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You will find top quality Volvo C30 fuel delivery parts such as the Top of FormDelphi/Fuel Pump Strainer on our digital shelves. These items are designed using the latest technologies ensuring that they offer you the best in terms of filtration, micron rating and perfect fitment. They feature an impressive 40gal/hr fuel rate that ensures your engine works at peak performance at all times. They also feature a threaded 1/2 inch, 20 UNF-2B I.F. outlet that further enhances its exceptional flow rates for better performance with a corresponding 3/8 inches inlet further boosts the fuel flow rate. They weigh 0.07lbs and come with a pump and 2 gaskets. To validate the warranty offered on the pump one should always buy a new strainer. The installation is a walk in the park with the provision of all the necessary installation tools along with a detailed set of instructions. They are also covered by a 1 year warranty.

The AEM Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator is another top quality Volvo C30 fuel delivery parts featured on our site. These regulators are designed to sense the level of fuel pressure in your fuel lines and make the necessary adjustments. You will enjoy an instant transformation in the performance of your car with the pressure adjustable regulators. They feature interchangeable ports that let you adjust the pressure to meet your pumps peak output. Since they are extensively tested they tend to work perfectly with all types of engines configurations and fuel types. Their high performance nature is Cleary observed in their ability to support powerful engines of up to 1000hp. To further enhance their exceptional efficiency and perfect fitment they are CNC machined from top quality T6 billet aluminum. They also support both the -6AN and 9/16” x 18 fittings and includes a 1/8NPT port to connect a fuel pressure gauge. They are further backed by a limited 1 year warranty from AEM.

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