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    The Legacy looks great and you want to keep it that way which is difficult when you’re driving it everywhere and taking different things with you. One thing that can cause damage is your bike which is difficult to fit into the trunk and trying to make it fit is a great way to damage the vehicle, the bike or both. However, rather than ruin any more trips you just need the right equipment which is why we have a wide range of Subaru Legacy bike racks to make your next trip easy!

    We have a wide range of different types including those that will take your bike on the roof if it has a removable front wheel, those that will take a number of bikes on your trunk or even those that can take tandem bikes! With brands like Rhino-Rack, Thule and others you know that you’re going to get the quality that you deserve and protective features ensure that you won’t damage your bike or your vehicle again. We even have all the information you need to make the right decision and once you decide you’ll be glad that we offer great prices on our entire range!

    Unlike many companies that sell automotive parts and accessories, we encourage our employees to actually test available choices on their own cars before we offer them for sale. Because we want you to be satisfied with what we offer, we also invite you to take a look at over 2 bike rack reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars to see what customers who have already purchased from us say. And if you have specific questions about any roof racks we sell, our specialists are available seven days a week to provide answers.

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    Customer Reviews
    2012 Subaru Forester
    Posted by

    "Works great and easy to use. Used it a lot to haul bikes to my camp. 60 miles one way never had any issues. "

    2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    Posted by

    "Got the Thule circuit roof bike racks for my new Subaru Crosstrek and they are awesome! Easy to use as is all Thule equipment, and they work with the crossbars that were factory installed on my car just perfectly! Bikes go everywhere with me!"

    Subaru Legacy was available in the following models:
    Base • L • LS • LSi • Sport • 4x4 • L 4x4 • LS 4x4 • Alpine Sport • GT • Outdoor • Sun Sport • Touring • Brighton • Outback • Postal • Outback Limited • GT Limited • L 30th Anniversary • Limited 30th Anniversary • SUS 30th Anniversary • L SE • L 35th Anniversary • i • Limited • 2.5i • 2.5i Limited • GT spec.B • 2.5i Special Edition • 2.0 • 3.0 • 3.0 R Limited • 2.5i Touring • 3.0 R • 3.0 R Premier • 2.5GT • 2.5i Premium • 3.6R • 3.6R Limited • 3.6R Premium • 2.5i Convenience • 2.5i Sport • R