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    From the time it was created, STR Racing knew that it could not rely solely on the reputation of its more established parent company, Toprich USA. Although being a subsidiary of Toprich USA afforded the fledgling wheel manufacturer a certain advantage over many of its rivals, the fact of the matter is that STR Racing was committed to the goal of standing on its own two feet and building up its own reputation. Every style has unique detail, you get what you pay for and with STR-RACING, it is evident.

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    Recognizing that there was a lack of unique designs on the market, STR Racing decided that it would attempt to fill that void by pioneering new lines of wheels that really pushed the limits. The brand didn't just want to number among the manufacturers who mimicked the current trends but instead wanted to be the one that set them in the first place. That philosophy has largely contributed to the brand's current popularity among aftermarket wheel enthusiasts.

    • STR-RACING® - STR514 Hyper Silver with Machined Lip on Honda Civic
    • STR-RACING® - STR606 Gold with Machined Lip on Mitsubishi Mirage
    • STR-RACING® - STR606 Silver with Machined Lip on Volkswagen Golf
    • STR-RACING® - STR601 Hyper Silver with Machined Lip on Audi S4
    • STR-RACING® - STR601 Custom Painted on Audi A3
    • STR-RACING® - STR601 Gunmetal with Machined Lip on Volkswagen Golf
    • STR-RACING® - STR601 Custom Painted on Nissan 240SX
    • STR-RACING® - STR601 White with Machined Lip on Volkswagen Golf

    In a market flooded with many new aftermarket wheel manufacturers, STR Racing has managed to stand out with its designs and the simple fact that its quality is second-to-none has further cemented its draw. From the start, the brand found it difficult to gain traction in the market, but as word began to spread about the style and pedigree of the wheels bearing their mark, the popularity of the brand has begun to flourish. Just like its sister brands, STR Racing has consistently involved itself in auto shows and events too.

    Of course, as a racing wheel manufacturer, STR Racing has also involved itself in the street scene as well and has sponsored numerous drivers in the Formula Drift for several seasons. Through their involvement, the brand has managed to gain widespread exposure, and it has added to their reputation in many ways. More importantly, the fact that STR Racing Wheels are being used by some of the top racers on the circuit is further proof of their quality while also acting as an avenue for the brand to show off its latest designs.

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    2011 Mercedes E class
    | Posted by | (Phoenix, AZ)

    These wheels not only look great on the car but they were extremely affordable. I got the wheels and tires all set up with the TPS sensors and everything. I simply got the car on a jack and installed the wheels with no hassle at all. The TPS sensors were already set and my check tire pressure light never went on. great product from a great distributor.

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