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Featured on our site is the Edelbrock Universal Fuel Pump Relay Kit, a top quality product in the Volvo C70 fuel delivery parts collection. You can sit back and enjoy as your pump springs to life at each turn of the key. They are designed to provide a solid electrical connection to your pump for an optimum performance. When installed they eliminate the occurrence of electrical shocks which can damage delicate internal components. To achieve these goals they are equipped with an ultra reliable 30 amp Bosch relay kit that never fails even after prolonged use. You will also get an 18” wire that further enhances their efficiency. A complete set of instructions along with all the simple tools you will require is also provided for an easy stress free installation. In case of any damages of defects from materials or the workmanship they are fully covered by a 1 year warranty from Edelbrock.

You will also find the Fram/Fuel Filter in our collection of Volvo C70 fuel delivery parts. They are designed using the latest technologies for a perfect fit and exceptional efficiency even in modern oxygenated fuels applications. They are made suing high flow cellulose or a cellulose synthetic blend that features a filtration rate of 10 microns. These features ensure that your engine gets clean fuel for better fuel economy and superior engine performance and protection. They weigh 0.22lbs and are 2.78inches long and 2.47 inches wide. They include the impressive spin on and plastic conductive fuel filters that meet the needs of virtually all types of engine configuration for enhanced performance. For best results the engineers at Fram recommend the replacement of these filters annually. You will also enjoy the hassle free installation with all the necessary simple tools supplied along with a detailed set of instructions. They are also backed by the Fram limited lifetime warranty.

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