Snow Performance

Cooler, Lighter, Faster

Snow Performance Inc., established in 2001 and currently based in Woodland Park, Colorado, has been leading the automotive industry with its impressive line of water-methanol injection systems and a host of other related products for both gasoline and diesel engines. Cooler. Lighter. Faster. These three powerful words are the foundation of the company’s business success and the case when it comes to every unit labeled ‘Snow Performance.’

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      $733.35from $586.68 - $1,043.17
      Diesel Boost Kits by Snow Performance®. New from Snow Performance is the only system proven to increase fuel economy in all load states – empty or while towing. Special mapping and the most sophisticated 2d digital controller...
      # 3068
    • (5 reviews)
      $44.99from $35.99 - $833.88
      Gasoline Boost Kits by Snow Performance®. This kit uses manifold boost pressure to determine when and how much fluid to inject. Proportionally injecting according to boost pressure gives the most accurate delivery of water-methanol...
      # 3069
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      2.5 Gallon Reservoir Upgrade by Snow Performance®. The new 2.5 Gallon Reservoir gives much more range than the included 3 qt tanks, and is fairly small in size – 13”l x 9.5”h x 7.5”w (similar to a very small car battery)...
      # 2250643
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      7 Gallon Reservoir by Snow Performance®. Now has a new 7 Gallon Reservoir available for those looking to maximize the range of the Boost Cooler water/methanol injection system. Designed to go 400 miles while towing.
      # 2250644
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      Bypass Valve Solenoid by Snow Performance®. Solenoid such that boost is reduced by opening a bypass valve. This is to be used in conjunction with the SafeInjection module p/n 30020.
      High quality, made in controlled environmentIncreases kit durability
      # 12710935
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      Dual Nozzle Upgrade by Snow Performance®. This allows an additional nozzle to be mounted in any of our Boost Cooler kits. It includes a Tee junction piece with our quick-connect fittings, a nozzle holder and a section of hose. Note...
      # 2250646
    • (2 reviews)
      Boost Juice by Snow Performance®, Case of 4 gal. Boost Juice is Snow Performance’s proprietary mix of 49% methanol and 51% purified water. It is made in a controlled environment with special care to make sure the ratios are...
      # 2250641
    • (0 reviews)
      Nitro Booster by Snow Performance®. Nitro Booster is a great power adder designed for use with gasoline engines using Boost Cooler water-methanol injection kits.
      # 2250640
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      Solenoid Upgrade by Snow Performance®. Shut off solenoid is used when mounting the injection nozzle lower than the reservoir or the reservoir is rear-mounted to prevent gravity flowing. It is also used to prevent siphoning when the...
      # 2250649
    • (2 reviews)
      Low Level Indicator by Snow Performance®. Keeps track of low fluid level for. The indicator switch upgrade includes an LED and an EZ installation grommet for use with any Boost Cooler® reservoir. #40035 is unmounted and can be...
      High quality, made in controlled environmentIncreases kit durability
      # 12635572
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      Carb Spacer Plate, 4150 Style by Snow Performance®. 1" thick adapter plate allows a very clean and easy installation of our injector nozzles (one or two) on carbureted applications using square-bore Holley, Edelbrock, or Carter 4...
      High quality, made in controlled environmentIncreases kit durability
      # 12711833
    • (0 reviews)
      Boost Controller Bypass Relay with Harness by Snow Performance®. A normally closed relay that opens when the SafeInjection™ detects a loss in system flow. Can be used to deactivate a boost controller solenoid, deactivate a...
      # 2250638
    • (0 reviews)
      Nozzle Mounting Bung by Snow Performance®. Weldable threaded bungs make installing your injector nozzle easier when using thin-walled intake tubing. Simply drill a hole in your intake tube and weld in the bung. Your nozzle then has...
      High quality, made in controlled environmentIncreases kit durability
      # 12635548
    • (0 reviews)
      Nozzles by Snow Performance®. Unique design provides the best atomization possible. Nozzles have integrated 100 micron filters. Available in 60 ml/min, 100 ml/min, 175 ml/min, 225 ml/min, 375 ml/min, and 625 ml/min. Support...
      High quality, made in controlled environmentIncreases kit durability
      # 12635434
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      Stage 2 1.8T Boost Cooler by Snow Performance®. Tired of your factory heat soaking? Get better IAT reduction and detonation control with this super kit. The kit includes: Digital MAF referenced controller, UHO pump, Bulkhead...
      # 2250776

    From initial concept and engineering to extensive testing and large-scale production, Snow Performance is dedicated to perfection, delivering first-class products to the automotive market. The amazing range of Snow Performance goods with really exclusive features includes water/methanol injection systems, dual nozzle upgrade kits, gasoline and diesel boost cooler kits, reservoir upgrades, boost juice, just to name a few.

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    Many independent magazine articles claim Snow Performance as the foremost expert in methanol injection. And this is for good reason. The manufacturer’s systems take water/water-methanol injection to a whole new level, making even the latest cars and trucks operate at their peak performance. Although Snow Performance products are exceptional in every way, the company doesn’t stop there and continues to impress with innovative solutions that are targeted to keep your vehicle running cool while driving hard.

    The truth about Snow Performance is that it was the first company to popularize and develop water-methanol injection systems for current diesel and gasoline engines. The Snow Performance systems are specifically designed to inject a very small, precise amount of water/methanol under normal driving conditions and thus dramatically improve fuel economy. Yes, all this may sound like pie in the sky, but everything becomes clear once you give Snow Performance a try while getting exceptional reliability and robustness in return.

    • Snow Performance® - Performance Kit
    • Snow Performance® - Performance Kit
    • Snow Performance® -Performance Ki
    • Snow Performance® - Performance Kit
    • Snow Performance® - Performance Kit
    • Snow Performance® - Performance Kit
    • Snow Performance® - Performance Kit
    • Snow Performance® - Performance Kit
    • Snow Performance® - Performance Kit
    • Snow Performance® - Performance Kit
    • Snow Performance® - Performance Kit
    • Snow Performance® - Performance Kit

    The most common question when it comes to water/methanol injection systems is why methanol is recommended to perform the task? Well, methanol is a very high octane fuel that will suppress harmful detonation without killing power in your engine. Also, its high latent heat of vaporization makes it a superb air charge cooler, which means a denser mixture and more horsepower. Another popular question is what ratio of water/methanol is recommended. Well, a 50/50 mix has been demonstrated to be the most effective for charge/air cooling, detonation control, and safety.

    When it comes to installation of Snow Performance products, the instructions are accurate and complete, and some even include the photos and dyno charts for your vehicle (no matter of whether it’s a gas or diesel application). These great supplements are available to help you compare the results obtained without and with the use of Snow Performance and see the real-world benefits in horsepower and torque ratings in the latter case. In reality, Snow Performance is going to do wonders for your car! All products are designed to fit your vehicle without modifications.

    Snow Performance Reviews
    Average rating:54.8 - 5 reviews
    2011 Ford Mustang
    | Posted by | (Norfolk, VA)

    This is an easy affordable refill for the snow meth kit that I have on my 2011 Mustang GT. No need to worry about the mixture as it comes premixed ready to pour in.

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