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    Hoods make an important part of the car. However, damages or dents on the hoods may have serious effects on their strength hence their performance ability. Buying replacement and custom hoods has always been a perfect alternative instead of repairing damaged hoods because of the costs. Get top of the line Toyota Tercel custom hoods to replace damaged factory hoods and add style to the front part of the car. It’s important that your hood is in perfect shape at all times because it’s usually the first part of the car you notice. There are lots of custom hoods that you can choose from, all tailored to match the specifications of the factory parts. Check out the hoods featured at CARiD for a chance to buy the ones you prefer. CARiD has a team of experts who’ll help you with your shopping needs. You’ll surely be amazed at the dazzling styles that the hoods feature. Their pricing is also unbelievably low.

    Some of the hood brands that you’ll find featured at CARiD are Xenon, RKSport, Daystar, Duraflex and much more. They have teams of the best professionals in the hoods production industry who come up with the designs then craft the hoods using modern tooling to ensure that the hoods feature precise deign and n outstanding durability. This means that any of the hoods you buy at CARiD will serve you as long as you have your car. They are also uniquely designed to add distinction to your car. Try out the Large Double Hood Scoops by Wade. Installing these scoops automatically gives your car an outstanding character. They make it appear like an aggressive car and one’s whose performance you’ll love. The scoops can easily be painted to match your car. They are made from the highly durable ABS and are easy to install.

    When the time to replace your damaged hood comes, we'll be here for you with our exhaustive selection of factory-style hoods. And if you are ready to spice up the style of your vehicle, you'll definitely find what you need within our ever-expanding range of custom products. Available in carbon fiber and fiberglass, the custom hoods that we stock will not only give your vehicle a special look but will also add to its performance because of the uber light weight of the applied materials. Still have doubts? If you're not sure whether you need this upgrade or not, you can always rely on the experience of other customers. Just look through 5 custom hood reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and find a product that will meet your needs and budget.

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    Customer Reviews
    1992 Toyota Supra
    Posted by

    "This hood makes the car look so different. I love it! Hubby and I installed it ourselves, and it really was very simple. Great product."

    2005 Toyota Celica
    Posted by

    "The hood itself looks great, it's a pain in the a** going to a car wash cause of the front vent. Other than that, I've gotten a few compliments."

    2007 Toyota Camry
    Posted by

    "This is the super hood change my Camry. I love it. Very easy to install. Now I enjoy driving my Camry. CARiD employees are very nice, they are helpful. Anybody who wants to buy, don't think just buy."