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Shining Monkey opened its doors in 2004 and has since been producing fantastic products to help you keep your vehicle clean and free of damage. The company is from Ontario, Canada and has a wide range of care products with a focus on creating products that are easy to use and require very little time. They have said that if they cannot release a product to beat all their competitors then they simply will not release it!

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    • Shining Monkey® Seal & Protect Wax
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      # 2477666
      Seal & Protect Wax by Shining Monkey®, 16 oz. This product is the third and final step in the Shining Monkey three-step process for perfect shine. It is the ultimate sealer and protector that will strengthen your clear coat and...
    • Shining Monkey® Clean & Repair Polish
      (2 reviews)
      # 2477663
      Clean & Repair Polish by Shining Monkey®, 16 oz. This treatment is the first stage in the Shining Monkey three-step process for perfect finish. It will Clean & Repair your paint surface by removing unsightly micro swirls/scratches...
    • Shining Monkey® Color Enhance Glaze
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      # 2477664
      Color Enhance Glaze by Shining Monkey®, 16 oz. This product is formulated for dull and/or faded paint. The formula was developed using a unique combination of rich natural oils, emollients, and polymers to give your vehicle's paint...
    • Shining Monkey® D-Spec Metal Polish Pad
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      # 2477665
      D-Spec Metal Polish Pad by Shining Monkey®, 3 oz. This 5-ft long, pre-saturated surgical wadding roll will easily polish any metal surface. It is great for brass, aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium, nickel, platinum, bronze,...
    • Shining Monkey® Show & Shine Quick Detailer
      (1 reviews)
      # 2477667
      Show & Shine Quick Detailer by Shining Monkey®, 22 oz. This quick detailer is the ultimate appearance enhancing product and the most versatile tool in your car care arsenal. It helps you preserve your show room shine without...
    • Shining Monkey® Tire Shine
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      # 2477668
      Tire Shine by Shining Monkey®, 12 oz. Shining Monkey’s no spatter Tire Shine is a revolution in Tire Treatment. It gives you an exceptional shine that lasts for weeks – not only for days. The unique non-oily, non-greasy formula...

    The company promises not to make any false claims, which means they do not promise to have your 30 year old vehicle looking brand new. However, their varied product line includes a range of options for all your needs, like wax and polish, tire shine and many more. They even have some products aimed at the interior of your vehicle, like their fabric protector item, so you can have every area of your vehicle looking great with very little effort or time required.

    The uniqueness of Shining Monkey comes from the way they design and develop new products. Rather than try to make products that work in a similar way to everyone else’s, but use a funny-looking container or other gimmick, Shining Monkey is focused on improving their products so they work better than their competitors’ products. This means you get to benefit from the time and money they spend on research and development, because you get to buy products that require a smaller amount of time and effort, but deliver the big improvements you want to see.

    Shining Monkey is familiar with the problems you face when you need to clean your vehicle, and their products are aimed at simply making this task easier. We stock a wide range of their products so you can find everything you need to look after your vehicle, and the quality they offer means you can be sure of the results you will get. Shining Monkey may be a relatively new player on the vehicle care block, but they are quickly proving why they exist and why they are worthy of their fast growth!

    Shining Monkey Reviews
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    Great Car Wash for a Good Price.
    | Posted by Tyler | (Urbana, OH)

    I read the reviews for this product and bought it to see how it compared to the reviews. This car wash is described correctly. Does not strip existing wax and really shines the paint with minimal spotting. Great product for the price.

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