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    Toyota Gives Up on Solara Convertible
    Toyota Gives Up on Solara Convertible

    While Toyota Solara Coupe dropped out last summer, the automaker still kept on producing the Convertible due to no other drop-top models found in the whole company’s vehicle lineup. Toyota has finally decided to stop the model's production, because of sharp market decline. The Japanese automaker eventually expected the recovery in sales for summer, 2009, but that never happened. Therefore, the new Lexus Convertible will be Toyota's most cost-effective offering in the midsize convertible segment.

    According to Ward’s Auto, the company spokesman Rick Hesterberg stated that there was some hope that the market will be in need for the time being.

    The Solara Convertible's sales were decreasing since the vehicle was presented in 2004 as a 2005 model. 19, 772 Solara Convertibles were sold during its first year of production with 18, 198 units being slipped in 2007. Concerning last year of production, 16, 163 Solara Convertibles were sold by Toyota. The model's overall sales actually have decreased about 8 percent since 2004. As a matter of fact, the Convertible is the latest drop-top model which leaves the market and is evidently to be missed just like Pontiac G6 Convertible and PT Cruiser Convertible.