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    Your Fortwo is a unique vehicle which means that it’s going to get attention every time you drive it and you drive it a lot because it’s roomy and comfortable. That means that you want it to look as good as it possibly can but there is only so much you can achieve by cleaning it so we have a range of visual upgrades to give it exactly the right look.

    While it’s important to look after all of your vehicle the exterior is the most visible so our range of Smart Fortwo body kits are a fantastic start. We have a wide range of parts so that you can find what you need to completely change your vehicle so that it looks like a completely different one or you can find smaller parts that will change it in a subtle yet stunning way. We offer the right brands to ensure that you get the quality that you and your vehicle deserve and because we have them at low prices you know that you’re getting great value for every dollar that you spend! They’ll make you want to drive your Fortwo even more!

    To appreciate a body kit and the benefits it delivers, you have to try it. It's the only way how you can realize how much the look and handling of your vehicle have improved. One-of-a-kind style created by the exquisite curves of the body kits that we offer will never leave you indifferent. Manufactured from carbon fiber, fiberglass, and polyurethane composites, our custom body kits provide world-class quality and radically new appearance. Still in doubts? Read over 1 body kit reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and let us help you change the look and feel of your vehicle.

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    Regardless of the body kit material you choose, the end result will only be as good as the quality of the installation. Fiberglass parts are relatively easy to produce and inexpensive to buy, but their fit and finish as delivered is not as good as parts made from polyurethane or ABS plastic. Polyurethane is another popular material for body kit parts. Let’s take...
    When most people think of automobile aerodynamics, they envision a car in the wind tunnel with a smoke wand showing how the air flows over the car. Now that we’ve covered some basics, let’s look at the individual pieces more in-depth to see how they can affect your car.

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    Smart Car Fortwo was available in the following models:
    Base • Passion • Pulse • Pure • Passion Cabrio • Brabus • MHD • Brabus Cabrio • Electric Drive • Pearlgrey • Cityflame • Iceshine • Pink Fever • Sharpred • Sport