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Smart Automobile is a branch of Daimler AG manufacturing tiny compact vehicles. Having small wheels, super fuel saving engine and stylish exterior is what characterizes this superb vehicle. Parking isn't a problem if you are a Smart owner! It is a quite modern car equipped with everything you might need on the road. The only thing the Smart doesn't have is enough luggage space. And if you need a single custom part or accessory to make it even better, visit our site at to find a good deal of affordable quality automotive parts. Your Smart will look like brand new with aftermarket exterior and interior parts and components we offer!

Your Smart is almost a perfect 4-wheel friend of yours with the highest safety and comfort standards. To make it even safer CARiD offers a wide selection of one-piece molded dashboard covers made of different materials and painted various ways. The brands manufacturing them are Coverking, Dash Designs, Coverlay and DashMat. They are responsible for the quality and durability of these highly useful car products. If you want some other products to make your Smart more functional or faster, just contact us for more information!

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