Subaru Legacy Wood Grain Dash Kits

There is no secret when it comes to unlocking the potential that is lying in wait inside your car. You can’t accept anything less than stellar quality. Otherwise, the effect just isn’t right and on top of that, you end up being disappointed in the long-term durability you had your mind set on. This is where Subaru Legacy Wood Grain comes in. At, we select only the finest-made parts and accessories to serve you with because we know in the end, that’s what you will remember. Our selection of world-class finishes is all the proof you need: Real Woods, sporty Real Carbon Fiber, Synthetic Materials, Chrome, Aluminum, and your OEM Factory-Match Wood are what we feature 24/7. Subaru Legacy Wood Grain installs with ease, as well. Each piece is pliable and backed with auto-grade 3M adhesive for a snappy “stick on” application. And since all Subaru Legacy Wood Dash Kits come to you from such name-brands as Sherwood® and B&I, you can count on nothing less than a “like new” finish for the entire time it is installed. You even get a Lifetime Warranty to make sure of it. If a dynamic touch of beauty inside your vehicle is the goal, this is the place to get it done.

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Molded vs Flat Dash KitsMolded vs Flat Dash Kits
There are two types of dashboard kits available on the market today: flat and molded. The difference between these two is based on the shape of the dashboard a vehicle has. Some cars are coming out with a flat panel while others have a board that is curved around the edges or in 3D shapes. Correspondingly, molded dash kits are suitable for the latter kind of the...
Installing a dash kit is not that difficult. It is in fact quite easy if you just observe a couple of key points. Most important of all is cleaning the surfaces destined for beautification. Before you start peeling off the protective liner from the adhesive, you should “Dry fit” all the pieces. Wear rubber gloves when you apply the adhesive promoter, so you...
Many people think that the genuine material always is better than materials imitating other materials. Even if the real wood is encased in plastic materials it cannot be completely isolated from the environment. Modern synthetic wood materials are so similar to the original that it takes the eye of a true expert to tell them apart.
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Subaru Legacy Wood Grain Dash Kits Reviews
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Easy to Install
2007 Subaru Legacy
| Posted by | (Perkinsville, VT)

Installing the product was easy enough. But you must take your time, be patient and follow the instructions. The adhesive sticks very well. It doesn't come off easily. Make sure before you take off the backing and place the pieces carefully. If you do, it will look like a million dollars. Mine came out great.

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