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The XB has a unique style so you’re more than happy to be seen driving it and it’s comfortable enough to make even the longest journeys enjoyable. Of course, the longer the journey the more things you need to take with you which means that you quickly run out of room for them all so you’re looking for the right solution. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place because we have a wide range of Scion XB roof racks that add the storage you need and look good while they’re doing it!

Our range of roof racks means that you can find exactly what you need to carry the things that you normally carry in your interior so that you can make each journey more comfortable. We have box carriers in different sizes so that you can carry a range of things in a secure box and get them out of the interior and we have a number of different specialized carriers that allow you to take certain equipment like bikes or kayaks. We have all the parts you need to get the right set up and they cost much less than you would imagine!

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    • Yakima® PowderHound Roof Ski and Snowboard Racks
      (1 reviews)
      # 3141
      PowderHound Roof Ski and Snowboard Racks by Yakima®. Save your money for lift tickets. These affordable carriers are available in models that will carry up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards, or up to 6 pairs of skis or 4...
      $89.00 - $209.00
    • Yakima® Whispbar™ WB300 Ski and Snowboard Rack
      (1 reviews)
      # 3140
      Whispbar™ WB300 Ski and Snowboard Rack by Yakima®. For a ski and snowboard carrier with unrivaled looks and features that can’t be beat, look no further than the Whispbar WB300. The sleek, low-profile shape and anodized...
      $90.00 - $459.00
    • Yakima® Whispbar™ Through Bars
      (2 reviews)
      # 3876
      Whispbar™ Through Bars by Yakima®. If you're looking for more cargo carrying capacity than the Whispbar Flush Bars can provide, these Through bars are what you need. Unlike the Flush bars, these cross bars extend past the rack...
      $429.00 - $459.00
    • Yakima® FrontLoader Roof Bike Rack
      (2 reviews)
      # 3135
      FrontLoader Roof Bike Rack by Yakima®. This versatile carrier may be the easiest to install and load bike rack yet devised. The simple to operate built-in clamps attach to round, square, factory, and aero crossbars, with no tools...
    • Yakima® SkyBox LoPro Roof Cargo Box
      (2 reviews)
      # 3110
      SkyBox LoPro Roof Cargo Box by Yakim®. 92"L x 36"W x 11.5"H, 15 cu. ft. capacity. Get your gear out of the inside of your vehicle and up on the roof rack, so you can carry more passengers (or more gear). The SkyBox LoPro Cargo Box...
    • Yakima® Round Crossbars
      (2 reviews)
      # 3883
      Round Crossbars by Yakima®. These rugged high-density polyethylene coated, galvanized steel crossbars attach to the roof mounted towers and support roof rack mounted accessories like bike racks, watersport racks, ski & snowboard...
      $89.00 - $209.00
    • Yakima® SkyBox Roof Cargo Box
      (2 reviews)
      # 3111
      SkyBox Roof Cargo Box by Yakima®. Get your gear out of the inside of your vehicle and up on the roof rack, so you can carry more passengers (or more gear). This premium carrier, delivering security and protection for your gear with...
      $549.00 - $699.00
    • Yakima® HullRaiser Kayak Rack
      (0 reviews)
      # 3124
      HullRaiser Kayak Rack by Yakima®. These lightweight but rugged steel J-cradles will safely and securely transport one kayak on its side, where it’s most rigid, leaving space on your roof rack for other gear. It’s the perfect...
      $59.00 - $129.00
    • Yakima® LoadWarrior Roof Cargo Basket
      (3 reviews)
      # 3113
      LoadWarrior Roof Cargo Basket by Yakima®. This may be the most sensible accessory you can buy for your roof rack. The spacious 44"L x 39"W x 6.5"H cargo basket is sized for small and mid-sized vehicles, and it's ideal for a variety...
      $89.00 - $299.00
    • Yakima® RocketBox Pro Roof Cargo Box
      (3 reviews)
      # 3109
      RocketBox Pro Roof Cargo Box by Yakim®. Get your gear out of the inside of your vehicle and up on the roof rack, so you can carry more passengers (or more gear). The RocketBox Pro Cargo Box delivers security and protection for your...
      $359.00 - $399.00
    • Yakima® Whispbar™ HD Bars
      (2 reviews)
      # 3874
      Whispbar™ HD Bars by Yakima®. If you're looking for the ultimate in cargo carrying capacity, but still want the benefits of an aerodynamically shaped bar, there's really only one choice: Whispbar HD Bars. These rugged 6063 T5...
    • Yakima® ProRack™ Cargo Box
      (0 reviews)
      # 3852
      ProRack™ Cargo Box by Yakima®. Taking a trip and can't fit all your gear inside your vehicle? The roomy ProRack Cargo Box allows you to carry 10 cu. ft. of cargo on your roof rack. Made of rugged ABS plastic, this cargo box...
      $70.00 - $309.00
    • Yakima® BowDown Kayak Rack
      (1 reviews)
      # 3128
      BowDown Kayak Rack by Yakima®. A cradle type rack transports the kayak on its side, leaving space on your roof rack for other gear. It's the perfect type of rack for touring or recreational kayaks. The BowDown is Yakima's best...
    • Yakima® HullyRollers Kayak Rack
      (0 reviews)
      # 3123
      HullyRollers Kayak Rack by Yakima®. Load even the heaviest kayak with ease with HullyRollers. These Dynaflex™ padded rollers protect and grip your hull, and they mount on pivoting bases that fit many kayak and canoe shapes, so...
      $59.00 - $109.00
    • Yakima® BasketCase Roof Cargo Basket
      (2 reviews)
      # 3112
      BasketCase Roof Cargo Basket by Yakima®. This economical basket is made for the occasional outdoor enthusiast who wants to carry gear on the roof so there's more room inside the vehicle for people (or more gear). The 27" x 39.25" x...
      $89.00 - $209.00

