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Stanley’s trade name, and recently-acquired Black & Decker are actually licensed by fast-growing Florida-based Baccus Global, committed to bringing out the highest-quality, most innovative products in the 12V market. This is a fast-moving field and Baccus is devoted to thinking outside the box and far ahead to keep the flow of products innovative and compelling.

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    • Stanley® Jump Starter
      (1 reviews)
      # 7600660
      Jump Starter by Stanley®. Jump-start a car with a dead battery the simple way, without having to maneuver a second car next to the engine compartment. Just hook up the cables from one of these handy portable jumpstarters. With...
      $49.45 - $88.38
    • Stanley® SquidBrite™ LED Work Light
      (0 reviews)
      # 7591362
      SquidBrite™ LED Work Light by Stanley®. Illuminate your work area, regardless of where it is, with a Stanley Squidbrite work light. The flexible rubber legs will grip anything nearby, while the magnetic base will hold it to any...
      $21.25 - $27.35
    • Stanley® Professional Power Station
      (1 reviews)
      # 2356220
      Professional Power Station by Stanley®. Have 5V, 12V and 120V AC power at your fingertips wherever you need it, whether it’s for power-outage emergencies, camping or running a laptop at an unpowered worksite. You can also...
    • Stanley® 6 AMP Automatic Battery Charger with 8 AMP Boost
      (0 reviews)
      # 2356202
      6 AMP Automatic Battery Charger with 8 AMP Boost by Stanley®. Charge a fully-discharged battery overnight, trickle-charge a battery to keep it at peak charge, or provide a quick 8 Amp boost to get a car started in only 15 minutes....
    • Stanley® 16 oz. FATMAX® Curved Claw Graphite Hammer with Large Strike Face
      (0 reviews)
      # 2356191
      16 oz. FATMAX® Curved Claw Graphite Hammer with Large Strike Face by Stanley®. With a classic design and quality construction, the Stanley Tools Curved Claw Hammer is a winning choice for your next project. The tapered...
      Exclusive rim temper reduces incidences of chipping or spallingForged high-carbon steel head
    • Stanley® Lithium Ion Rechargeable Spotlight
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      # 9083517
      Lithium Ion Rechargeable Spotlight by Stanley®. Always ready – these Stanley LI-ION spotlights holds a charge for up to 1-year. It recharges from your vehicle’s power plug or from the included 120V charger. Whether your need...
    • Stanley® Barflex™ LED Work Light
      (1 reviews)
      # 9877285
      Barflex™ LED Work Light by Stanley®. Take your light to the work. The BarFlex lights have a generous array of bright LEDs that throw a glareless white light onto your work area. The rechargeable BarFlex has up to 6 hours of time...
      $14.63 - $30.18
    • Stanley® Multipurpose 3 In 1 Saw
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      # 2356189
      Multipurpose 3 In 1 Saw by Stanley®. This saw comes with three blades that can be changed without the use of tools. The handle is constructed form high strength nylon which supports six blade positions. Its ability to adjust to...
      Ergonomically designed handle made with glass-filled, high-strength nylon to support six different blade positionsNo tools required for blade change
    • Stanley® IntelliLaser™ Pro Stud Sensor and Laser Line Level
      (0 reviews)
      # 2356195
      IntelliLaser™ Pro Stud Sensor and Laser Line Level by Stanley®. This stud sensor can detect wood and metal studs through walls up to 1.5 inches thick. It is able to continuously detect electrical currents. The LCD screen is...
      Detects wood/metal studs through multiple wall thicknesses (1/2", 1", 1-1/2")Continuous live wire detection
    • Stanley® Power Inverter
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      # 7611127
      Power Inverter by Stanley®. Power a laptop, a small TV a couple of lights and many other small appliances with a digital inverter from Stanley. Whether it’s emergency power from a backup battery or simply a convenience on the...
      $35.35 - $56.81
    • Stanley® 3 Watt LED Alkaline Spotlight
      (0 reviews)
      # 2356225
      3 Watt LED Alkaline Spotlight by Stanley®. Light up your basement, yard, campsite or engine compartment with this lightweight, long-running LED handheld spotlight. Powered by 4 AA batteries its 3-Watt LED bulb provides a bright,...
    • Stanley® Rechargeable FATMAX™ Li-Ion Tripod LED Work Light
      (0 reviews)
      # 2356230
      Rechargeable FATMAX™ Li-Ion Tripod LED Work Light by Stanley®. The Stanley FatMax Portable Tripod Light is perfect for large and small jobs, power outages, and outdoor events. The three cordless lights each detach, giving you a...
      3 detachable cordless lightsUltra-Bright LEDs with up to 2400 Lumens
    • Stanley® 2-lid Organizer Tool Box
      (0 reviews)
      # 2356182
      2-lid Organizer Tool Box by Stanley®.
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
    • Stanley® 19" 2000 Series Tool Boxes with Trays
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      # 2356183
      19" 2000 Series Tool Boxes with Trays by Stanley®.
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
    • Stanley® Halogen Waterproof Alkaline Spotlight
      (0 reviews)
      # 2356227
      1M Series Halogen Waterproof Alkaline Spotlight by Stanley®. This affordable, waterproof halogen hand-held spotlight uses a 13W quartz-halogen automotive-style H3 bulb and the traditional power for flashlights – C-cell alkaline...
    • Stanley® 6" Classic 99® Retractable Utility Knife
      (0 reviews)
      # 2356184
      6" Classic 99® Retractable Utility Knife by Stanley®.
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
    • Stanley® Battery Charger
      (0 reviews)
      # 7600563
      Battery Charger by Stanley®. We still use lead-acid batteries to start our cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles. And occasionally, they need to be charged from a wall socket, whether it’s because it’s a new battery, a trolling...
      $47.35 - $67.34
    • Stanley® 9mm Quick-Point™ Knife
      (0 reviews)
      # 2356185
      9mm Quick-Point™ Knife by Stanley®.
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
    • Stanley® Fixed Blade Utility Knife
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      # 2356186
      Fixed Blade Utility Knife by Stanley®.
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
    • Stanley® Rechargeable Spotlight
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      # 7591349
      Rechargeable Spotlight by Stanley®. This powerful hand-held spotlight uses a sealed-lead-acid battery and an automotive-style H3 headlight bulb to provide a light that will reach out for hundreds of feet. You can recharge the...
      $17.25 - $25.25
    • Stanley® 5-3/4" Folding Fixed Utility Knife
      (0 reviews)
      # 2356187
      5-3/4" Folding Fixed Utility Knife by Stanley®.
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last

