution • T6 R-Design • Addition Plus • Ambition • Momentum RD • R-Design