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    Toyota drivers know how to spread the style around better than most. But that’s what is so great about this brand: each model seems to invite a personal flavor thrown into the mix. But the interior can’t be neglected when making custom changes. More so perhaps than any other area of your vehicle, the inside is what needs your touch. After all, it’s where you spend most of your time! Toyota Wood Grain never disappoints. carries a complete selection of Toyota Wood Grain Dash Kits perfect for adding a brushstroke of class to your ride. Choose from a wide variety of finishes including OEM Factory Woods, Real Wood Veneers, Synthetic Woods, Real Carbon Fiber, and Aluminum or Chrome. It doesn’t matter what affect you’re going for, we’ve got you covered. Deliver a delicate taste of luxury or hook up with some racing attitude – it doesn’t matter. Your vehicle, your expression. We’ll just help you get there, and with the highest quality available.

    We don’t skimp on the details. At, we only work with top names such as Sherwood™, B&I, and WOW Trim when it comes to our line of Toyota Wood Dash Kits. The authentic quality everyone depends on is alive and well right here and we give you a Lifetime Warranty to prove it. Installation isn’t a hassle, either: Each Toyota Wood Dash Kit is backed with auto-grade 3M adhesive for a simple stick-on application most drivers can handle. It won’t unpeel, chip, or crack. Just the precise OEM fit you need to go along with the new elegant infusion of style you desire. This is how we do things around here. We’ll get you the interior design you’re after. We’ll also give you the best value possible. At, your Toyota always takes the winner’s circle!

    Offered in a wide selection of material and finish options, dash kits are a spicy upgrade that can suit the needs and preferences of all customers. Whether you are surfing for the smartness of genuine wood or the funkiness of carbon fiber, we have what you need and more than you expect. Flat and molded dash kits made of genuine wood, aluminum, carbon fiber, and synthetic materials - they all are waiting for you on our digital shelves. If it's hard for you to make your choice, you can always check 259 dash kit reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars to find the product that is perfect for you.

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    Installing a dash kit is not that difficult. It is in fact quite easy if you just observe a couple of key points. Most important of all is cleaning the surfaces destined for beautification. Before you start peeling off the protective liner from the adhesive, you should “Dry fit” all the pieces. Wear rubber gloves when you apply the adhesive promoter, so you don’t get sticky fingers.

    Customer Reviews
    2011 Toyota Camry
    Posted by

    "I installed this about two months ago and love the way it transformed my interior to a luxury car level! And at a much lower cost than the dealer would have charged me to obtain the same results. Every day I get in my car, I love it more! The installation was relatively easy. The smaller thin parts were the only tough ones. What makes it tough is that you put an adhesion improver in those areas, and when you place the item there, it really sticks, so you had better make sure that it's exactly where you want it. I highly recommend dry fitting items first, and you must definitely order the optional adhesion promoter pen!!! It results in a more professional outcome when you can put the promoter only where you want it! The promoter ampules that come with the kit are too big to get promoter only where you need it. Be careful when you try and remove the pieces from the cardboard. They are attached to for shipping! You don't want to peel off the backing sheet, which will expose the 3M adhesive backing, until you are ready to place the item (remember to dry fit first). I ordered the Walnut Burl for my 2010 Toyota Camry LE, and the pieces fit exactly where they should. I recommend ordering the full kit. I mistakenly ordered the smaller partial kit, and it really looked half done! But when I called to explain the problem, the salesperson really went the extra mile in fixing me up with the balance needed for the full kit. I also like it, because the overlay pieces have a soft rubber instead of a hard plastic feel. This will also help it resist scratching and cracking in the long run. Just wipe it with a little furniture polish, and you are looking sweet!!! As far as longevity goes, I'll have to let you know in a few years. But I have a feeling I will just love it more! Best money I have spent for my Chariot so far!!! And the guys I work with also like it! Two of them have ordered it for their rides! "

    2013 Toyota Prius
    Posted by

    "The real carbon blue/black dash kit is a nice quality, well-fitting, and absolutely necessary dash cover for the Prius V, very nicely matching the 'blue ribbon metallic' exterior color and the 'dark grey' interior on mine. For me, the hardest thing to live with the Prius V was the cheap 'silver' plastic that covers large areas of the dash and the steering wheel. That plastic looks like something from Japan out of the 60s, and it reflects sunlight badly. Remin is the only dash kit that covers the most offensive parts, around the power buttons and drive shifter, which are very ugly by themselves alone surrounded by such cheap-looking plastic. The Remin kit does the job nicely, making that interior surface appear presentable and non-glaring at least. It is costly, but well worth the further investment. "

    1999 Toyota Camry
    Posted by

    "Makes my interior look new again. The hardest part about putting it on was the removal of the Original wood grain. That removal took about 1 1/2 hour. Appling the new wood grain only took about 20 minutes. The adhesive is very put in on carefully...after you fit check each part. Highly recommend this product."

    2008 Toyota Camry
    Posted by

    "I bought this kit along with a separate kit for door trim. The pieces are decently shaped and cut out but the laminate is quite thick so certain pieces definitely "look" stuck on. I only ended up using like 6 pieces out of 24 because it looked a bit tacky in certain places. Not CarID's fault though. :)"

    2004 Toyota Prius
    Posted by

    "I installed this kit on my wife's 2008 Prius. It was my first experience with After reviewing the instructions, I jumped in and gave it my best. WOW! That's all I can say. The installation went great. The finished job looks GREAT, and my wife even loves her car more now. When I get a chance, I email some pictures."