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    The Sienna is viewed as the most fashionable minivan on the market today. Besides its safety rating and dependability, drivers of this Toyota heavyweight also get a delicious touch of style to go along with the entire package. Increasing the awareness-level for this ride is always a great idea. A Toyota Sienna Spoiler does the job with ease and’s on the case. We showcase a full selection of Toyota Sienna Spoilers in all of the hottest designs and latest releases. Pick from a sizzling array of Rear Spoilers, Custom Spoilers, Lighted Spoilers, and more. We bring in the most experienced manufacturers who focus on world-class quality, allowing you a stress-free experience… So what are you waiting for? Find the aerodynamic exclamation no one takes their eyes off of with the Toyota Sienna Spoiler that completes the picture!

    A spoiler is perhaps the most spoiled accessory that you may have on your vehicle. Sleek and stylish, the only thing it can spoil is the unfavorable air flow. Manufactured to the exacting standards by the most trusted brands in the industry, the spoilers we store for you are ready to transform your vehicle and make it look like an exciting performance car. No matter what material the spoilers are made from, ABS plastic, fiberglass, or carbon-fiberglass, their quality and fit are beyond any doubts. Check over 4 spoiler reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the accessory that will perfectly complement the style of your vehicle and finish the image you want to portrait.

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    When most people think of automobile aerodynamics, they envision a car in the wind tunnel with a smoke wand showing how the air flows over the car. Now that we’ve covered some basics, let’s look at the individual pieces more in-depth to see how they can affect your car.

    Customer Reviews
    2005 Toyota Sienna
    Posted by

    "I bought a replacement spoiler for my 2005 Toyota Sienna LE. Backed out of the garage without the door fully opening....not my fault....LOL. Anyhow I had gone to 2 different Toyota dealerships and was quoted $500 for the part and $150 labor for the I went for almost a year without the spoiler on my van, just mad that I had even been in this position. Finally thought about buying on-line and came across CARiD....Thank Goodness I did, I called and spoke with a customer service representative because I didn't want to make this purchase without talking to a live agent, got great help and an unbelievable price, plus I found an on-line coupon for an additional $20 off. At the end of the day I paid $150 for the part and to have it painted to match my van plus the part in about 4 days....and installed it in about 15 minutes with my husband!! So happy that I found CARiD.....would definitely use them again and will tell everyone that I know who needs car parts to go with them first! Don't hesitate to use them, don't give ALL your $$$ to the dealer!"

    2004 Toyota Sienna
    Posted by

    "The color was unbelievable. It matched perfectly. Everybody thinks it came on the van. The only problem I had was getting the holes marked correctly. One hole had to be a little oversized in order for the lineup. I think I wasn't watching what I was doing, when I marked for the hole. Otherwise, it looks perfect."