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    Scion xB Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers Reviews
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    2008 Scion xB | Posted by Robert R | (Fernandina Beach, FL)

    I was originally looking for a Thule roof rack, like drivers often seek a Mercedes: Name recognition of status. I ran a basic search for "automotive roof racks" and ran into Yakima offerings, along the way. What initially impressed me was the aerodynamic shape of the bars which reduce drag while driving. The second advantage the Yakima provided was the primarily aluminum construction wherever possible to avoid a rust and corrosion problem as the rack grew older. Another plus was very smooth and stylish end-pieces that fully covered the bar terminal ends of the Whispbar. That overall polished look was so neat, so tidy, and full of quality that I quickly became impressed. Further, the mechanism on my roof would be lockable, safeguarding the bars. My wife wanted me to get a low-end product at a local big box store instead. Their bars were made of iron, painted black, and square in design of the bars...just an easy target for rust. Her rationale was that I really didn't know if my son's surfing interest was a passing fade or a key part of his personal identity and pride. The son is 14. If it's a faddish thing, it would last until he was 18 and off to college, presumingly a short-term interest and not worth buying a top-shelf system. I took a chance that it would be the former. (Still think I'm right.) Lockable rack tie-down straps are available for the Yakima, completing the package. Yakima aerobar pad covers I chose to insure a soft surface for his surfboard to rest upon, but I do wish the pad covers had covered the entire exposed section of the bars. The whole package was $540 and it looks so close to quality OEM products that the casual observer might mistake it for one of the the dealer options for the car. The warranty was five years, though I expect it would last much longer as long as you don't move the bars multiple times or deliberately over-tighten the seating mechanism. There was ample room for moving the bars both farther and closer together and diagrams were provided with guidelines for proper positioning. The device fitting the bar end-pieces to your specific car had a generous thick coat of paint in close to flat black and the kit provided thick, self-adhesive vinyl (?) strips to additionally protect the indented sections of the door wells. (Don't know what that part of the car body is called) The bars might enable one to more easily sell the vehicle, should I later choose. The instruction booklet was ample and helped me not to have a lot of anxiety about properly attaching the Whispbars. Two keys were provided to safeguard the bars, as well as two more for the lockable straps. Ease of installation was very good, but not perfectly executed. In a couple of step details, Yakima could've been a little clearer, but it never got to the point that it caused me to mis-install the bars. After strapping down my son's surfboard to the Yakima roof rack system, there were no flapping shoe-strings or strap ends to ever touch your paint surface or cause abrasions. So, would I buy the product again, having the knowledge gained through a complete installation on my car? Oh, yeah!

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