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    Toyota Celica Beats Sets Record at Goodwood
    Toyota Celica Beats Sets Record at Goodwood

    The Festival of Speed took place at the Goodwood. The spectators gathered to enjoy the dream garage of the car enthusiasts. At the festival there were more than 200 production, tuned and racing cars including Formula 1 vehicles. The race track lied on the famous 1.6 mile hill-climb. The winner of the race (to everybody's surprise) was not a F1 car, but a tuned 800 hp Toyota Celica, the record time was 48.07 seconds.

    The driver and the designer of this monster was a former British rally champion, Jonny Milner. He took part in the previous years races but lost, and now he came back with extra 100 hp under the hood and won. The car is based on the 6th generation Celica equipped with a 4-cylinder engine featured with a Garret turbocharger, a Rotrex supercharger and a nitrous oxide injection system. The car was featured with Corolla's WRC suspension and was lightened to 2,315 lbs, the flat floor and a diffuser, generated a degree of ground effect.