Smart Car License Plates & Frames

About Smart Car License Plates

Smart Car license plates are just that – smart; and exquisitely designed to give your ride the look it warrants when you roll on the highway. CARiD online store is reputed as being the market leader when it comes to stocking the most sought after custom Smart Car license plates and frames. Some of the plates and frames you can pick at the store are AutoGold® - Smart Script Logo on Chrome Frame, RBP® - License Plate, AutoGold® - Fleur-De-Lis Logo on Gold Frame, AutoGold® - Turbo Logo on Black Frame, AutoGold® - Plain Gold Frame, AutoGold® - IPL Logo on Chrome Frame, AutoGold® - 3D Chrome Hybrid Logo on Black License Plate, AutoGold® - 3D Chrome Hybrid Logo on Chrome License Plate and AutoGold® - 3D Chrome 4x4 Logo on Chrome License Plate. The logo of your ride is laser-engraved on the metal surface. The stainless steel used on your Smart license plate is non-porous, keeping the plate safe from the vagaries of rust, peeling and corroding.

The brilliance and quality of Smart Car license plates and frames in stock at CARD is because of hard work from a team of specialists working in the respective manufacturers, namely Auto Gold, WeatherTech, DWD, Defenderworx, Autoloc, Ami, and License 2 Bling all based in the US. Installing your Smart license plate is a simple exercise that does not require any special skills. Avoid over tightening the screw as it does not require much torque. Over tightening of the screws will distort the retainer, making it impossible to snap the screw covers in place. Some states have made it mandatory to have official license plates. If you are in such a state, you can have a second license plate frame on the rear or front of your ride. Smart license plates not only add value to your ride but will also increase the value of your car.

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