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Timbren Suspension Upgrades

Some cars that are marketed as 'off-road' or 'all terrain' are not really fit for true off road driving, at least not with factory-installed parts. The suspension is the part of your vehicle that absorbs impact and reduces shock to the rest of the mechanism, so your suspension system will sustain the most damage when driving off road. In order to prevent harm to your vehicle, it’s a good idea to get an aftermarket suspension system.

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    There are many companies that manufacture aftermarket suspensions and parts. However, these companies are not all created equal. We have taken the time to select the top few manufacturers, in terms of product quality and customer satisfaction. We now sell parts from these manufacturers, one of which is Timbren. We offer many Timbren products for a variety of vehicles, so be sure to check out our collection!

    Timbren, currently headquartered in Whitby, Ontario, is a genuine family run business, and although they have grown drastically over the years, they still maintain their original morals and goals. Timbren was founded way back in 1965, based on the simple premise that suspensions could – and should – work better. Today, more than 50 years later, the development team at Timbren is still working tirelessly to tweak their already near-perfect designs, in order to improve them even further.

    Timbren has been a leader in the suspension industry for decades. With more than 50 years of experience, it’s not surprising that they are doing so well. They have a huge customer base, largely made up of dedicated fans and lifelong customers. Timbren’s track record is exceptional, whether it comes to product quality, innovation, or client satisfaction. Their parts have also received a number of awards and industry recognitions.

    Timbren manufactures full suspension systems, suspension enhancement systems, springs, and trailer suspension systems. They create goods for a variety of applications, and even serve the military with their innovative products. Their suspension upgrade kits are an excellent, affordable way to improve your vehicle's suspension without spending a fortune, and their AEON Springs are top-of-the-line. So, when it comes to suspension products for vehicles and trailers alike, Timbren is a clear industry leader. They also regularly release new enhancements to the market, and we are constantly adding new Timbren products to our catalog. Be sure to check back often to catch all the recent releases!

    Timbren Reviews
    Average rating: 5 4.8 - 6 reviews
    2011 Dodge Ram | Posted by Jack | (Ashburnham, MA)

    This kit was delivered on schedule. It was easy to install and has been tested once so far, and is a great product for what it does. Which is to support the added weight or load put on the truck. My only problem was the cost of them. I realize the shipping was free, but two pieces of molded rubber bolted to end caps should not be that costly.

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