Skoda Octavia Air Intakes

About Skoda Octavia Performance Air Intake Systems

The Octavia is the Škoda's main compact car model, beginning its career in 1996. Available in highly practical 5-door hatchback and station wagon body styles, the Octavia was always good for class-leading cabin and trunk space. The car is powered by a line of efficient Volkswagen engines, petrol and diesel. A four-wheel drive version of the car was also available since its first generation, as well as a high-performance vRS trim with 1.8-liter turbocharged 175-hp engine. The next two iterations of the model have brought even more refinement and features, turning it into a real jewel of the family car class – and more a real polished gem than a diamond in the rough.

Give your Octavia a chance to show what it's really capable of with the CARiD's huge selection of Skoda Octavia air intakes. We've handpicked the highest quality air filters and air induction kits for your Škoda's engine by a number of selected manufacturers whose names speak for themselves in this business field. You can significantly improve your engine's output and release its true potential with our premium parts. Install them with no hassle and enjoy driving your refreshed Octavia right away – CARiD is here to provide a wide variety of items and ensure our customers' satisfaction with our products.

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