Suzuki Belts


The performance of the vehicle depends a lot on the drive belts. The serpentine belt serves to power the water and steering pumps, alternator, air conditioner compressor and other car parts. The older vehicles were outfitted with the V-shaped belts that performed these functions. Another crucial component is the timing mechanism. It is a belt that connects the camshaft and the crankshaft and keeps these parts operating jointly. As the belts are produced from rubber, they are prone to damage, the signs of wear and tear will appear after a while.

The term of service depends heavily on the conditions the components are exposed to. A careful car owner can expect the belts to last for up to 60 thousand miles. Various malfunctions, such as leaking oil or overheating, will reduce the lifespan of the component. As soon as the belts become faulty, they need to be replaced. Failure to fix the issue on time may result in grievous consequences, which include a sharp drop in performance and possibility of an emergency stop. The Suzuki drive belts we offer are produced by the most well-known manufacturers, including Gates, Roulunds, Four Seasons, etc. The replacement procedure is a do it yourself work since no advanced skills are required.