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    The Scion xA is a 5-door supermini produced by the Scion Company division of the Toyota Motor Corporation in 2003-2006. For such an amount of money the Scion Company offered a vehicle with a construction of solid Scion parts, quiet operation, and comfortable accomodation. The car was based on the Toyota Vitz hatchback and shared the same platform with the Toyota Platz sedan. In 2006 the model received a facelift and later turned into the xD.

    Scion xA looked like a shrunken Toyota Matrix. It was a subcompact, so the arc size was not that big, which was why tall people had some problems when getting into the car, especially to the rear. The design of Scion xA interior parts was notable for having fine decoration materials. The car handling was very comfortable and the installed seats were extra convenient. The xA was equipped with a 1.5l DOHC engine, which developed the power over 108hp.

    In 2005 the Scion Company desided to develop limited edition vehicles in order to create a buzz for the brandname. That's why in 2005 came off the Scion xA RS 1.0, which was available in Absolutely Red only. The standard equipment included sports grill, power moonroof and VSC. There were produced only 1,550 units of the model. The same year Scion xA RS 2.0, available in the Spectra Blue Mica, was introduced to the customers as well. The last one, Scion xA RS 3.0, available in Stingray Metallic light blue, appeared the next year in the amount of 2,100 units.

    The Scion xA is an example of eccentric fashion and contemporary independence. This enjoyable hatchback has seen its share of 'face-time', garnering a good amount of attention from across the land in auto shows and demonstrations. Although discontinued, it is still a powerfully stylish presence on the street, and in its short lifespan has already developed itself as a customizing legend. Between the fresh exterior design and shape, the high-tech dash options, and the excellent fuel economy, there is a lot to love with the xA. It is because of that reason why its drivers prefer to treat their version with right accessories only.

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    Performance-Themed Scion xA by WR Team
    Performance-Themed Scion xA by WR Team

    Even though the Scion xA was discontinued long time ago, it still can be a reach source of inspiration. Well, it seems that WR Team got really inspired. The tuning team from Pennsylvania has competed in various import car shows, winning lots of Best Team Quality awards. Judging from how they've modified the 2006 Scion xA, the car will become another award-winning project of the team.

    The exterior of the supermini was dressed up with a urethane lip kit by JP Aerodynamics, a TC Sportline carbon fiber hood, a BBist grille, Junction Produce badges, APR carbon mirrors, as well as 18" Junction Produce Scara wheels. As soon as the bodywork was completed, it was time to add custom paint job. The color of the xA is truly unique. It is a one-off color crated by mixing Dupont Hot Hues Raspberry Pop and Fuchsia Kiss. The end result of the paint experiment was called Raspberry / Fuchsia Kiss of Death. The engine bay features Raspberry paint job that complements the color of the body. To spice up the xA and to stick to the race-inspired styling, WR Team painted the roof Sparkles Black and the roll cage Zwarte Flat Gold. To add extra power, the team equipped the Scion with the Blitz supercharger, JIC Magic Bullet exhaust, Fujita5 xB intake, and a Blitz fuel management unit.

    Inside the xA one can now find sheet metal door panels and a custom roll cage, which are not the only changes though. To create the race spirit, WR Team added black alcantara Status racing seats, MOMO shift knob, NARDI NOB Tamaguchi Limited Edition steering wheel, three Stewart Warner gauges, SPW quick release hub, and a custom center console with a slew of Ignited Performance goodies, and JIC strut dampening unit. What to say, the result is obviously head-turning.