Smart Car Belts


The serpentine belt performs an important function: it serves as a link between the car parts and the engine. The V-belts were used for this purpose earlier. The difference is that the serpentine belts powers multiple pulleys at once, while the V-belts can connect only two car parts at a time. Additionally, all cars are outfitted with yet another rubber part that is also crucial for the overall performance – the timing belt. It is a part of the engine that keeps the crankshaft and camshaft operating jointly.

The failure of the drive belts may cause a range of consequences: from a drop in overall performance to an emergency stop. It is easy to keep the trouble away by regularly inspecting your car. Take a look at the belt to determine if it can still be used. You may notice various alarming signs of wear and tear: deep cracks on the surface of the component, worn down edged of the ribs, etc. Though the faulty equipment will perform its functions for a certain period of time, it is dangerous to leave the issue up in the air. You will find the top quality Smart Car drive belts at We stock the most reliable components produced by the most reputable companies, including Gates, Four Seasons, Roulunds, etc.

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