Scion iQ Performance Exhaust Systems

About Scion iQ Performance Exhaust Systems

Looks can be deceiving. The Scion IQ may look small on the outside but it’s quite roomy on the inside. It’s also quite stable on the road achieving top acceleration within a few seconds. Nevertheless, its performance is not quite what it should be due to a stock exhaust system that restricts the flow of exhaust gases from the cylinders. For better performance, you need to replace the stock exhaust system with a performance exhaust system from CARiD. Aftermarket exhaust systems enhance engine performance by reducing backpressure and turbulence from the engine. This facilitates rapid evacuation of exhaust gases and swift inflow of fresh oxygen into the cylinders. The benefits arising from this changeover are huge. Firstly, there is an increase in horsepower and torque by a significant margin. This leads to rapid achievement of peak performance within a short duration. You also benefit from fuel economy especially at all speeds - it covers greater distance on the same amount of fuel than it did previously.

In addition to all this, aftermarket exhaust systems are famed for their durability. They are made from austenitic stainless steel, which has significant proportions of nickel and chromium. These elements harden it further making it extra resistant to corrosion. Additionally, the dealers provide a lifetime warranty to go with this product, as an assurance on the quality workmanship employed in its construction. In addition, the unit produces awesome sound. The primal growl it gives matches the power of your car. Sound quality is maintained by the tight packaging of the acoustics materials thereby ensuring no sound degradation takes place over time. Installing Scion IQ exhaust systems is quite simple. Each comes with an installation guide to help you through the process. If you’re getting it fixed at your local body shop, installation will be even faster as the professionals there have probably installed hundreds, if not thousands, of these.

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