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    Power and elegance are the hallmarks of the Subaru Outback. The Subaru Outback has a high ground clearance, allowing a comfortable drive on city roads as well as on country tracks. It’s also quite spacious, permitting easy access to convenience accessories within the car. However, to obtain the best from your off roader, then replace the stock exhaust with a muffler from CARiD. Performance Subaru Outback exhaust systems are designed to allow unrestricted flow of exhaust gases. Increased horsepower and torque are natural consequences of this changeover. In addition, you save money in the long run because fuel consumption is optimized. Fuel economy is realized at cruising speeds. Besides, you also get to enjoy great sound. Aftermarket Subaru Outback exhaust systems produce a deep bold sound tuned to match the power of your car. You may also have the sound modified further to suit your taste. The quality of sound is exemplary and is guaranteed to last over the life of the product.

    In addition, you have access to a durable product that does not succumb to rusting or easy wear and tear. Performance Subaru Outback exhaust systems are made from austenitic stainless steel, which has high compositions of nickel and chromium, making it extra resistant to corrosion. In addition, the product comes with a lifetime warranty which is an assurance of the exhaust’s superior quality. This means the manufacturer is responsible for any defects arising thereafter and will replace it at their own cost. Moreover, performance exhaust systems come with a polished exhaust tip attached to the main unit. The exhaust tip is bolted on to the exhaust system to enhance the glossy exterior of your car. Installing Subaru Outback exhaust systems is quite easy. All you need is the manufacturer’s instruction manual to guide you through the installation process.

    Unbridled power and outrageous sound - that's what accompanies each exhaust system we store for you on our digital shelves. Manufactured from the premium materials using the latest technologies, they all are ready to complete the image of your vehicle and give you instant horsepower and torque gains. After an exhaust system is installed, your vehicle will roar like a lion and run like a cheetah. Have doubts? Read over 1 exhaust system reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the product that will satisfy your needs.

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    It has been a battle of the ages to make exhaust sound like it should. Having less bends or turns will not only improve the sound but also performance. A custom exhaust is always an option for the race inspired and spirited weekend warriors. Our manufactures offer everything needed to build a custom exhaust to your preference.
    The consensus opinion among exhaust flow experts is that any V8 engine will benefit from a dual exhaust system with an H-pipe or X-pipe. H-pipes were first installed to quiet this exhaust noise. As with the H-pipe, an X-pipe also affects the sound of the exhaust. With an X-pipe, the two sides of the exhaust system are merged. The exhaust pressure on both banks is equalized and power is increased at all engine speeds.

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    1996 Subaru Outback
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    "I purchased the Borla Catback Exhaust for my 2001 Subaru Outback Limited (2.5L AWD AT 4DR). According to the charts, it was supposed to be a direct fit catback. Unfortunately it was not. That is why for ease of instillation I gave 1 star. I had to go to a custom muffler shop to have the catback installed. After some cutting, bending, and new placement of hangers (every hanger was in the wrong spot) it finally went on. Everything else gets 5 stars. Appearance is amazing. 4" exhaust tip is very nice. Sound is a deep throaty sound, and not a tin can sound. Gains on the upper end can be felt. It looks superb. Price was $542. This was much less then I was quoted for a stock replacement catback from Midas. Even with the added charge of customization it was cheaper then the stock quote I got. Quality is great. Stainless steel, and guaranteed for 1,000,000 miles. You can't beat that! I'm quite happy with this catback system even with the headache of installation. If you're patient and can find a custom shop, then I recommend this exhaust for a Subaru Outback wagon. If you're looking for a direct fit, this isn't it. My grade: A- "