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    The Tire Pressure Monitoring System has been standard equipment on all new cars for about six years now. It's a very important system, and some car users even think that it's one of the crucial vehicle parts that ensure safety to driver and passengers. Recent researches show that thanks to the TPMS, the number of annual car accidents in US reduced by about 120 and the annual number of injuries due to vehicle crashes by about 8,500. The main task of the TPMS is to monitor the pressure in the tires and inform the driver when tire pressure is below the minimum acceptable level. It's quite difficult to detect low tire pressure by eye, so TPMS is a great help for us.

    Driving with under-inflated tires has a lot of consequences; among them are tire failures, reduced tread life, increased stopping distance, and as a result, reduced vehicle safety. Moreover, vehicles with under-inflated tires release much more carbon-monoxide pollutants than vehicles with properly inflated tires. So, every driver should realize the importance of this device and take care of TPMS regularly. It's not very difficult. You should just make sure that TPMS sensors are not damaged, and it's not the time to change the battery. But of course, Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors do not last forever, and they need to be replaced periodically. When the time comes to replace your factory sensors, CARiD will be there for you. We offer products manufactured by ORO-TEK, which will work exactly like your factory sensors and can be installed in any wheels - factory or aftermarket - due to their adjustability for angle.

    We sell a lot of tires and wheels here at CARiD. Our Wheel Tem is constantly on the phone with customers to make sure their new wheels and tires will fit properly. We get feedback every day from our customers, and 2 of them have given us a rating of with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars stars out of five. We’re sure to have a wheel/tire/TPMS combo that’s a good fit, and a great look for your car or truck. Whether you need a mud/snow tire for your pickup or a 30” spinner for your custom donk, here at CARiD we can make your dream come true.

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    2012 Toyota Tundra
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    "TPMS sensors are excellent, and the wheels are great and look very nice; I have one comment which is the free installation kit: I received it with the wheels, but there were 2 items missing which are the hub rings (if needed) and spacers (if needed)."