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Committed to making the best commercial-grade steam cleaners on the market, Vapamore recently redesigned their MR-100 steamer, designating it as the MR-100 Primo, largely in response to customer feedback. While their MR-50 steamer/hand vacuum is the only one of its kind. Capable of cleaning with steam - with only 20 seconds preheat - it also vacuums up any dirt, grease or liquid and traps it in the watertight dust collection chamber.

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    • Vapamore® ™ Steam Vacuum
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      MR-50™ Steam Vacuum by Vapamore®. The Vapamore MR-50 is the world's only handheld combination wet/dry vacuum and steam cleaner. If the wet-dry vacuum doesn't leave a clean surface behind, or the stain has become set into the...
    • Vapamore® ™ Amico Hand Held Steamer
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      MR-75™ Amico Hand Held Steamer by Vapamore®. The Vapamore MR-75 Amico hand held portable steam cleaning system was designed to clean and sanitize your entire home using the power of steam. The Amico eliminates the need for toxic...
    • Vapamore® ™ Primo Steam Cleaner
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      MR-100™ Primo Steam Cleaner by Vapamore®. Steam cleaning is the best method of removing stains, grime grease, cleaning grout, soap scum, pet odors or killing bedbugs. The MR-100 Primo cleans without the use of any chemicals, only...
    • Vapamore® ™ Forza Commercial Grade Steam Cleaning System
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      MR-1000™ Forza Commercial Grade Steam Cleaning System by Vapamore®. Vapamore’s flagship steam cleaner, the MR-1000 Forza Commercial Steam Cleaning System. The Forza is the pinnacle in commercial grade, professional steam...

    Cleaning with steam has multiple advantages. You’ll never need to buy any cleaning products to accompany these steam-cleaning devices, saving a lot of money over time. And you’ll save time, because steam doesn’t have to be rinsed back off whatever you’re cleaning like many household cleaning products. Perhaps most importantly, you won’t need to keep noxious, evil-smelling and potentially toxic cleaning products away from your children and pets. Steam cleaning is the most environmentally-responsible method available, because it can’t leave any residue of cleaning products behind.

    Got bedbugs? They can be incredibly difficult to eradicate, and often require using lingering, smelly pesticides to kill and to prevent their return. Bedbugs can’t tolerate the heat from steam, even for a few seconds, in any of their six life stages throughout your home. The Vapamore MR-100’s steam jet will kill bedbug adults, nymphs or eggs in seconds, and leave no chemicals behind whatsoever. It’s by far the safest and most convenient method of bedbug control. A liter of distilled water will kill all the bedbugs in several bedrooms in an hour, and that’s peace of mind when you have children and pets who might be affected by poisons often used to control bedbugs.

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    Only used one time. I think is good.

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