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The granddaddy of all the “hot hatchbacks” that are today quite an important car market niche, the original GTI was a juiced up version of the Volkswagen’s popular and utilitarian Golf. Introduced in 1975 and becoming almost an unexpected success in Europe, the GTI was first brought Stateside for year 1983. Sporting improved engines, suspensions and unique visual upgrades, these 2- and 4-door hatchbacks were practical yet very fun to drive and capable on the track. Although raw power of these cars might not seem too impressive, their light bodies and nimble handling made them very enjoyable. The modern GTI is widely considered to be the class leading hatchback, providing an unparalleled blend of luxury and sporty fun.

The backbone of your agile GTI, the rigid and lightweight chassis makes sure your car’s ride and handling stay firm and responsive when you need them most in tight corners. With the Volkswagen Golf GTI chassis frames and various chassis parts replacements we offer you can make sure your car stays at the peak of its shape. Compromise is unacceptable when it comes to quality of such fundamental components, and so we stock only the finest frame rails, mount kits and bushings you can get from aftermarket suppliers.

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