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    Toyota Echo Failed to Have Much Success
    Toyota Echo Failed to Have Much Success

    Having debuted in 2000, Toyota Echo was offered in sedan and coupe body styles and ran through 2005. A slightly cartoonish and funnily proportioned Echo was meant to involve younger U.S. buyers into the Toyota family due to its low price and Toyota heritage. The model featured a rather impressive fuel economy, being possibly the best of any non-hybrid, gas-powered vehicle in that time period.

    Even though Toyota Echo featured an extended cabin due to its narrow and tall greenhouse, as well as the economical 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine (which produced 108 hp), the car was not much popular. It was the Echo's small tires and upright stance which lead to a “tippy” feel at highway speeds. The excessive body roll was one of the car's faults when navigating tight corners.

    Being Toyota, the Echo surely boasted a reputation for higher than standard reliability. Rather design-wise, the model's most impressive features were the spacious trunk and the cabin. After the model got a restyling in 2003, right in the car's final years, Toyota offered the Echo as a special order only and that was the reason of its discontinuation.