    Stanley has a handheld spotlight for everyone. Start by choosing your type of bulb: traditional halogen, automotive-style H3, LED or automotive style HID lamps with ballast. Then choose your battery: old-tech disposable alkaline flashlight batteries, rechargeable lead-acid, NiMH, or Lithium-ion. Besides, they’ve backed up their spotlight line with several innovative cool-running ultra-bright LED work lights.

    Stanley - F.A.QStanley - About

    All of Stanley’s battery chargers are designed for long-term maintenance charging. With charging capability from a simple 2 amps to a blistering 40 amps, you’ll be able to keep the smallest or largest batteries properly topped off. Add in the ability to cram a dead or almost dead battery full of energy in a few minutes for emergency starting, and you’ll never need to jump-start a car again. The larger chargers have the capability to pump out 75-110 amps of major cranking power for a few seconds of high-speed cranking, even on a dead battery.

    Speaking of jumper cables, you don’t need to maneuver a second vehicle to the engine bay of your dead vehicle in order to jump-start it. Stanley’s Jump-starters use a high-capacity rechargeable internal battery to boost a dead battery long enough to get it started. These highly capable jump starters also have onboard lighting and have been thoughtfully provided with 12V outlets and USB ports for charging cell phones and other small battery operated devices (like one of those cool spotlighst we were just talking about) during power outages, on the boat or at the campground.

    • Stanley® - Spotlight
    • Stanley® - FatMax Laser Level
    • Stanley® - Aluminum Staple Gun
    • Stanley® - Tool Box
    • Stanley® - Twin Blade Utility Knife
    • Stanley® - Self Leveling Cross Line Laser
    • Stanley® - FatMax Spotlight
    • Stanley® - Staple Gun
    • Stanley® - FatMax Squidbrite Work Light
    • Stanley® - Rolling Workshop Tool Box
    • Stanley® - FatMax Jump Starter
    • Stanley® - FatMax Reciprocating Saw

    Power is where you find it, and that’s why they also have a full line of inverters, from one small enough to plug into the power socket and charge a phone or laptop, to as large as 800W, more than enough to run the big-screen TV in the camper or a big stereo for the tailgate party. Yes, it’ll run a blender: Margaritas, anyone?

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    2011 Jeep Patriot | Posted by Bradly | (Saratoga, CA)

    I am so happy I purchased this battery jumper! Simple to use and quick. I have used the Stanley Jump Starter 6 or 7 times and it still shows a full charge. The light is very useful for lots of things, but I haven't used the air compressor yet. It's compact and light enough to keep in my car for a variety of emergencies (I jumped a co-workers car), so I will always keep it handy. You can also charge phones and other electronics by A/C or USB. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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